Femina-X Bare Their “Black Tongue”

San Antonio’s tribe-rock Femina-X has teamed up with award-winning director Diego Lozano to release the official music video for “Black Tongue,” a breakout single from Femina-X’s debut 2017 album, Multiverse.

Written by lead singer Daniela Riojas, “Black Tongue” diaries the pitfalls of a failing relationship that is riddled with betrayal. With an Aztec theme that is grandiose in execution, the futuristic video incorporates the story of goddess Tlazoteotl, the “Filth Eater” who purifies souls of sinners, and Coatlicue, the “Serpent Goddess.”

This visual became the center point for developing the character (me) in a situation where her toxic relationship becomes the antithesis of Tlazoteotl; where instead of being purified, her partner injects toxicity and filth into her and they become inevitably entangled in suffering,” Riojas said.

Tension is drawn from the darkness of the cinema and the ethereal noisescape, creating an unnerving discomfort with a soothing release.

I wanted people to see and accept imagery they often repress and run from, so they could transcend some of their fears and judgments,” Lozano said.

Altogether, the video’s production quality is outstanding and goes hand-in-hand with the bewitching track. Femina-X becomes an experience with such a vital visual component becoming a part of the “Black Tongue” story.

Femina-X will be touring in July and August in select cities with a live set that will intoxicate and hypnotize.


Written by: Sawyer Click



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