Who Are Linen Closet – The Band To Watch Out For

Linen Closet, a band born and raised in Austin, are making waves. They’re over the ‘norm’ and are offering an alternative – reaching brave new worlds in the Austin music scene. Theatrical, gut-wrenching – almost operatic, yet modern and relatable. Deep and meaningful, but warm, and catchy – these guys are more than coloring outside the lines, they’re on another page.
The band began as a project in the bedroom of vocalist Adam Hilton, but quickly grew – chopping and changing from a 3-piece to a 14-piece orchestra until they reached their optimal sound and began working on a record.
“Along the way, I recruited the help of every talented friend I had come in contact with from playing in bands and working in theatre, and eventually found great live players and arrangements,” said Hilton.
“We’re an assortment of folks from disparate parts of my musical life that I have forced on each other to make music together.
“We love each other, we support each other, we disappoint each other, we get excited for each other, and we like chasing down very strange musical rabbit holes together.”
A unique sound, theirs is one that can only be found through a combination of different personalities and lives clashed together. Their debut album – ‘Linen Closet’ – is only proof of this, a reflection of the differing tastes of this band. Every musical influence offers a new point of view, a new territory that this LP attempts to engage – colonizing the wilderness. But still, the lyrical structure is not lost – the songs trace the emotional mountains that Adam climbed and complement the unrestrained passion borrowed from each influencer.
“It’s not a very conceptual album, but I either wrote or shaped the lyrics of these songs in my 20s when I was in pretty rough emotional shape. I was struggling with anxiety, depression, codependency, and lots of existential dread, and that’s all over the lyrics,” he said.
“Every song on the record touches on feelings of inadquacy, shame or desperation, and illustrates some of the awkward, painful, often failed attempts to cope or grow beyod that as seen from different perspectives. Every character in these songs is in close proximity to this very confusing, very fraught emotional content.”
This EP goes beyond offering an insight into the band, beyond even paying tribute to their influencers – it embodies a lesson that Adam learned the hard way.
“It’s okay to put self-care above ambition. I’m incredibly humbled by the amazing humans I see putting out music at a relentless pace while also managing to be happy and healthy. That was not the path I was on when we started making this record, but I’m glad it is now and I hope to start keeping pace. As much as art provides a forum to express anxiety, sadness, depression, and angst, artists living and embodying those things is totally counterproductive.
You can’t make amazing work without a good relationship with yourself.”


Adam Hilton – vocals, misc instruments, melody
Henna Chou – cello, guitar, synth, misc instruments, tenacity
John Vinyard – guitar, pretty textures, thoughtfulness
Aaron Castillo – drums, percussion, joy
Matthew Grusha – bass, humor
Andrew Stevens – drums, percussion, grump
Dustin Withers – sax, dance

We’ll Always be Loyal to Nina Nesbitt

Nina Nesbitt doesn’t need to worry. We’d never stray from her. Hell, we can’t get enough of the Scottish singer-songwriter and her latest single, “Loyal To Me”. The track is Nesbitt’s second single this year leading into the release of her debut album at the top of 2019.

Inspired by Nineties R&B ballads, “Loyal To Me” was written in response to some real life dating problems. “It’s a list of symptoms you need to look out for when dating a fuckboy ha!,” she says. “I wrote this as a bit of advice for one of my best friends about a situation she found herself in.

Nesbitt’s words of advice? “If I have to question ‘Is he loyal to me?’ Well then he’s probably not/And you should probably leave.”

But, don’t worry. Nesbitt ain’t leaving anytime soon. She is currently one of the industries brightest stars clocking in more than a million streams per week across all digital formats. Even industry giants, Spotify and Apple had to fight over Times Square billboard space to claim their stakes in “Loyal To Me” promo. Nesbitt continues to climb the pop charts with “Loyal To Me” reaching the top 10 most added track to Top 40 radio here in the US. She is also one of the rare artists to be getting airplay in the UK on both BBC R1 and R2.

So, getting the opportunity to see her live in Austin at the Historic Scoot Inn this week was an absolute must. Nesbitt is currently supporting MAX on the first leg of his US Tour with help from Afraid of the Dark singer and Nickelodeon actress, EZI. The pop sensation has her own headlining tour in the makes following her debut album and seeing her at such an intimate venue like Scoot Inn may not be possible for much longer. Check out a few highlights from the show below.

Nina Nesbitt at Historic Scoot Inn


Photos by: Melodi Ramirez @melraephotos


Talking See You Later Simulator With Ghostland Observatory

Yes, it’s true. Ghostland Observatory has returned from bathing and relaxing in the cosmos with the most sophisticated album in their intergalactic repertoire. After four previous records and years of headlining shows across the country, Ghostland took an extended hiatus to reset and get the creativity flowing like never before. Thomas and Aaron now invite you for a wild ride with a full tour and a fresh new album, See You Later Simulator.

“We worked hard on this record, and it’s just the tip of the iceberg of what’s to come,” Aaron says. “This is our rebirth, the phoenix rising from the ashes, and we have no plans to slow down. We’re stepping out of the weird simulation we’ve been in, and coming back into the world for the beginning of round two.”

We had the privilege to speak with GLO during their current North American tour. Check out what they had to say below about the new album and what’s next for GLO.


First and foremost, how has it been being back on the road as GLO?

Thank you! It feels great. We spent a lot of time putting together our new stage design so it’s so nice to see people’s reactions. We are mixing the new songs in with our back catalogue so the set has a lot of energy!

See You Later Simulator feels more like a methodical journey when compared to GLO’s bombastic early work. What was the idea behind the album and what sort of themes were you hoping to capture?

When we decided to make a new record we just went in to the studio and got straight to work. Everything that came out was really natural and raw. We would have some conversation at the beginning of each session just to catch up on what we were up to that day then we would fire up the equipment and communicate musically. Sometimes not really talking to each other until we completed a song. It’s very interesting how the process works. We know what each other is thinking and where we should go with out too much chatting.

What were you each able to learn during your time apart and what new ideas were you able to incorporate into the new album?

We just felt as though we were ready to write together again. We had tried before and it just felt wrong but this writing process was different. It felt like these songs needed to be created. It was kind of like when we first started working on the delete record. Plus we weren’t juggling a hectic tour schedule so we were able to focus completely on the music.

Was there any adjustment period when you guys got back into the studio or was it just like old times?

It was really like old times but better!

How have the die hard GLOheads taken to the new album and the band’s seemingly new direction?

I think they are enjoying the new record . I think after taking such a long break it would have been very disappointing to re do what we’ve already done in the past.
The fans at shows are really excited about the new songs.

You’ve compared the new album to the metaphor of the Phoenix. Do you feel like See You Later Simulator is an accurate representation of where GLO is at right now?

I believe it! We are so thankful to be out on tour again and we are very proud of the new record!

Can GLO fans look forward to more new music?

I think so! We are really enjoying the whole process of creating and touring so we are in a very positive and exciting place now. We feel great about how 2018 has been and we are looking forward to the rest of this tour and things to come!


Ghostland Observatory will be at Stubb’s on Oct. 25th. Tickets here

In The Whale at The Parish – Photo Recap 10/17

The Colorado duo, In The Whale, took to The Parish last Wednesday (10/17), and the two left no doubt as to their energy levels. It was a rollercoaster of excitement and emotion.

A rock band comprised of two friends – Eric Riley and Nate Valdez – they make up for the band’s small stature with sheer enthusiasm and noise and had recently released their latest single ‘Dopamine’.

Join the ride with the photo recap below.



Photographer: Mark Bower

Nnamdi Ogbonnaya at Hotel Vegas – Photo Recap 10/16

Nnamdi Ogbonnaya has paved his way into the minds of his fans as a multi-instrumentalist composer, producer and ultimately a performer. A skill set that was forged in Chicago, Nnamdi is ubiquitous in the music scene across multiple genre disiplines.

Spending the night at Hotel Vegas on 10/16, with Sen MorimotoNnamdi took to the stage and unleashed his well-practiced, sophisticated sound – jazzy, but harsh; soft, but fast. A relaxed night that still had hearts beating faster, below is a snapshot of the show.


Photographer: J. Alan Love

Stripping Down With Chief Perch

“No More Excuses!” has become the mindset behind Chief Perch’s current rebranding. The genre-defying octet that debuted in 2017 has slimmed down to a focused five-piece with a deliberate purpose heading into their sophomore album. The remaining four dudes and their queen have matured from Shoulda Coulda Woulda to a sleek new sound and a more cohesive approach to creating music with intent.

We did a lot of things on our debut record that we weren’t necessarily able to replicate live,” admits Chief Perch drummer Nick Hamner. “Our mission with the new stuff is to capture the energy of our live performance. What you hear on the record is exactly what you’re going to get live.”

Stripping down the songwriting was necessary for the band to refocus. “We had this idea in our heads that we had to be a big band because that’s what we set out to be,” states Hamner. “But, when we sat down and started writing as five we found that the change was needed in order for us to progress as a band.”

All five members of Chief Perch share a north Austin duplex that doubles as a make shift recording studio. Scheduling is no longer an issue and the band can now dedicate the necessary time and energy into growing beyond their Shoulda Coulda Woulda debut.

We’re really lucky to be in our current situation all living under one roof and we’re all writing songs together. There’s no longer an excuse to not practice.”

We were fortunate enough to catch Chief Perch during one of their practice sessions earlier this week. Frontlady and Chief Queen, Ariel Herrera still holds the spotlight with her jazzy, jaw-dropping vocals. However, the entire band has developed an organic fluidity that somehow leads to an ever more intimate and enticing performance.

Chief Perch is gearing up to reintroduce themselves with the next album. Their stripped-down live set has become a whole new experience consisting of five new tracks. The band is looking to get back into the recording studio next month beginning with a couple of singles leading up to a major album release in 2019.

Fans will have several opportunities to experience the new and improved Chief Perch before the release of their sophomore album. The band will be headlining the Mohawk on Monday Oct. 22 with special guests Indoor Creature and Hipmodus. You can also catch them at Cosmic Shores in Kyle, TX on Nov. 2nd and at Euphoria ATX’s Rock-A-Thon on Nov. 7th. For more band info and dates visit  https://www.chiefperch.com/.

In the meantime, you can enjoy a few shots from our visit with Chief Perch along with a video from their recent Pecan Street Festival performance below.



Photos by: Melodi Ramirez @melodi.jpg


Sedona Skies Leads The Band Merch Sustainability Revolution in Austin

This shouldn’t be the first time that you’re hearing of Sedona Skies, the Austin-based indie rock band. A band that made their start as a humble acoustic duo, under the name of January & June, has blossomed and become unstoppable.
Now a five-piece band, they have a lot of ambitions – some which go beyond their music.
“Recently, I’ve been trying to make a conscious effort to reduce waste and doing things like only shopping secondhand,” said Adara Ostdiek, lead singer of Sedona Skies.
This effort was universal across the band, and when it came time to produce merch for their latest EP – self-titled and released early September – they knew they wanted to offer a more sustainable option.
“It felt strange for me to purchase brand new shirts and 100’s of CDs that I knew only a handful of people would hold onto and play.
“So we came up with ways that would limit our carbon footprint as a band by upcycling and using recycled products for our Sedona Skies merchandise line.”
Using thrifted t-shirts, they found transfers that they could use to design the shirts – recycling the shirts and keeping costs low.
“We were astonished by how many of the shirts sitting on thrift store racks were in perfectly good condition and just needed a design and some creativity.
Because each shirt is one of a kind and unique we wanted to make whoever purchases it a part of the process. At certain shows, we bring our heat press with us and you get to pick out the shirt you want and watch us press the design on right then and there.”
Personalized and sustainable, Sedona Skies are helping lead the band merch revolution – a revolution we didn’t know we needed, but is welcomed. Grab yourself a secondhand shirt at one of their gigs, and be proud to be part of the fight for sustainability.


Dominique Makes The First Move With Her Debut Single

It didn’t take long for Dominique to convince us to fall in love with her. The LA-based, singer-songwriter first captured our attention early this Summer on James Marlow’s sexy single “All Day” before she completely serenaded her way into our hearts last month with “Convince You”. The debut single from the up-and-coming pop star speaks to the hopeless romantic in all of us by describing that confusing moment when you want the person you like to make that first move. It’s a vulnerable and inspiring track about bridging the gap between “just friends” and “something more.” Our infatuation with Dominique has just begun and with a debut EP on the way it’s only a matter of time before she sweeps the rest of the world off its feet. We had an opportunity to speak with the bubbly artist earlier this week. See what Dominique had to say below about her debut single and what’s next.

Now that “Convince You” is out are you still buzzing from the debut jitters?

Yes, it’s been really amazing. I’m so pleasantly surprised with every opportunity that comes my way. It can be so terrifying putting yourself out there in a creative way because people can be very critical. But, the response has been overwhelmingly positive and everyone is really enjoying the song. It’s just so sick.

Has life changed at all since your debut?

Everything since the single debut has propelled my whole project to move a little quicker. Before, there was a bendable timeline and now we’re really solidifying release dates for the next couple of singles. It’s all happening. Everything is moving forward from here and there’s no turning back. I’m very excited for every opportunity that comes.

So, about the single, have you had to go to great lengths to convince someone you’re interested?

I write from personal experience. So, yeah, I’ve had to do a bit of convincing for the topic of this song. It ends up working in my favor. But, I’m a bit of a hopeless romantic. I like a guy that can sweep me off my feet. And I’m not afraid to tell someone how I feel. I feel confident in that way and the song is a mix of those feelings. This person is giving me the signs and I’m giving them the signs back. But, no one’s making a move here. So, I have to deal with that.

Was “Convince You” written about someone in particular? And if so, does that person know?

There haven’t been many people in my life I’ve been in a relationships with. So, maybe they’re all thinking I write my songs about them. But, I won’t tell though. They can figure it out on their own.

So, the debut shows us your love life, what other areas of Dominique will be uncovered with the EP?

It’ll mostly be about love. I tend to write about my heart and my love life. I definitely have other songs that are geared toward things I’m dealing with internally. But, I find it a little harder to write about hardships that I’m going through like anxiety or confidence. But, there will be one or two songs that deal with topics other than love.

What’s next for Dominique?

I’m hoping to release my next single in November. We’re fine-tuning it now and getting it 100% right. But, I’ll admit, I do feel a bit more pressure now for each song to provide that ‘wow’ impact like “Convince You” did. So, I’m definitely overthinking a lot of things that I’m sure any artist would go through after sitting on these songs for such a long time. I’m really having to trust my team with the next song. Hopefully, I’ll follow the second single up with another in December or January and then the EP mid-2019. But, it all depends. A lot of things can pop up, good and bad, that could prolong the release. I’m just really excited and can’t wait for all of the songs to be out.

Are you looking to hit the road in the near future?

I want to build my audience a little more and continue to connect with my fans on a personal level. But, it would be a lot of fun to get out there and start singing for people. So, hopefully after the EP is released and people know about me more than in my general vicinity. But, I’m growing slowly and really enjoying the process. I’m glad that I can enjoy it without having to rush anything.

What has been the most important lesson you’ve learned in your young career?

There have been a lot of lessons I’ve learned and I’m sure there will be a thousand more. But, right now, I’d say to trust your heart. A lot of people will tell you their opinions and that’s okay. But, at some point, when you feel confident in yourself, you just have to go with it and trust that you’re good enough. I had been sitting on “Convince You” for a year and I always knew it was going to be my single. There was no doubt and I didn’t want to change anything. I felt so good about it and I’m really glad I went with my instincts because people are really responding to the song. It just makes my day when someone tells me they’ve added my song to their playlist. It puts the biggest smile on my face.



Photo Credit: Gena Milanesi (feature) and James Brantley

Royal Sons Soar Onto the Scene With Psychedelic Sound

Praise & Warships isn’t just the name of their new album–it’s what fans will be doing when they’re introduced to the music of Royal Sons. Fresh off a truckload of Dallas Observer and Fort Worth Weekly Music Awards, the blues rockers are eager to show fans in DFW and beyond that they have the chops to add even more awards to the mantle. Their debut album is only the beginning of that journey; their sound–a soulful psychedelic blues rock–is what will get them there.

The band will celebrate their debut with an over-the-top album release party on Friday, Oct. 26 at W.E. Scott Theatre in Fort Worth from 8 p.m.to 12 a.m. Special guests Atlantis Aquarius, Dead Vinyl, and Cody Lynn Boyd are set to perform. The event will also feature fire eaters, aerialists, magic by APMagic, a few surprises by and Master of Ceremonies Victor Trevino Jr.,and more. Tickets are $20in advance or at the door. For more information, click here.

Check out the Royal Son’s video for the album’s lead single “Let It Burn” below.


Bishop Briggs and Donna Missal Stand and Deliver at Emo’s

Aww, snap! It’s that girl Bishop. Here we are, right smack-dab in between weekend one and two of ACL and we got the show we’ve been waiting for. Of the 140 plus acts visiting Austin over ACL’s two weekends, it was Bishop Briggs at Emo’s we were most anticipating.

Maybe it’s our UK connection, maybe it’s our love for transcendental alternative-pop, or maybe it’s just because she’s a fiery badass that’s exploded since her 2017 debut ‘River’…whatever the reason, Bishop Briggs at Emo’s was priority number 1 during the bevy of fantastic ACL Late Night events.

After releasing her latest and most atypically light and playful single, ‘Baby’, the LA/London-based singer-songwriter has been on tour in North America heading towards Europe next month. Briggs was undeniably the breakout star of 2017 following the release of her debut album, Church of Scars, which featured monster hits ‘Wild Horses’, ‘White Flag’ and the aforementioned ‘River. Of her latest single ‘Baby’, Briggs states, “I hope the lesson that people take from ‘Baby’ is the importance of loving yourself before you love another person. It’s also about owning imperfections rather than hiding them from ourselves or the people we let into our lives.

Briggs brings her tour through Austin as part of ACL and its corresponding Late Night series. Joining Briggs at Emo’s last night was New Jersey singer-songwriter, Donna Missal, who lit the internet on fire with her debut single ‘Keep Lying’. Missal has quickly established herself as an up-and-coming artist well-deserving of the world’s attention. She released her debut album, This Time, in early September and has since been opening for Briggs on tour. Of the debut album, Missal states, “This isn’t a record about love and loss and relationships. It’s about taking chances for yourself, figuring out who you are and really standing behind that. I’d love for listeners to receive the message that you can take your time and learn and love yourself.” Well, fans in Austin were loving everything this breakout star had to offer as the alt-pop power duo of Donna Missal and Bishop Briggs stood and delivered at Emo’s.

Bishop Briggs

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Donna Missal


Photos by: Melodi Ramirez @melodi.jpg