Lola Tried – A Look Into The Energetic ‘Popsicle Queen’s’ World

Lola Tried’s leading lady Lauren Burton is one sassy badass you can’t help but respect. When she speaks her mind, people tend to listen…and she damned sure ain’t afraid to call it how she sees it. I think that’s what I admire most about the indie-pop-rock ‘Popsicle Queen.’ Aside from being a freakishly talented and intensely entertaining rocker, Burton’s take-no-shit attitude combined with Lola Tried’s leave it all on the stage approach to music has her band primed to dominate 2018.

Lola Tried was born in 2015, after lead guitarist Ray Garza approached then solo artist Burton about forming a band. They added bassist Greg Spencer and drummer Ray Flynt shortly thereafter, and they’ve taken off at high speed since.

The pop-rock ensemble released their very well received debut EP Popsicle Queen last February and have gained major notoriety for their intense, jaw-dropping live performances.

“I grew up going to really energetic shows,” says Burton. “I was always drawn to the folks that threw themselves into their performance, and folks that saw playing a show as just that–a show, a stage performance.

“Ray Flynt is a powerhouse drummer, and he hits harder than anyone I’ve played with–when he joined the band, we just decided to get really, really loud and make an actual entertaining sweat-till-you-fall-over show.”


Since their debut in 2017, Lola Tried has continued to evolve as a band, fully embracing being louder and more energetic. Popsicle Queen showcases Burton as an acoustic songwriter, written by her and for her but that’s no longer the case with Lola Tried. Burton now prefers to create music with the full band in mind.

“My bandmates allow me to lean on them for more complicated parts,” she admits.

“When I bring an idea to the table, we all collaborate on it to make it something we are proud of. I think our next single is going to surprise a lot of folks who know us just from listening to the EP.”

With a new single right around the corner, 2018 is stacking up nicely for Lola Tried. Just announced as an official SXSW 2018 showcasing artist, the band are looking to release a new record in late April with a tour to follow at the end of May.



Before Lola Tried’s diaries get too busy though, folks are in for a real treat Feb. 8th. The foursome are set to hook up with raucous Austin legends A Giant Dog and punk trio Flesh Lights at Beerland for a night of sweat-dripping, blood-pumping, endorphin-boosting entertainment that will be extra special for Burton.

She grew up watching A Giant Dog perform and attributes Sabrina Ellis as her biggest influence in how she conducts herself on stage…extremely raw, chaotic and wild – something not to miss out on.

“I’ve been obsessed with A Giant Dog since 2010,” admits Burton.

“So this show at Beerland on Feb 8th is a big deal for us. I was 18 when I first saw them and they blew my mind, and sharing the stage with them is something I’m so, so grateful for.”

Humility, persistence and perseverance are paying off for Burton and Lola Tried…a band we’re expecting huge things from this year. But, it’s all in a day’s work for the Popsicle Queen.

“The most important thing I’ve learned since we dropped PQ was this: If you want something to happen, you have to do it yourself,” says the straightforward frontwoman.

“You can’t wait in the wings expecting things to work out without putting in some kind of work yourself. You have to do it if you want to make stuff happen for you.”

For Burton, this proactive approach is all worth it because in her words, “playing to a crowd of folks who want to hear you trumps a lot of the shitty stuff you have to deal with along the way.”

So, here’s to hoping 2018 brings less shitty stuff towards Burton and even more cranked-to-the-core pop-rock from Lola Tried.

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Be sure to catch Lola Tried with A Giant Dog and Flesh Lights Feb. 8th at Beerland. More event details here.

Words: Douglas Leach
Photography: Matthew Carlin @yo_mtv_matt.

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