Jonathon Zemek Reimagines The Music Industry With His Latest Multimedia Creation — Single Premiere

D’you ever hear an album, and it kind of feels like a story? It leaves a film-tape image in your mind, burnt there to reappear every time you hear it – just for you. That’s the beauty of a well-written album, it takes talent. Now, imagine you take that emotion and you innovate it, you twist it and you turn it and you form a whole new meaning of a song, of an album – the story takes a front seat role.

That’s what Jonathon Zemek has done with his, frankly, revolutionary approach to music and the album to come alongside it – ‘Hillcrest’, to be released on September 21st. A multimedia project, he envelops all levels of artistry with a track, a video, and a comic to boot.

unnamed (1)
Hillcrest’s Album and Comic Cover – Art by Chris Rogers

The first to be released of the album is ‘Everything Will Change’. Best explained as a guitar-heavy track with a classic rock feel, it features the vocals of Guy Forsyth, a name recognizable across our city of Austin: his bluesy, rock ‘n’ roll vocals made sure of that.

On top of this almost-nostalgically classic yet fresh track, and the story it tells – no spoilers, you’ll have to listen to it yourself below – the video itself is unique. Cinematically creepy, it deepens the story that the song depicts – masterfully combining the two.

Check out the video and the track below – September can’t come fast enough, in my opinion.

What d’you think?

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