Who Are Linen Closet – The Band To Watch Out For

Linen Closet, a band born and raised in Austin, are making waves. They’re over the ‘norm’ and are offering an alternative – reaching brave new worlds in the Austin music scene. Theatrical, gut-wrenching – almost operatic, yet modern and relatable. Deep and meaningful, but warm, and catchy – these guys are more than coloring outside the lines, they’re on another page.
The band began as a project in the bedroom of vocalist Adam Hilton, but quickly grew – chopping and changing from a 3-piece to a 14-piece orchestra until they reached their optimal sound and began working on a record.
“Along the way, I recruited the help of every talented friend I had come in contact with from playing in bands and working in theatre, and eventually found great live players and arrangements,” said Hilton.
“We’re an assortment of folks from disparate parts of my musical life that I have forced on each other to make music together.
“We love each other, we support each other, we disappoint each other, we get excited for each other, and we like chasing down very strange musical rabbit holes together.”
A unique sound, theirs is one that can only be found through a combination of different personalities and lives clashed together. Their debut album – ‘Linen Closet’ – is only proof of this, a reflection of the differing tastes of this band. Every musical influence offers a new point of view, a new territory that this LP attempts to engage – colonizing the wilderness. But still, the lyrical structure is not lost – the songs trace the emotional mountains that Adam climbed and complement the unrestrained passion borrowed from each influencer.
“It’s not a very conceptual album, but I either wrote or shaped the lyrics of these songs in my 20s when I was in pretty rough emotional shape. I was struggling with anxiety, depression, codependency, and lots of existential dread, and that’s all over the lyrics,” he said.
“Every song on the record touches on feelings of inadquacy, shame or desperation, and illustrates some of the awkward, painful, often failed attempts to cope or grow beyod that as seen from different perspectives. Every character in these songs is in close proximity to this very confusing, very fraught emotional content.”
This EP goes beyond offering an insight into the band, beyond even paying tribute to their influencers – it embodies a lesson that Adam learned the hard way.
“It’s okay to put self-care above ambition. I’m incredibly humbled by the amazing humans I see putting out music at a relentless pace while also managing to be happy and healthy. That was not the path I was on when we started making this record, but I’m glad it is now and I hope to start keeping pace. As much as art provides a forum to express anxiety, sadness, depression, and angst, artists living and embodying those things is totally counterproductive.
You can’t make amazing work without a good relationship with yourself.”


Adam Hilton – vocals, misc instruments, melody
Henna Chou – cello, guitar, synth, misc instruments, tenacity
John Vinyard – guitar, pretty textures, thoughtfulness
Aaron Castillo – drums, percussion, joy
Matthew Grusha – bass, humor
Andrew Stevens – drums, percussion, grump
Dustin Withers – sax, dance

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