Stripping Down With Chief Perch

“No More Excuses!” has become the mindset behind Chief Perch’s current rebranding. The genre-defying octet that debuted in 2017 has slimmed down to a focused five-piece with a deliberate purpose heading into their sophomore album. The remaining four dudes and their queen have matured from Shoulda Coulda Woulda to a sleek new sound and a more cohesive approach to creating music with intent.

We did a lot of things on our debut record that we weren’t necessarily able to replicate live,” admits Chief Perch drummer Nick Hamner. “Our mission with the new stuff is to capture the energy of our live performance. What you hear on the record is exactly what you’re going to get live.”

Stripping down the songwriting was necessary for the band to refocus. “We had this idea in our heads that we had to be a big band because that’s what we set out to be,” states Hamner. “But, when we sat down and started writing as five we found that the change was needed in order for us to progress as a band.”

All five members of Chief Perch share a north Austin duplex that doubles as a make shift recording studio. Scheduling is no longer an issue and the band can now dedicate the necessary time and energy into growing beyond their Shoulda Coulda Woulda debut.

We’re really lucky to be in our current situation all living under one roof and we’re all writing songs together. There’s no longer an excuse to not practice.”

We were fortunate enough to catch Chief Perch during one of their practice sessions earlier this week. Frontlady and Chief Queen, Ariel Herrera still holds the spotlight with her jazzy, jaw-dropping vocals. However, the entire band has developed an organic fluidity that somehow leads to an ever more intimate and enticing performance.

Chief Perch is gearing up to reintroduce themselves with the next album. Their stripped-down live set has become a whole new experience consisting of five new tracks. The band is looking to get back into the recording studio next month beginning with a couple of singles leading up to a major album release in 2019.

Fans will have several opportunities to experience the new and improved Chief Perch before the release of their sophomore album. The band will be headlining the Mohawk on Monday Oct. 22 with special guests Indoor Creature and Hipmodus. You can also catch them at Cosmic Shores in Kyle, TX on Nov. 2nd and at Euphoria ATX’s Rock-A-Thon on Nov. 7th. For more band info and dates visit

In the meantime, you can enjoy a few shots from our visit with Chief Perch along with a video from their recent Pecan Street Festival performance below.



Photos by: Melodi Ramirez @melodi.jpg


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