Sydney Wright Is A Friend In Need – She’s Calling On You

Sydney Wright is dynamic. A live-looping, one-woman show, she embodies her act and her art has now become synonymous with her upbeat attitude and friendly demeanor. But now she calls on you, the friends she has made with her soul-shaking tracks and straight talking humility; she needs your help.

Releasing a single that the Texan has worked on since the age of 17, this coming May, she endeavors to release an album surrounding it – fuelled by a ‘Sydneygogo’ page, if you excuse the pun.

“The bulk of the album project is already done,” said Wright. “All the tracks are recorded and being mixed, I just need some help to see it through and make sure it counts and that people hear it.

“I’m not signed to a label, which is rad because I love being in charge. I also love that I am able to ask you, the people that listen to music and really matter, or perhaps future fans, to be my teammates and the support we need to finish this journey.”

The funds she raises with this campaign will go towards the costs associated with producing an album – video shooting and editing, PR campaigns and the like, but – as always – Sydney has made this her own, and it oozes with her personality. Gifts from her heart, including her loved guitar, a personalized written song and being credited on the album, this isn’t about being an investor – this is about being a friend.

The sweet-sounding, straight talker begun the conception of this album – titled after the track “Seiche” soon to be released but written six years ago – in 2006, and like a long road trip – she’s eager to complete the journey.

A song about her endeavor into freedom, this song has the beauty of Sydney’s coming of age from when she was a teen – confused, and brimming with uncertainty – mixed the comfort that comes with knowing yourself.

“A cleansing sort of transcendence,” she says, “shedding the weight of not fulfilling expectations or fitting into the place you grew up can be painful and cleansing at the same time.

“That’s what this song is to me.”

Find out more about the campaign at the site {here}.

Words: Megan Matthews
Photography: Letitia smith at White Light Exposure

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