Sweet Sixteen and Burning Bridges – Erthlings Are Making Their Mark

What were you doing when you were sixteen?

I was hanging out in a ‘revamped’, but still kind of damp, garage with my friends, usually reading mindless magazines and talking about boys –  basically, a whole lot of nothing.

That’s not the case for Erthlings. A 1960’s-inspired foursome that ooze sophistication far beyond their years, the girls met in school. Beginning their music-making journey at the tender age of 8, these ladies formed their friendship on music and consolidated it with passion. The concoction is evident in their debut track “Bridges”, see below.

While not a new band local to us out here in Austin, the girls are faces we can expect to see soon and a band that has unwittingly excited this Track Rambler writer – the age of empowerment is coming. Age is but a number, baby.

Check out their video, and let us know about any new bands you guys come across in your adventures across Austin!

Author: Megan Matthews

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