Marian Hill Stroll Down to Emo’s on Their Unusual Tour

Platinum songwriting duo Marian Hill are currently touring the US in preparation for the May 11th release of their sophomore album, Unusual. Comprised of high school friends and collaborators Jeremy Lloyd (production) and Samantha Gongol (vocals), the one-of-a-kind electro-pop duo blew up with their Act One debut in 2017, thanks in large part to their smash hit ‘Down’ and Apple’s strolling ear buds. They are now set to follow up their debut with an album that promises to be more aggressive, harder and stronger…a record to make you feel sexy and empowered.

The duo just released their latest single, ‘Wish You Would’, from the forthcoming album and last month they performed at Coachella for the first time. Not to be outdone, ACL just released its 2018 lineup this morning and low-and-behold, guess which electro-pop act is sitting on the list. However, fans in Austin didn’t have to wait until the blistering summertime to catch Marian Hill as the pair made a special stop on their Unusual Tour last night at Emo’s.

Check out a few of the highlights below from Marian Hill at Emo’s.

Marian Hill TR-4Marian Hill TR-1Marian Hill TR-6Marian Hill TR-5Marian Hill TR-7Marian Hill TR-8


Photos by: Mindi Westhoff at



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