Dossey’s Plastic Diamonds are Everyone’s Best Friend

Dossey’s ‘Plastic Diamonds’ is such a fascinating enigma. The latest single from Austin’s new-wave, indie-pop artist illustrates her take on how things that were once so good can start to feel fake and counterfeit after a while.

As a traditional songwriter with American Folk roots, Dossey’s elegant interpretation of 80’s-based, synth-pop possesses a genuine sincerity that truly stands apart from contemporary pop. She can drain you of adrenaline and level you with emotion within the same verse. No matter the structure, there’s always a sense of heartfelt vulnerability within her songwriting and she never feels less than authentic. And that’s why it’s so intriguing to hear her describe the superficiality of life’s ‘Plastic Diamonds’ in her new single. It’s a soul-bearing track that resonates deep…but at the same time, gets the hips swinging and heart racing.

Making music and sharing it with the world in a matter of 3 minutes can make me feel very exposed,” admits Dossey. “Sometimes, I personally just need someone or something to remind me of my worth and tether me to reality.”

There are a few things that continue throughout the song consistently – the chord structure is on a loop, and the baseline kind of meanders up and down in the same pattern – to sort of allude to that idea of a reality tether.”

Dossey is developing into one of the brightest stars in Austin’s budding pop scene. ‘Plastic Diamonds’ is the second single from the indie artist this Summer and follows last month’s Jane Fonda-esque, leotard stretching ‘Hearbeats’ video. Dossey released ‘Plastic Diamonds’ Friday night at Empire Control Room with a mighty pop bill consisting of SIGNY, Wonderbitch and Palm Daze. Check out some of the show highlights below.

Dossey, SIGNY, Wonderbith and Palm Daze




Photos by: Melodi Ramirez @melodirae

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