Andy Macintyre’s Melomania Takes Over Antone’s

‘Melomania’ took over Antone’s last Saturday with guitar slingin’ bluesman Andy Macintyre’s Official EP release party. The evening featured live performances by the Meloman himself, Van Wilks, Jacqui Walker and several special surprise guests.

Macintyre has spent over a decade in Austin writing songs, recording and performing music live, including a few years as lead guitarist in local famed band Dorkstar​, and has released four independent records outside of that project. His songwriting, guitar prowess and onstage presence has attracted attention from fans and other musicians alike.

For this new EP, Andy felt a pull to a new style of music, so he decided to take what he loved about rock and blues and turn it upside down to create his own unique “genre-bending” sound that straddles the line of alternative and guitar-heavy blues-rock. Working with fellow rockers Jacqui Walker, ​Texas guitar legend Van Wilks, and Austin-based Lauren Silva​, Andy has put together a release that is set to bring a unique spin on rock & roll to Austin. Check out a few highlights below from Any Macintyre’s ‘Melomania’ Release Party at Antone’s on April 14th.

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