Surprise! Surprise! Kady Rain Was One of The Bad Kids

Of course Kady Rain has a rebellious streak. Everything about the dashing diva screams liberation. From her glowing neon hair and scantily clad extravagance to the tongue-bathed, single digit salute of her Spotify profile, Kady doesn’t merely walk on the wild side. She is the wild side.

Austin’s most dazzling pop sweetheart may seem like a bag of Skittles now. But, you know damn-well Kady Rain was a Sour Patch Kid growing up…and she’ll tell you all about it with her brand new single, ‘Bad Kids’.

Written by ringleader Kady, her partner in crime Ben Bazzrea, and fellow pop starlet Ariel Abshire, ”’Bad Kids’ is an anthem for ne’er do wells everywhere. It’s a song dedicated to every teenager who skipped school, stole their parent’s liquor and cigarettes, and made out with strangers at parties,” claims Kady.

This is for all the misfits who don’t give a fuck about what other people think; the rebels who go out and do whatever the hell they want! 

‘Bad Kids’ is like a guilty pleasure. You just can’t help yourself to enjoy it so much. The bouncing xylophone carries Kady’s tempting vocals through a groovy pop labyrinth of goodiness.  It’s an infectiously catchy dance track that will peer pressure you into singing along with the chorus. But, be careful and try not to give in too much to Kady. She’s the girl your parents warned you about and will have you breaking all the rules before you know it.

‘Bad Kids’ is Kady’s third single of the Summer and comes on the heals of hits ‘It Wasn’t The Roses’ and ‘Lonely One’. We imagine something huge may be coming from the lovely Soda Pop Queen very soon.


IMG_3467 (1)

Photo Cred: Sophia Lawson @sophiahelenelawson

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