Fair City Fire Will Shake Your Bones With Their Sophomore Album

Fair City Fire gets straight to the point with the anthemic opener of their sophomore album. Raging southern rock guitar riffs and driving percussion pack the fuzzy soundscape offering a powerful glimpse of the baggage that’s about to be unloaded over the course of the record. FCF intends to shake your bones, dig into your gut and knock your lights out. And Hell, if they can squeeze a few teardrops out of you along the way, all the better.

Self-described as a “groove-oriented, in-your-face rock band,” FCF proves with Shake Your Bones they are all of that and so much more. The 10-track album is an emotional rollercoaster flying over a web of tracks from furious pseudo-medal bangers and rich southern rock melodies to groovy blues rhythms and heartfelt singer-songwriter ballads. But, as lead singer Brian Wolff puts it, he’s just out here singing about his emotions.


Whether he’s offering a reprieve from the same ol’ shit through the classic rock stanzas of the title track or breaking free from the heartache of a toxic relationship with the howling third-person vocals of “Alone,” those emotions boil over on nearly every track. The album is highlighted with passionate ballads and soaring instrumentals (‘Hold On To You’) and blues-rhythmed righteousness (‘No Further Questions”). FCF showcase a poignant singer-songwriter dexterity with the downbeat alternative rock of ‘Another One’ and shell out some vengeance with ‘Hand Drawn Records.’ The album mellows over the third act and heart-warming melodies replace the headbanging intensity with ‘Fault Lines’ and closes on an upbeat and encouraging, guitar-driven sendoff with ‘Love and Music.’

Shake Your Bones is most definitely an ‘in-you-face’ rock record. But, at the same time, it’s also an ‘in-year-heart and soul’ record with passionate songwriting and diverse instrumentation that ventures into a vast range of genres to articulate emotional baggage we all can understand.

Fair City Fire released Shake Your Bones on April 13th. The official Austin release party was held at Stubb’s the following night with special guest Torino Black. The band is currently on tour in support of the new album and tour dates can be found here.

Check out a few highlights below from the Shake Your Bones release party at Stubb’s.

Photos by: Anie Walsh

Charley Crockett Brings His Lonesome As A Shadow Tour to Stubb’s

Fresh off the 4/20 release of his highly anticipated new album Lonesome As A Shadow, Dallas’ prodigal son Charley Crockett kicked off his tour with a few album release shows in Texas before heading out across the entire U.S.

Having sold out the legendary Gruene Hall the night before, the energy inside Stubb’s was electric. Full of cowboy hats and the occasional hipster, everyone in attendance seemed eager to see what was in store.

After a short but sweet set from Austin’s next great country act Carson McHone, the lights went dark and Charley graced the stage. Kicking off the night with his bayou inspired track “Ain’t Got No Time To Lose” transporting the audience straight into New Orleans during Mardi Gras.

Blending the authentic horns of New Orleans Jazz with Bluegrass and Americana riffs on guitar, The Blue Drifters are without a doubt one of the best backing bands in Texas. Creating a sound built on nostalgia gives you a taste of the familiar with a modern twist.
The set took you from New Orleans speakeasy to the back of a train car in the Old West knowing that this is music even your Grandparents would appreciate.

A major highlight of the evening came during Charley’s rendition of Texas legend Freddy Fender’s classic “Wasted Days and Wasted Nights” giving it an uptempo facelift that made you want to swing dance even though you don’t know how.

Going into “If Not The Fool” off Lonesome As A Shadow, Charley tapped into his inner Bill Withers delivering the most soulful blues hybrid you’ve heard this century. One may ask themselves how one man can go from dancing like Dwight Yoakam and playing pure Honky Tonk to Cajun Zydeco. But that’s just the beauty of Charley Crockett.

Finishing his set with a 4-song encore, including personal favorite “I’m Workin” sending the crowd home with a performance worth way more than the price of admission.

Charley Crockett and The Blue Drifters are one of the best acts in Texas and one of the most original sounds you’ll ever hear. If you get the chance to see them live, don’t miss it because they won’t be playing small venues for long.

Photos by: Matthew Carlin @yo_mtv_matt


Ty Richards Celebrates Flat Earth Day With the Release of Sophomore Album

Chart-topping psychedelic rocker Ty Richards premiered his sophomore album, Welcome to Flat Earth, with a space-age interactive music and art show Friday night at Mosaic Sound Collective. The release party featured live performances by Ty Richards, The Cuckoos and James Cooke (fellow artist on Tremolo Records) as well as live painting by members of the Blue Dozen Collective.

Richards’ Welcome to Flat Earth finds the psychedelic spaceman returning to his rock n’ roll roots with a more distinct and unapologetic sound. The Nintendo-punk album is loaded with nostalgic video game beats, sci-fi themes and satirical, anti-establishment anecdotes. Recorded on a reel-to-reel tape machine, Welcome to Flat Earth is now available on cassette, vinyl and digital.

Check out some of the space station highlights from Ty Richards at Mosaic Sound Collective.

IMG_5497IMG_5665 (1)IMG_5580IMG_5670IMG_5636IMG_5742IMG_5679IMG_5569

Photos by: Matthew Carlin @yo_mtv_matt

Andy Macintyre’s Melomania Takes Over Antone’s

‘Melomania’ took over Antone’s last Saturday with guitar slingin’ bluesman Andy Macintyre’s Official EP release party. The evening featured live performances by the Meloman himself, Van Wilks, Jacqui Walker and several special surprise guests.

Macintyre has spent over a decade in Austin writing songs, recording and performing music live, including a few years as lead guitarist in local famed band Dorkstar​, and has released four independent records outside of that project. His songwriting, guitar prowess and onstage presence has attracted attention from fans and other musicians alike.

For this new EP, Andy felt a pull to a new style of music, so he decided to take what he loved about rock and blues and turn it upside down to create his own unique “genre-bending” sound that straddles the line of alternative and guitar-heavy blues-rock. Working with fellow rockers Jacqui Walker, ​Texas guitar legend Van Wilks, and Austin-based Lauren Silva​, Andy has put together a release that is set to bring a unique spin on rock & roll to Austin. Check out a few highlights below from Any Macintyre’s ‘Melomania’ Release Party at Antone’s on April 14th.

ATASH and The St. Stephen’s Global Ensemble to Perform at Carnegie Hall

The St. Stephen’s Global Ensemble, a touring chamber orchestra performing highly expressive and dramatic concerts of original music will perform with the award-winning Austin-based world music band ATASH at Carnegie Hall in New York City this Monday, April 23. The groups will be performing a four-part concert entitled “Global Harmony,” composed and arranged by Roberto Paulo Riggio and conducted by John Moon. Tickets may be purchased through CarnegieCharge (link here) or by calling (212) 247-7800. To see a recent performance, please click here. For more information on ATASH, please see http://www.atash.com.

The St. Stephen’s Global Ensemble includes student members of the orchestral and percussion programs at St. Stephen’s Episcopal School in Austin, Texas. Orchestra director and ATASH violinist, John Moon, leads this group through an eclectic program influenced by classical, blues, jazz, percussion, Mystic Sufi, Central and South American, South Indian and European musical traditions. As part of their mission, ATASH has always sought out opportunities to work with young people. St. Stephen’s, as an international day and boarding school, brings student from around the world together for a college preparatory education. Building on the values of global awareness, education and collaboration, John Moon, as orchestra director and ATASH member, brought these groups together to produce their successful European tour in March 2017. Trevor Detling, Director of St. Stephen’s Thunder Drums, and John Moon prepared the student musicians as they learned to perform these highly intricate rhythmic, melodic and formal compositions.

Voted “Best World Music Band” in Austin for six years straight, ATASH combines master musicians from around the globe to create a powerful, worldly and original sound that inspires people of all ages and from all walks of life. Music Director and founding member, Roberto Riggio, composed and arranged ATASH music for the band, with full orchestra and percussion. Mohammad Firoozi, founding member and front man, sings lyrics in Farsi and English based on the poetry of Rumi, the 13th-century Sufi mystic. ATASH has spread its message of love and peace on the east and west coasts, in Germany, the Czech Republic, Poland, Taiwan, China, Spain and México, gaining legions of fans. They are truly the Austin ambassadors of world music.

JOHN MOON, Conductor

“Global Harmony”

Thunder and Lightning
Baaraan (Rain)
Song for Leili

Lyrics by Mohammad Firoozi

Participating Ensembles
St. Stephen’s Episcopal School’s Thunder Drums, Austin, TX (Trevor Detling, Director)
St. Stephen’s Episcopal School’s Global Orchestra, Austin, TX (John Moon, Director)
ATASH, Austin, TX (Roberto Paolo Riggio, Music Director)

For more information please see:


Enjoy Flat Earth Day With Ty Richards’ Sophomore Album

Ty Richards’ fans may feel torn over the psychedelic spaceman’s sophomore album, Welcome to Flat Earth. Those who enjoy discovering new sounds will really love it. Those who don’t…probably really won’t. But that certainly doesn’t make the limit pushing, all-analog, DIY record any less impressive.

Welcome to Flat Earth represents a new direction for Richards and a devolution from his 2016 psychedelic dance rock debut, Zillion. “I think there’s going to be a bigger divide with this record,” admits Richards. “Zillion was a pretty mainstream album. It was psychedelic…but very much based in pop. Welcome to Flat Earth is kind of the opposite with a more distinct, unapologetic sound.” The uniquely classified Nintendo-punk album combines aggressive electronic-rock with mischievous satire to poke fun at the “post-truth” world. Think early Queens of the Stone Age pseudo-metal meets the satirical ridiculousness of Devo at The Palace in Hawkins, IN. And Viola! Welcome to Richards’ Flat Earth.

All seven of its original tracks were written and recorded at the same time on a Tascam 388 reel-to-reel tape machine with zero computers and zero editing…a very anti-pop and non-modern production method for sure. However, there’s certainly a heavy dose of new wave elements tucked into Welcome’s video game beats, psychedelic fuzz and sci-fi themes.

“There’s not a ton of guitar on this project,” admits Richards. “A lot of the guitar sounds are actually synthesizers and at times it’s near impossible to tell the difference”. The most notable exception, however, is the album opener, ‘Western Chauvinist‘; an aggressive punk track that burns down the establishment with a Stratocaster dropped through a fuzz pedal creating a quasi-White Stripes rhythm. The swanky, bass-driven ‘Red Pill,’ with its velvety fuzz and Mario Bros. hook is the other major exception. Drum machines and bouncing synths battle the lizard people of ‘Merry Go Round’ in Richards’ Mushroom Kingdom of bleeps, bloops and blerps. The chart-topping rocker returns to his “Beck Zeppelin” traits with the Odelay-ish ‘Killjoy’ and revives an iconic piece of rock history with an elusive and psychedelic rendition of The Kink’s classic, ‘All Day and All of the Night”. The electronics mellow towards the end of the album and take a hypnotic dance with the Devil on ‘Kissing The Wizard’ and blissfully purr in closing with ‘Bleed Yourself Dry‘.

Welcome to Flat Earth oozes with VHS Era nostalgia as Richards focuses a satirical lens on a modern world of conspiracy theories and what ifs. The themes feel just as relevant today as during the height of the Cold War. “The album is jokingly named after the growing Flat Earth Theory movement of the present day,” states Richards. “Over time though, the title and the vibe of the record as a whole has come to represent a much deeper theme in humanity – why do we trust authority? There is a strong use of absurd satire and ironic humor throughout the album. I don’t know that this record is going to be for everyone,” he admits. “But, it’s supposed to be fun and I hope people can enjoy the lightheartedness of it and at minimum get a smile from it.”

Welcome to Flat Earth ​will be released April 20, 2018, ​just before the weekend of Earth Day. The album can be pre-ordered on vinyl, cassette tape and digital download here​. Ty Richards’ record release show for Welcome to Flat Earth will take place at Mosaic Sound Collective, a former juvenile delinquent facility, also on Friday, April 20. VIP and general admission tickets can be purchased ​here, and for more information, please see tyrichards.com.

Sydney Wright To Reveal Herself With Release of Seiche, This May

Sydney Wright is gearing up to release the title track of her debut album ‘Seiche’, at the start of May. After a busy SXSW and a new-found sound, the small-town-born musician explores a lyrical layout a little different to her typical sound – revolutionary in this track, the live-looping instrumentalist releases a side of her that Austin hasn’t seen before.

“I’ve been listening to this ‘Gangster Rap Gym Motivation’ playlist on Spotify lately,” Sydney said, sparing a minute in her busy schedule to speak to us.“I like the percussive layout of the lyrics and I want that musical style to be fresh in my head while I’m making new music. 

“I wrote the single, ‘Seiche’, while I was going to UNT in Denton. 

“It was a time when I was working through a lot of changes nearing graduation, dealing with my first band breakup, and making a plan to support myself and fly solo in the music industry.”

A feeling prevalent in the coming months, as universities wind down and students tense up for graduation, the multi-talented singer is reaching out a hand of support that is not always on offer. A success story, it feels like, that pushes your worries away – her voice freeing your mind on the high notes, like a delicate bird flying far away with them.

“I struggled a lot with blaming myself for things out of insecurity or simply because someone else was assigning the blame to me. I’m still learning and changing, but I came out of that chapter of life with my very own beliefs, effective ways to express myself so that I’m heard, and a list of unfair and abusive behaviors and attitudes that I do not allow to thrive in my space.

“Seiche is about freeing yourself from expectations. It’s a story of transcendence.

“It’s inspired by finding solace in being okay with yourself and being unaffected by people who aren’t. ”

Stealing the show from Star Wars, the musician is set to shock Austin all over again with her sunny disposition yet heart-wrenchingly emotional voice with the release show on May 4th at Cheer Up Charlie’s but that’s not the end of it. A calendar full of plans for this year, this musician is going to be one to watch now more than ever – 2018 will be the year of Sydney Wright.

So, get listening to gangsta rap until then and be sure to check out Sydney’s Facebook below so more details!

Author: Megan Matthews

Phoebe Hunt Marches On With Spring Video Release

Phoebe Hunt has never considered herself an activist. Her music is meant to bring people together…to comfort, heal and inspire through honest self-expression. Her latest video, ‘Marching On’, is as close to activism as Hunt has gotten in her career and represents her contribution to the bigger picture of what’s going on in the world right now.

Inspired by the connection Hunt made with the Standing Rock protest in 2016, ‘Marching On’ represents the rising up of many voices to take a stand for justice. With a run-time of just 2 ½ minutes, the thought-provoking video is filled with archival footage of significant American social movements woven into a melting pop of individual portraits and Hunt’s compelling lyrics “We are waking from our sleep and know our numbers make you weak, so we’ll keep marching on.” Hunt will be releasing 4 singles this year to coincide with the seasons. Thursday’s ‘Marching On’ premier at One-2-One was Hunt’s Spring Release. “Just like Spring, ‘Marching On’ is a call to action, a rebirth and an awakening,” said the singer-songwriter.

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The ‘Marching On’ premier was an insightful gathering of artists, fans and open-minded listeners all brought together through Hunt and her music. The evening was presented by Austin Music Television and Support Austin Music and consisted of the video premier, a live music performance from Phoebe Hunt and The Gatherers and an informal panel discussion of music for social change and the ever-changing landscape of the music business.

The panel consisted of Hunt and three of Austin’s most cherished female artists, Suzanna Choffel, Jazz Mills and Sarah Sharp discussing a range of industry topics from balancing motherhood with a musician’s career to navigating and succeeding as an artist in the digital era. The “Social Change Through Music” Panel also provided behind the scenes insight into the making of music videos with social change in mind.

As one of Austin’s most respected artists, Hunt has the capability and support to continue inspiring her listeners. But, her job is never done and for that she’ll keep marching on.

Phoebe Hunt and The Gathers ‘Marching On’




Fans can become a Gatherer and help support Phoebe Hunt and her band to continue inspiring through music at her Patreon page.



Photos by: Demetrius Judkins @wolfspiritofthesun

Matt and Kim at Stubb’s Photo Recap

Electronic dance-pop duo Matt and Kim put on a helluva show at Stubb’s last Thursday night. The Brooklyn-based pair are known for infectious, beat-driven anthems and explosive live shows and their performance at Stubb’s was no exception.

Matt (Johnson, keys) and Kim (Schifino, drums) will release their 6th album ‘ALMOST EVERYDAY’ this May on FADER Label. It was written during Kim’s extensive recovery after an onstage injury in early 2017 sidelined the band for the year. They used that time to create one of their most personal albums to date, with writing beginning just one month after Kim’s surgery.

Matt and Kim are currently on their first tour since the year-long break – the longest they’ve ever stayed off the road. The duo are back and stronger than ever and can’t wait to bring dance-ready hits from their back catalog as well as new songs from ‘ALMOST EVERYDAY’.

Matt and Kim at Stubb’s Waller Creek Amphitheater


Matt and Kim ‘FOREVER’ video:

Photos by: Matthew Carlin @yo_mtv_matt

Kady Rain Needs You!

A friend in need is a friend indeed, and Austin’s candy land queen is in need. Having just launched her GoFundMe, the pop singer, Kady Rain is looking to raise enough money to continue harvesting sunshine within her music – but she can’t do that alone.

That’s your cue.

Calling upon her fans that span across 50 countries, her aim is $15,000 – an eye-watering amount, that I’ve accepted is far out of my own bank account’s reach anytime soon, she’s thankful for each dollar that’s contributed: every little helps, right?

Every donation from $10 has some kind of ‘reward’ to show Kady’s gratitude, and the money will go towards a variety of music-y type things ranging from videos, to photo shoots to actually recording new music that she hopes to kick-start as soon as the end of April.

“I’ve always wanted to be a full-time musician and there have definitely been times when I thought, ‘oh, maybe it won’t happen for me’ but y’all get me through the day.

“Every time someone tells me they loved my EP, or this or that song is their favorite and they listen to it over and over, it really warms my heart.

“Before there’s any money, all you have is the dream and the people who believe in you. And that’s you.”

Find the link to her GoFundMe below, and keep your eyes peeled for Kady Rain this coming summer (and if you don’t know who Kady is, then check out the video below for reason as to why you should help!)


Words: Megan Matthews