Giulia Millanta Speaks With All of Her Ghosts at One2One

Italian born, folk-rock, singer-songwriter, Giulia Millanta visited One-2-One Bar Saturday evening with evocative stories of loss and inspiration. The poly-lingual singer and accomplished guitarist who’s capable of captivating an audience through four languages has honed a style that transcends cultural boundaries and speaks strongly yet gently of universal life through her autobiographical musings.

Last June, Millanta released her highly acclaimed sixth album, “Conversation with a Ghost”. The bold and introspective album is Mallanta’s first since losing her close friend, George Reiff, and explores the concept of loss through a variety of perspectives. Millanta not only sings of losing someone close to her, but, also elaborates several other forms of loss through the album’s 12 tracks.

It evolved, of course, and the entire record is not necessarily about losing people to death” admits Millanta. “This record explores the concept of loss in a broader way. There’s loss of innocence, loss of patience or loss of sanity. So there’s not just loss in the sense of death.

An entire album devoted to the many forms of loss may seem heavy and emotive. However, Conversation is gracefully gentle in its delivery of the weighty subject matter and breathes through poignant and reflective moments of cathartic expression. Through Millanta’s sincere and poetic portrayals of loss we’ve all gained something special in Conversation with a Ghost.

The Florence-born Millanta is headed to Italy for the remainder of November. However, fans in Austin can hold over with the gallery below from her Saturday show at One-2-One Bar.


Photos by: Matthew Carlin @yo_mtv_matt

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