Meet Aela x – Austin’s Synthpop Masterpiece: Single Premier!

Aela x is new to the synth-pop scene, but she knows how to command a recording studio – an accomplishment made clear by her debut single, Only Kiss,  released today (check it out below!).

Artfully soft vocals versus a strikingly addictive sound, this single is the humidity before the storm. She’s coming, and she will be a force to be reckoned with; this is just the beginning.

An electronic doppelganger of Austin native Michaela Newman: Aela x emerged from Michaela’s past musical endeavors. Her part in the now dismantled duo Jake and Jean, as well as dabbling within the solo space, fuelled the creation of the half hologram, half monochrome synthpop masterpiece that now stands before us.

A track that exemplifies her expertise, her soothing vocals almost act as a one-way melodic conversation; yearning, and beautifully depicting the sheer unjust system that love works within. This is a track that, I promise, will be relatable – Aela x is reflective. Join the party, and prepare to feel Aela x‘s craving for her love collide with your own thirst and you will feel supported. You’re one in the same, in this feat.

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