Wild Moccasins Take You For A Trip Out Of This World With Latest Release ‘Look Together’

Houston-based band, Wild Moccasins, may leave you wondering where the hell you are and why every color is a brighter shade than you’ve seen before. I can’t answer the latter of those questions, but what I can tell you is that you’re not in Houston anymore.

A transcendent band with an equally as mythical new release, the foursome revealed their third album ‘Look Together’ at the end of June. The innocence of new wave combined with the dreamy vocals of Zahira Gutierrez leaves you dizzy, but excited.

A 12-track album, it kicks off with a ‘boyish wave’ hello. Extra-terrestrial beginnings, it sets the tone for the entirety of the album – preparing the listener for the journey that they’ll take. Sweet tea infused with chalk, there’s something not quite normal about this album – distinctive, and beautifully memorable.

A personal favorite of mine is ‘Seven to One’, cutting the deck in half at the 6th track. An intriguing invitation with an almost breathy vocal that gains power quickly, rolling down a slope and picking up pace with startling velocity before walking the line between the soft dream once again. All in all a song that sits a world apart from anything I’ve heard before, it also sits on my shoulder playing in my ear constantly since I first heard it.

Currently making their way across the US, I highly recommend that you get out to one of their shows – maybe two, I don’t doubt that the experience will be worth it. After all, I’m already lost within the trance that is Wild Moccasins, and I’m not all that sure I want to be found.

Photographer: Max Fields

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