The Evolution of Sam Houston

Sam Houston has grown – from almost a year since Track Rambler stumbled across his music, he’s gone from strength to strength and shows very little signs of letting up.

A bluesy soul singer that spins a classic R&B beat into his tracks, he’s opening up his world to a whole new prospect. A new band.

“The reason I started this band,” he said when we caught up before the band’s debut on June 15th, “is because I felt that the live show needed to stand out more. It needed to have even more of an identity.

“I wanted to bring something bigger to the shows. Something more consistent, something that could attract a whole different audience & also appeal to the audience I already had.”

Now part of a five-man band – six, if you count tech director Matt Ramos – Sam’s typical sound is amplified by them, complemented and encouraged.

“My fans can expect some change coming.

I’ve been into rock & roll for a while now, but it’s hard to write that sort of music without other instrumentalists around you. So I have the opportunity now to put my foot deeper in that direction.

“For the people who do know me it’s because of a very distinct vibey, calm relaxing sound. That is who I am, so that isn’t going anywhere. We are just going to make it hit you harder sometimes.”

An evolution of Sam’s music, the band’s first headlining gig is July 15th at the Mohawk – this is where we’ll see the band for who they are and experience their world before they set their sights on traveling together to play their music.

It’ll be a journey, and we’re along for the ride over here at Track Rambler HQ – how about you?

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