The Warm Embrace of Sun June and Lolita Lynne at Cheer Up Charlies

Is there really any better way to spend a beautiful, early Spring evening than succumbing to the soothing ambiance of Sun June and Lolita Lynne surrounded by the wonderful folks at Cheer Up Charlies? Yeah…No! We didn’t think so. Take a stroll through our site and you’ll notice very quickly how much we enjoy coolin’ out with Ms. Lynne. We’ll take up just about any chance we can get to cover the Fool’s Moon singer-songwriter…especially at CUC. Backed by a pint-sized orchestra, Lynne’s dreamy, psychedelic beach pop is absolutely captivating and the perfect Spring introduction to the warm and sunny weathers ahead.

Sun June is an extremely promising ‘Young’ band led by singer Laura Colwell (Moving Panoramas) that’s gaining a lot of momentum following their official and unofficial debut during SXSW 2018. The emotively cool, ‘regret pop’ outfit premiered their first video, aptly titled ‘Young’, last month and their highly anticipated debut album is slated for release in June with an accompanying US tour. You’ll have a few more chances to catch this alluring pop band before they blow up and take to the road this Summer. We’d advise you get in early on Sun June so you can say, “I was there when…”

Check out a few highlights below of Sun June and Lolita Lynne at Cheer Up Charlies

Sun June

Lolita Lynne

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