Patricia Vonne Scales New Heights In Her Latest Studio Album: Top of The Mountain

Austin’s Renaissance Woman, Patricia Vonne, is venturing to a whole new land, to reach the pinnacle of her career with her latest album release. Coming May 25th, Vonne is gearing up to tear through the Austin music scene once again with her seventh studio album, Top of The Mountain. A carefully-crafted cornucopia of her trademark vocal range and a devil may care attitude, the Latin-rooted rocker is no amateur.

A 12-track journey, Top of The Mountain perfectly slots together – a jigsaw of femininity and independence that Vonne’s voice solidifies. Distinctively contralto, Vonne is the Tejano embodiment of fierce merited success – taking hold of the Austin music scene with her distinguishing vocals, and dead ass refusal to give it back. With tracks like ‘City is Alive’ though, she deserves the whole damn state, let alone Austin. Beginning with a very rock ‘n’ roll vibe, Vonne’s almost Joan Jett in attitude but with a little more of that classic Texan-charm.

My personal favorite on the album, the punchy guitars complement her voice as she pushes out line after line – drawing a greyscale of city life for the listener; morbid and dangerous, but she makes it sound so exotic, so excitingly diverse. It feels almost like it summarizes the album; the diversity encompasses a conglomeration of the Spanish that she knows so well and the Texas that she calls home.

A little further down the track list is ‘Top of The Mountain’, the album’s namesake single. Straight off the bat, it feels almost-Cher like in vocals but with Vonne’s own twist – her slight accent offsetting her deeper tones in the most beautiful medley within the song. Lyrics that feel like they should be emotional, sad and turbulent, take on a brighter feel when combined with Vonne’s demeanor – positivity shines through and motivation takes hold; we’re going to the top of the mountain, after all.

Join Vonne at the peak of the mountain this coming May, at her album release show on the 26th at The Continental Club!

Author: Megan Matthews

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