LAYNE Fills Sidewinder With Enticing Pop-Rock

The Black Hills of South Dakota are probably not the first place that comes to mind when you think of emotion-laden pop-rock. But, the geographical imprint of Layne Putnam’s rural upbringing in the isolated, pine-covered mountains has heavily influenced her enticing sound. From the get-go, Putnam has absorbed inspiration from her immediate surroundings. Yet, it was not until the singer-songwriter/guitarist relocated form the shadows of Mount Rushmore to The City of Angels that LAYNE was fully discovered in her truest form.

Led by powerhouse Putnam, LAYNE is an indie pop-rock band that’s musically driven by emotion and environment. Their music is ridden with tight single note guitar parts, tough drums, thick bass lines and atmospheric synths. LAYNE released their debut EP, Wednesday, in the Fall of 2017; a project described as an emotional journey with a lot of self-discovery and introspection. The band is currently wrapping up their Spring tour and has been in the process of working on new music until an unfortunate $20K set-back occurred on the road.


Thankfully, LAYNE pushed on with the tour and rolled through Austin’s Sidewinder last Friday. The show began with Austin Alt-punk rockers Casino AM who are also putting the finishing touches on their forthcoming EP.

Speaking of brand new music, our favorite soda pop starlet, Kady Rain, followed Casino AM debuting a brand new single while also upholding her long-standing tradition of looking fresh af. Rain is currently working to give the world more of her sweet, audible cotton candy and continuing her quest to make great pop music in Austin. Check out her GoFundMe to see what the life-size Princess Lolly’s got cooking.

Following Austin’s pop princess was Toronto’s Selfish Things who just released an EP of their own in March with Vertical Love. The four-piece led by Alex Biro strike a more introspective and heavier note blending emo-pop with 90’s alt-rock and a slight grunge edge paving the way for the emotive pop of the headliner, LAYNE. Check out a few highlights below from the show.



Selfish Things


Kady Rain


Casino AM


Photos by: Corey Mendez at

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