Christina Cavazos Marks The Miles She Walks With Her Latest Release.

Like many 18-year-olds, Christina Cavazos is going through an emotionally turbulent time. Newly graduated from high school, the Austin-based musician is headed to NYU where she’ll probably take over the world from her dorm room.

A milestone she’s going to want to remember, she’s celebrating with a new release – Mile Marker. The third EP in just as many years, the young singer is kicking doors open and shows no sign of slowing down.

Available from May 25th, the sun follows Christina on the journey that this album commemorates. A release party set to pay its dues to the achievements the teenage singer has, the doors will open at Sahara Lounge tomorrow (05/23) at 7pm, at $5 entry. She’ll see you there.

A six-track EP, she opens the album with ‘Forever’ – my personal favorite on the album. An emotional song that captures a difficulty every teenager goes through, Christina harnesses an innocence within her music; a soft vocal that embraces naturality.

Mile Marker – the third track on this album – is obviously the namesake, and bleeds a different color to the youthful opening track. Instead, a serene backing comforts her sweet tune and offers a tranquil insight into her preparations to grow up, a world away from the racing mindset of most kids her age (including me a couple of years ago).

Christina is energetically mature, a soft vocal range that snakes a camera into her brain, she’s worth watching. Now, whether that’s tomorrow at the release show or for the rest of 2018 – keep your eye on her.

Find out more on her website:

Words: Megan Matthews


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