Trés Oui Are ‘Poised to Flourish’ With Their Latest Album

“Pop songs straight from the foul rag and bone shop of the heart”: the quaint yet totally puzzling metaphor that Trés Oui uses to describe their sound. Although upon first glance it’s a statement that’s so endearingly extra it makes you feel a little dizzy, as soon as your ears stumble upon their music, and latest album ‘Poised to Flourish’ you’ll instantly understand its meaning.

The band describes that they take their inspiration from artists like Tom Petty, and try to capture his fun melodic style and catchiness in their music. Trés Oui manage to seize this sound perfectly with their mischievous pop melodies, jingly jangly guitars, and shimmying 80’s soundtrack.

Tracks like their debut single ‘Séance’ from their upcoming album proves this just right. With its continuous rhythm, its beat is infectious, causing you to hum along to the tune all day. Just like their latest single, ‘Red Wine and Dry Ice’ it’s a song impossible not to love. Despite the utterly 80’s feel and drizzle of psychedelic sounds, ‘Red Wine and Dry Ice’ shows off the bands versatility bringing rock and roll vibes to the forefront. It’s a single all of it’s own, with an abundance of genres operating together to make something completely unique.

Despite choosing ‘Séance’ and ‘Red Wine and Dry Ice’ as the albums singles, Trés Oui count ‘One Track’ as their favorite, and the one they get the most excited about from the album, explaining “We think it’s very like-a-bull (because it has horns).”

With such a wide variety of tracks, and fun jumble of sounds fusing together, it’s easy to tell the sheer amount of support behind the sound. The band describe that their influenced by “new bands and old friends” so when it comes to writing songs, every one of them gets stuck in. With a plethora of talent and experience between them, the music just flows from them naturally, describing in their own words “the songs themselves are just what happens”. Despite their natural ear for great music, this doesn’t stop Trés Oui pursuing progression, they express “We are always just trying to write one better than the last one.”

With such an engaging group dynamic, you’d think the band had been together much longer than just a year. However, you wouldn’t be far wrong believing this, as the guys have actually worked together before in the band Literature. But with such a similar group of guys, how does Trés Oui differ to that of Literature? In their own words, the band describes, Trés Oui might be more interested in subtleties and rounded corners. We want the songs to be in your head, but we don’t want to force our way in there. More of a hug than a handshake.”

It seems that this new approach to making music has gone down a storm, with an incredible response from fans. After being invited to play Athens Pop Fest after their west coast, the guys were honored, and now hope to reach even more people with their latest album.

But what’s the next stop for Trés Oui’s journey? The year is looking bright, and list looking long for the bands 2018 plans, with arrangements to head to the northeast for the first time as a band, and write more songs that might feature on a new EP. The guys say, “The writing is the most fun part, while the waiting, we all know, is the hardest part.”

Luckily for us, we don’t need to wait too long for the next exciting stop on Trés Oui’s journey. With their Austin shows closely approaching, including performing at the incredible Hotel Vegas in February, which the guys excitedly say, “we can’t wait to play”.

Très Oui will play a record release show at Austin’s Hotel Vegas on February 17th and SXSW in March (details TBA.) Poised To Flourish is currently available for pre-order here.

Author: Bethany Judge (BJ)

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