David Messier Is A Time Bomb – And So Are You

Would you want to know how long you had left to live? If handed a clock with an alarm set, would you hold it in your hands as it audibly ticked, counting down to the inevitable bad ending – or would you ignore the fact that there is an end and live in the sun while you can?

Existential crisis aside, this is the question that, Austin’s friendly neighborhood rock star, David Messier‘s latest track poses.

“Life is a time bomb.” He says, “We all walk around with little clocks counting backwards above our heads that no one can see.”

Enter the single ‘Time Bomb’, from Messier’s forthcoming sophomore album of the same name, see where we’re going here?

Beginning with a gentle melody, Messier’s vocals attract all attention – like silk destressed by gravel, it’s striking. Until, that is, the ‘ticking’ starts. The song comes to life, aggressive yet still offering that silky flair. Using a concoction of instrumentals – it is David Messier after all – he distorts the familiar sound of a clock, artfully playing with the paranoia of carrying that time bomb. Each tick leading to the end of the song causes another muscle to tense up, while his vocals play the part of seeing your partner smile, the smell of coffee on a Sunday morning (cliche for a reason) and a new sheet of paper in a well-used notebook to ease you down – he mimics life.

This is a track that will follow you as you make your way through the 86,400 seconds in each day – almost daring you to live. Or, at the very least, the clock is counting down to November 2nd when the rest of this album is released – but either way, go have fun and stop waiting for your alarm to ring.

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