Acid Carousel and The Coathangers Bring A Wild Night To Austin – Photo Recap

This past Thursday was a wild one for Austin, Texas psych-boys Acid Carousel brought their LSD-soaked rock to a packed house and left us dizzy.

It’s hard not to notice how young they all look but make no mistake, these kids are seasoned vets having each left successful bands to form their current lineup – the super band, if you will.

Rising from the ashes of former Dallas psych outfit ‘Moonwaves’, the Denton rockers dominated a set brimming with distorted chaos – much to the appreciation of the crowd. Playing several tracks from their 2018 EP Street Cowboysbeer flew, soaking the already sweat-drenched audience. If you’re looking for one of the best live shows in Texas, Acid Carousel is the group for you.

Headlining the evening were Atlanta punks, The Coathangers – so good that their fans literally followed them while on tour. One man in the crowd said he was going to see them at all four Texas dates on their current tour on top of seeing them thirteen times in the past two years, jeez. 

The Coathangers remind you of the early punk days in New York bringing uptempo jams but with nonaggressive vocals unlike the LA Punk scene. Their formula is simple but effective creating a set that’s a slow burn yet still full of crowd involvement and the occasional mosh pit. Their fan base is what is really impressive having turned the inside stage of Barracuda into a shoulder to shoulder sweat lodge full of everyone living their best life, these fans simply bleed their lyrics.

If you missed out Thursday, then you missed one of the rawest performances from some very promising acts. The future for Acid Carousel is as bright as their clothing and The Coathangers are here to remind you that the true origins of punk still live on today in a new generation. The show was fantastic so make sure you catch both bands next time they come to your town.

Check out some photos from the evening below.


Words & Photography: Matthew Carlin

Matisyahu Kicks Off Latest Tour Right With Stint in Austin – Photo Recap!

The self-proclaimed King Without a Crown, Matisyahu, has just recently kicked off his 2018 Strength To Strength Tour. Joined on his journey by eight-time Grammy award-winning singer Stephen Marley, the tour-crazy singer killed his show at Stubb’s BBQ at the end of May.

The tour marks the release of the East Coast singer’s sixth studio album, ‘Undercurrent’: a synergetic collaboration of Matisyahu and his band that flawlessly merges his classic instrumental improvisation with lyrics and vocals. A musical phenomenon that is near-unheard of outside of Matisyahu, he offers a unique experience sure to set your heart on fire.

If you missed him during his stint in Austin, you can catch him below in the photo recap or on one of his other tour dates:

Strength To Strength Tour Dates:

6/08 – Detroit, MI – Sound Board at MotorCity

6/09 – Kalamazoo, MI – Bells

6/12 – Columbus, OH – Express Live Indoor Stage

6/13 – Ocean City, MD – Seacrets

6/14 – Wantagh, NY – Mulcahys **

6/15 – Stroudsburg, PA – Sherman Theatre Summer Stage **

6/16 – Atlantic City, NJ – Borgata Casino **

6/17 – Baltimore, MD – Concerts at the Port **

**Without Stephen Marley

 matis-05562matis-05493matis-05549stephen marley-04779stephen marley-05059stephen marley-05053stephen marley-04883stephen marley-04993

DEZORAH Kick-Start This Month At The Swan Dive

A brand new EP and one hell of a gig later, DEZORAH has left Austin spinning around in a post-progressive storm. Kickstarting this month by dropping in at The Swan Dive on June 1st, the Texan band is plugging their five-track album Creando Azul. A self-released EP, out from late May, it brandishes their signature distorted guitars and aggressive drum beats.

Check out the photo set below:


Photography: Demetrius Judkins

Femina-X Takes Stubb’s On a Starry Voyage Through The Multiverse

It feels as though an eternity has passed since Femina-X last visited Austin. Their previous show in the ‘keeping it weird city’ came way back in July of 2017. Since then, the Latin alternative band released their highly acclaimed debut album Multiverse, featuring the award winning single “Black Tongue”, and is currently a month away from dropping their much-anticipated sophomore follow-up, KIVA. They are working to put together an Austin release show to go along with KIVA’s official release party at Sam’s Burger Joint in San Antonio on July 6th. However, at this time, sadly the capital city is not a listed stop on their upcoming KIVA Tour. So, catching Femina-X last Thursday at Stubb’s with our good friends Ladyfang was an absolute must.

Led by passionate and fearless vocalist, Daniela Riojas, Femina-X delivered a seductively captivating performance at the legendary Austin venue that was every bit worth the wait. Their Latin-flavored fantasia fusion of ethereal electronics, unconventional pop-rock, and ethnic dance melodies stretches the boundaries of the imagination and delves into a blissful realm of spirituality.

The band blends Native/Afro-Latino, Caribbean and American southwestern elements into a multi-layered menudo for the soul. Psychedelic ambiance fills the atmospheric soundscape around Sangria-sweet sonnets from the bilingual Riojas. Their set at Stubb’s grew more and more intimate with each song as Femina-X took the crowd on starry voyages through the “Cosmos”, lush jungle jam safaris of “Heroine”, and the Peruvian highlands of “Inca”. Their transcendental performance spoke to the heart, spirit and imagination in creating a dream world of possibilities. I know it’s only a month away…but, KIVA can’t get here soon enough.

Femina-X at Stubb’s

femina-x-05813femina-x-05764 (1)femina-x-05871femina-x-05853femina-x-05834femina-x-05904femina-x-05910

Photos by: Demetrius Judkins @wolfspiritofthesun

Lola Tried To Take New York

You guys know the score by now, our pals Lola Tried are on tour and they’re taking us with them. Just stopped in Manhatten, lead singer Lauren is running reds and sporting last night’s make up in preparation for their stint there, Playing at Piano’s, the Austinite had never been to New York before and the excitement is clear – check it out below!

Here’s where they’ll be next!

6/6 Cincinnati, OH @ The Listing Loon
6/7 Nashville, TN @ The East Room
6/9 Baton Rouge, LA @ Spanish Moon
6/10 Houston, TX @ Cactus Music In-Store Performance
6/11 San Antonio, TX @ Limelight


Katrina Cain Finds Her Moment in Rescue Me

So often life can feel as though it’s pulling us in a million directions at once. Like a leaf floating atop a winding stream we tend to settle into the current and simply go with the flow. Rarely, do we find ourselves at our original destination. However, as we travel through all of life’s uncertainties, it’s important that we take a moment to reflect upon its precious ripples.

Life has been flowing pretty rapidly for north Texas singer-songwriter Katrina Cain lately. In October, her jazzy electronic-pop band TOMKAT released their highly acclaimed debut album Icarus, followed by a stacked SXSW lineup and an opening spot for Denton neighbor Sarah Jaffe. And just last week, Cain took possibly the biggest step in her life by saying “I do” with TOMKAT soulmate Andrew McMillan.

Now, standing at the doorsteps of her thirties, Denton’s Persephone of Pop reflects back upon her life with her solo EP, Rescue Me.

I keep thinking life will slow down, that I have plenty of time to do everything I want,” states Cain. “But it doesn’t slow down, it doesn’t stop, and it keeps moving whether you move or not. Now I’m 29, I just got married and everything happened so fast. I looked back and suddenly the wedding was over and so are my 20’s. My 30’s are ahead and I still haven’t accomplished much of what I set out to do. But what I have accomplished I’m proud of and the biggest accomplishment is finding Andrew and living a life with him filled with music, love and adventures.”


No need to worry TOMKAT fans. The band isn’t taking a break. Cain simply found a brief moment to step away and focus on herself. And what a shining moment she has captured in Rescue Me.

Just as in life, the three-track EP pulls in multiple directions between embracing and letting go. Cain is every bit the sultry, southern siren we met in Icarus. Her spellbinding vocals call out across sweeping, starry ballads of courage, passionate sonnets of final farewells and serenading surrenders of the soul. Gentle keystrokes and soft electronics paint a warm and serene indie-pop background behind Cain’s seraphic chants.

There are delicate moments in Rescue Me where we find Cain at her most vulnerable and needing to be rescued. While at others, we bare witness to Cain at her strongest, fully empowered by her own determination. The EP represents the balancing act that has been the singer’s life to this point. Strong at times and weak at others…but nonetheless, all hers…and thankfully she’s confident enough to share it with the world.

Katrina Cain’s life may be a little hectic at the moment. But, I think we all can take a note from Rescue Me. Life’s not going to slow down for any one of us. The least we can do is take a moment to ourselves and reflect upon where we are and how we got here.

Rescue Me is now available to stream and purchase.

Photos by: Mike Ferreira @mikeshootspeople