Courtney Barnett Tells Austin How She Really Feels

Days before her Sophomore release ‘Tell Me How You Really Feel’ (TMHYRF) drops, Australian songstress Courtney Barnett couldn’t wait any longer. The star gave everyone in attendance at the Mohawk a preview of her new album, set to release today (05/18).

Opening for Barnett was Austin’s own Molly Burch who played several songs from her 2017 album ‘Please Be Mine’. An emotional yet tranquil set, you could hear a pin drop as the audience listened in stunned silence. Her performance was quite the opposite of headliner rock goddess Barnett but life is all about balance so the peaceful energy was welcomed.

Soft, relaxed vibes gave way to electricity once Barnett took to the stage. Kicking off the night with an announcement of playing the whole new record, she jumped in at ‘Charity’ – the third track from TMHYRF – sending the audience into an applause frenzy.

After 10 songs of radical hair flips and guitar pedals reaching their limit, the set turned into the classic rock n roll performance we all came for. The hits started rolling out from her 2015 record ‘Sometimes I Sit and Think, Sometimes I Just Sit.’ with ‘Small Poppies’ and ‘Depreston’ sending the audience into an acapella sing along.

Closing the evening, sweat-soaked euphoria filled the room as Barnett chimed the first chord of ‘Pedestrian at Best’. Join the party next time, Barnett will be at Stubb’s BBQ, on October 27th – not as far away as it sounds, but for now, check out the photo recap!


Words & Photography: Matthew Carlin

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