Dominique Makes The First Move With Her Debut Single

It didn’t take long for Dominique to convince us to fall in love with her. The LA-based, singer-songwriter first captured our attention early this Summer on James Marlow’s sexy single “All Day” before she completely serenaded her way into our hearts last month with “Convince You”. The debut single from the up-and-coming pop star speaks to the hopeless romantic in all of us by describing that confusing moment when you want the person you like to make that first move. It’s a vulnerable and inspiring track about bridging the gap between “just friends” and “something more.” Our infatuation with Dominique has just begun and with a debut EP on the way it’s only a matter of time before she sweeps the rest of the world off its feet. We had an opportunity to speak with the bubbly artist earlier this week. See what Dominique had to say below about her debut single and what’s next.

Now that “Convince You” is out are you still buzzing from the debut jitters?

Yes, it’s been really amazing. I’m so pleasantly surprised with every opportunity that comes my way. It can be so terrifying putting yourself out there in a creative way because people can be very critical. But, the response has been overwhelmingly positive and everyone is really enjoying the song. It’s just so sick.

Has life changed at all since your debut?

Everything since the single debut has propelled my whole project to move a little quicker. Before, there was a bendable timeline and now we’re really solidifying release dates for the next couple of singles. It’s all happening. Everything is moving forward from here and there’s no turning back. I’m very excited for every opportunity that comes.

So, about the single, have you had to go to great lengths to convince someone you’re interested?

I write from personal experience. So, yeah, I’ve had to do a bit of convincing for the topic of this song. It ends up working in my favor. But, I’m a bit of a hopeless romantic. I like a guy that can sweep me off my feet. And I’m not afraid to tell someone how I feel. I feel confident in that way and the song is a mix of those feelings. This person is giving me the signs and I’m giving them the signs back. But, no one’s making a move here. So, I have to deal with that.

Was “Convince You” written about someone in particular? And if so, does that person know?

There haven’t been many people in my life I’ve been in a relationships with. So, maybe they’re all thinking I write my songs about them. But, I won’t tell though. They can figure it out on their own.

So, the debut shows us your love life, what other areas of Dominique will be uncovered with the EP?

It’ll mostly be about love. I tend to write about my heart and my love life. I definitely have other songs that are geared toward things I’m dealing with internally. But, I find it a little harder to write about hardships that I’m going through like anxiety or confidence. But, there will be one or two songs that deal with topics other than love.

What’s next for Dominique?

I’m hoping to release my next single in November. We’re fine-tuning it now and getting it 100% right. But, I’ll admit, I do feel a bit more pressure now for each song to provide that ‘wow’ impact like “Convince You” did. So, I’m definitely overthinking a lot of things that I’m sure any artist would go through after sitting on these songs for such a long time. I’m really having to trust my team with the next song. Hopefully, I’ll follow the second single up with another in December or January and then the EP mid-2019. But, it all depends. A lot of things can pop up, good and bad, that could prolong the release. I’m just really excited and can’t wait for all of the songs to be out.

Are you looking to hit the road in the near future?

I want to build my audience a little more and continue to connect with my fans on a personal level. But, it would be a lot of fun to get out there and start singing for people. So, hopefully after the EP is released and people know about me more than in my general vicinity. But, I’m growing slowly and really enjoying the process. I’m glad that I can enjoy it without having to rush anything.

What has been the most important lesson you’ve learned in your young career?

There have been a lot of lessons I’ve learned and I’m sure there will be a thousand more. But, right now, I’d say to trust your heart. A lot of people will tell you their opinions and that’s okay. But, at some point, when you feel confident in yourself, you just have to go with it and trust that you’re good enough. I had been sitting on “Convince You” for a year and I always knew it was going to be my single. There was no doubt and I didn’t want to change anything. I felt so good about it and I’m really glad I went with my instincts because people are really responding to the song. It just makes my day when someone tells me they’ve added my song to their playlist. It puts the biggest smile on my face.



Photo Credit: Gena Milanesi (feature) and James Brantley

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