Fair City Fire Will Shake Your Bones With Their Sophomore Album

Fair City Fire gets straight to the point with the anthemic opener of their sophomore album. Raging southern rock guitar riffs and driving percussion pack the fuzzy soundscape offering a powerful glimpse of the baggage that’s about to be unloaded over the course of the record. FCF intends to shake your bones, dig into your gut and knock your lights out. And Hell, if they can squeeze a few teardrops out of you along the way, all the better.

Self-described as a “groove-oriented, in-your-face rock band,” FCF proves with Shake Your Bones they are all of that and so much more. The 10-track album is an emotional rollercoaster flying over a web of tracks from furious pseudo-medal bangers and rich southern rock melodies to groovy blues rhythms and heartfelt singer-songwriter ballads. But, as lead singer Brian Wolff puts it, he’s just out here singing about his emotions.


Whether he’s offering a reprieve from the same ol’ shit through the classic rock stanzas of the title track or breaking free from the heartache of a toxic relationship with the howling third-person vocals of “Alone,” those emotions boil over on nearly every track. The album is highlighted with passionate ballads and soaring instrumentals (‘Hold On To You’) and blues-rhythmed righteousness (‘No Further Questions”). FCF showcase a poignant singer-songwriter dexterity with the downbeat alternative rock of ‘Another One’ and shell out some vengeance with ‘Hand Drawn Records.’ The album mellows over the third act and heart-warming melodies replace the headbanging intensity with ‘Fault Lines’ and closes on an upbeat and encouraging, guitar-driven sendoff with ‘Love and Music.’

Shake Your Bones is most definitely an ‘in-you-face’ rock record. But, at the same time, it’s also an ‘in-year-heart and soul’ record with passionate songwriting and diverse instrumentation that ventures into a vast range of genres to articulate emotional baggage we all can understand.

Fair City Fire released Shake Your Bones on April 13th. The official Austin release party was held at Stubb’s the following night with special guest Torino Black. The band is currently on tour in support of the new album and tour dates can be found here.

Check out a few highlights below from the Shake Your Bones release party at Stubb’s.

Photos by: Anie Walsh

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