Collin Russell Mullins Premiers All in Your Head Video

Spend enough time around Black Joe Lewis you’re bound to learn a thing or two. In Collin Russell Mullins’ case, it was discovering firsthand the power that a well-crafted song could have over an enthusiastic audience. After grinding it out for several years in the Austin music scene, Mullins earned the opportunity to tour with Lewis filling in for his regular guitarist. It was here where he learned the importance of creating music with a visceral purpose to be felt more than heard.

With that mindset, Mullins reintroduces himself today with the lyric video premiere of his brand new single “All In Your Head”. He’s graduated from riding shotgun for Lewis to Mission Commander of his own musical journey as he pilots a sci-fi, space adventure through the cosmos. But don’t be fooled by the low-budget, back lot production quality of the Cold War era video. “All In Your Head” is an intricately crafted track that soars into a mystical realm of indie-rock fantasy through celestial guitar chords, a catchy hook and Mullin’s omniscient narration.

I lost myself to the underground 
Searching for answers that can’t be found
Beneath the surface with all your dreams
You wanna know, well come follow me

It may just be all in your head, but Mullins’ latest video is certainly out-of-this world.

Give Collin Russell Mullins a follow and keep up with all of his new releases on Spotify.

Feature Image: Kate Blaising Photos

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