Larry g(EE) Went ‘Round and ‘Round to Create His Latest EP

Larry gEE has truly come into his own with his latest EP. The acclaimed singer-songwriter has navigating the Dallas music scene for nearly a decade as part of Odis, The Texas Gentleman and eventually a solo artist. He’s earned two Dallas Observer Music Awards while also conquering personal and professional challenges that all threatened to derail his career. He’s grown beyond those setbacks and has used the challenges as fuel to propel himself, personally and professionally, forward and Larry’s resilience is evident in the strength of his latest project.

Fans may know Larry best for his fun-loving, party-ready soul-funk anthems. However, his new EP, Love Things, is a far departure from anything he’s done previously–and that’s exactly what Larry intended.

This is the kind of music I want to make,” he says. Larry’s artistic and personal journey led him to this new sound: vulnerable, soul-baring electro-pop with rich shades of R&B.

The cathartic lines of Love Things were crafted to remedy the wounds of past relationships and provide perspective over the joys and heartaches he’s endured throughout his career.

With this new EP, I wanted to be transparent and talk about some things I wanted to get off my chest,” he admits.

Ironically, Larry found closure with the album’s first single, “Central Valley”. The introspective, electro R&B ballad featuring Sam Lao was penned as Larry’s self-care therapy following his divorce from his wife. The tender tone feels slightly somber, but the singer’s message is one of inspiration. Anyone who’s dealt with a devastating breakup and came out the other side a better person can easily relate.

All my life I’ve been so crazy / Never something I could hide
Living my life without you lately / Never been so satisfied

Larry picks up the pace and drops the bass with the album’s second single “RNR”, a funky, upbeat dance joint with LEV that you can’t help but swing with. The duo effortlessly bridge nostalgia with new-age by weaving modern, electro dance pop and classic 90’s R&B to detail the ups and downs of a previous relationship that was doomed from the jump. And through it all, Larry finds the world still going ‘round and ‘round.

His new sound is a melting of pop, soul and R&B that touches on love, his battle with depression and topics that he has yet to cover in previous songs. “These songs are a new direction; a way for me to just be me.” It’s Larry gEE like we’ve never seen him before–and he’s just getting started.

Larry will be celebrating the release of Love Things on Nov. 9 at Scout at The Statler with special musical guests Ronnie Heart, and DJ Blake Ward. Click here to RSVP

Photos by: Karlo X. Ramos

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