Phoebe Hunt Marches On With Spring Video Release

Phoebe Hunt has never considered herself an activist. Her music is meant to bring people together…to comfort, heal and inspire through honest self-expression. Her latest video, ‘Marching On’, is as close to activism as Hunt has gotten in her career and represents her contribution to the bigger picture of what’s going on in the world right now.

Inspired by the connection Hunt made with the Standing Rock protest in 2016, ‘Marching On’ represents the rising up of many voices to take a stand for justice. With a run-time of just 2 ½ minutes, the thought-provoking video is filled with archival footage of significant American social movements woven into a melting pop of individual portraits and Hunt’s compelling lyrics “We are waking from our sleep and know our numbers make you weak, so we’ll keep marching on.” Hunt will be releasing 4 singles this year to coincide with the seasons. Thursday’s ‘Marching On’ premier at One-2-One was Hunt’s Spring Release. “Just like Spring, ‘Marching On’ is a call to action, a rebirth and an awakening,” said the singer-songwriter.

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The ‘Marching On’ premier was an insightful gathering of artists, fans and open-minded listeners all brought together through Hunt and her music. The evening was presented by Austin Music Television and Support Austin Music and consisted of the video premier, a live music performance from Phoebe Hunt and The Gatherers and an informal panel discussion of music for social change and the ever-changing landscape of the music business.

The panel consisted of Hunt and three of Austin’s most cherished female artists, Suzanna Choffel, Jazz Mills and Sarah Sharp discussing a range of industry topics from balancing motherhood with a musician’s career to navigating and succeeding as an artist in the digital era. The “Social Change Through Music” Panel also provided behind the scenes insight into the making of music videos with social change in mind.

As one of Austin’s most respected artists, Hunt has the capability and support to continue inspiring her listeners. But, her job is never done and for that she’ll keep marching on.

Phoebe Hunt and The Gathers ‘Marching On’




Fans can become a Gatherer and help support Phoebe Hunt and her band to continue inspiring through music at her Patreon page.


Photos by: Demetrius Judkins @wolfspiritofthesun

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