Hell Hath No Fury Like Javae Scorned – The BreakUp Chronicles

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned – we all know that, and you better believe that fine line between love and hate is pretty freakin’ thin when love ends.

So, welcome to The BreakUp Chronicles. An 11 track compilation of the heart wrenching emotional turmoil every one of us has tormented ourselves with, by falling in love. A universal weakness that all of us can relate to, singer-songwriter-turn-rapper, Javae is the mastermind behind it – her unique, almost gritty vocals set her apart from contemporary music in the most captivating way.

“I am raw, vulnerable and eccentric. My music reflects every up and down, every big moment I’ve encountered and every loss,” She said, of the experience that is this album.

“I speak my truth and I write from my heart.”

This is particularly evident in ‘Burn Slow’, a painfully honest expedition to the depths of Javae’s mind; she captures the feeling, the black hole in the pit of your stomach, that sends a bubbling rage through your body, near-electrocuting every nerve in your body. That moment where you hate them – you wish them the worst.

But, impressively, the track also envelops the feeling that comes much later on – far, far past the breakup. It captures that moment of bliss – the one where you don’t care anymore. They don’t matter anymore. An emotional dichotomy portrayed through one song, just depending on where you are in your breakup chronicle, how you feel.

“My goals are to be heard in the mind and soul of everyone and anyone that needs me.

“I save lives with my music, I give hope that things will be better, I challenge people to believe in tomorrow being better.”

Check out the track below, and keep an eye out for Javae – her voice isn’t one to be stifled.

Words: Megan Matthews

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