The Sour Notes Channel Their Inner Beatles With Their Latest Release

Brighten your Monday with this premiere of The Sour Notes’ latest release. An accidental birthday present for George Harrison just slightly late, but with a perfectly-tied bow to make up for it, the Austin-based band has produced a cover of The Beatles’ ‘Love You To’.

While not their own song, they’ve left a footprint indented into the track and have done the Liverpudlians proud; a band that championed all things different and slightly psychedelic, this falls directly in line with their mantra and acts as a beautifully contemporary alternative.

“A while back, The Sour Notes were invited to play a “Revolver” 50th Anniversary Hoot Night at Barracuda in Austin with Holy Wave and The Rotten Mangos,” lead vocalist of the band, Jared Boulanger said of the reasoning for the track.

“Each band picked a handful of songs off “Revolver” to play live and we had a such a fun time doing it, that we decided to record our version of ‘Love You To’.”

Jared’s vocals reinvent the masterpiece; a slightly ‘punkier’ take on the words, he punches each line out giving this track an almost upbeat tune – a contrast to the softness of the original. His slight inflections partnered with the lack of sitar separate this rendition from the 1966 release, while still paying homage to Harrison’s exceptionally British, famously somber tone – known as ‘The Quiet Beatle’, this track amps up the volume and the band uncover a whole new side to Harrison.

A learning curve for The Sour Notes, dissecting The Fabs’ songs forced them to make musical choices they hadn’t tried before and explore instrumental avenues they’d never been down and they’re giving it away for free via their SoundCloud. The rest of the album, ‘This Is Not Our Music’ features a carefully-chosen selection of classics featuring Radiohead, Neil Young, and even a little Beyoncé; it’s gonna be hard to find something not to like on there.

Check it out here;

Author: Megan Matthews

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