Otis Wilkins’ Vocals Will Take Centerstage With The Latest EP Debut

Ending the month, and 2018’s summer, with a bang – Otis Wilkins’ debut EP is due to drop on the 24th.
Strangest Place is the epicenter that August is revolving around and Taylor Wilkins (surprise, his real name isn’t actually Otis – who knew?) is the Austin-based singer-songwriter behind it all.
Born from the traveling that Wilkins endeavored on in the fall of 2017, each track breathes life into a story – full of emotion and Wilkins’ unique tones. Comprised of 5 songs, each evokes a slightly different emotion than the last, with my favorite being “Am I Growing Old?”. Mostly because, damn, am I?
Well, that and the fact that his soothingly lurid vocals from that song, in particular, have stuck with me on my walks to work, my distracted stroll around the grocery store and invade conversations with my friends. In short, I can’t stop thinking about them.
As the album moves on, though, through to “Karma Is A Big Killer”, the earth may as well move for the dramatic difference. A self-proclaimed madman (just look at his Facebook), his talent and somewhat underplayed vocal range will haunt you. Taylor Wilkins’ vocals are the backbone of this album, with a selection of skillfully played instruments to complement.
Mostly self-produced, this EP is more than a collection of stories; it’s Wilkins’ project, his baby and a journey for him. Be sure to check it out on August 24th – but until then, check out his rock band – Otis The Destroyer (seein’ a trend here?).
The release show will take place at Stubbs on August 24th – you can find more information here!

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