Rosie Flores To Release ‘Drive, Drive, Drive’

Rosie Flores is by no means an unknown name to Texans – she’s been making music in the state for decades and built a reputation for herself as a country artist with the know-how. I mean, she has a day named after herself – as declared by the City of Austin in 2006 – for God’s sake. She’s steady, she exudes a quality and her fans have come to expect her signature sound.

But you won’t expect this.

“Drive, Drive, Drive” is the first single to be released from her latest album ‘SIMPLE CASE OF THE BLUES’ – to be released in 2019 – and it is one hell of a detour from the Rosie Flores we know.

But, personally, I’m along for the ride.

The single follows her country roots but offers a more bluesy sound with a deeper set of sultry, soulful vocals that ooze that signature quality but wrapped in an emotion that Rosie Flores concocted – she’ll have a damn emotion named after her, soon enough.

The single will hit the ground on August 31st, alongside a celebratory release party on Rosie Flores day itself. You can find out more here!


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