Seysei Premieres Flirty Debut Single “Call Me ‘Baby'”

The honeymoon period is typically the most exciting and anticipatory time in a new relationship. We proceed with caution as we seek out those special moments that can send our hearts racing and push our desires into overdrive. During that brief span of time any little idiosyncrasy can make us blush, flutter and tingle. For Indian pop princess Seysei, it’s that first time she hears her name replaced with ‘Baby.’

The Dallas-based singer is currently enjoying her own honeymoon period ever since she made her debut at HypeFest and turned the crowd into a love-struck, gooey pile of mush. Today, Seysei gets our pulses pounding once again with another flirtatious treat in the premiere of her debut single, “Call Me ‘Baby‘”.

This feel good track is all about the effect that a single word can have on a duo’s love connection.

“I really wanted an upbeat love song that reflected my mood on how I feel at the beginning of a relationship,” she says. “That first time he calls me “baby” makes my heart skip a beat.”

Seysei teamed-up with El Paso producer Andoren to create an enticing single that fuses a sexy blend of playful pop with downbeat EDM. The spirited, synth-driven structure is layered cozily beneath Seysei’s enticing R&B vocals with a low-key, hip-hop twist from Matt Swagnew. “Call Me ‘Baby'” is the type of track you could imagine Aaliyah producing if she created her steamy love songs in 2018.

Dallas has got itself a seductive new star in Seysei. And she can call us ‘Baby’ anytime.  Flirt with your girl here and show boo some love by giving her a like and follow.

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Photo Cred: Timothy Hoang

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