Jade Marie Patek is Ready to Soar With Flybird

Jade Marie Patek is through wondering “What if?” Ten years of navigating the Texas Country music scene has taught the singer-songwriter there will always be a reason to quit. Heartache, loss and self-doubt have all been factors that have previously held her back. But, after a decade’s-worth of reasons to give up, Patek has finally gained the courage to spread her wings and lift her feet off the ground.

On Nov. 30th, Patek will release her long-time-coming debut project, Flybird. The chronological seven-song EP represents the past decade of the singer’s life and is about her journey to self-discovery. It’s about losing love, finding love and most of all – self-love.

For the past 10 years, I have been searching for answers to it all,” admits Patek. “I’ve found what is most important to me, and that’s loving myself and believing in my dreams of playing music.

The songs of Flybird are specifically arranged to tell Patek’s story, from past to present, as she’s grown over the last ten years. She’s made mistakes, experienced heartaches and even lost her way. But, through it all she never stopped writing, singing and performing her music and eventually rediscovered herself along the way.


Flybird is more than just my first music release,” she claims. “It’s a release from self-guilt, self-judgement and self-sabotage. It’s freedom. Free to believe in one’s self, and free to determine one’s own happiness.”

At 28, the Shiner product has come a long way from the “Dead Flowers” at Flybird’s beginning. She’s found a welcoming home in Austin and met a real “Good One” to share her life with. She’s a radiant young lady with an inviting southern charm who’s just as comfortable reeling in a trophy off the Gulf Coast as rocking a dancehall with her “Marble Rye Bread” Country tunes.

Her soulful blend of Country, Blues and Americana is distinctly Texan. She’s a vintage throwback to Lone Star legends of the past with a modern and youthful twist that garners appeal across the spectrums of age and genre.

It’s no wonder that Patek was nominated for 2018’s New Female Vocalist of the Year after her debut single, “Drive”, hit The Texas Regional Radio Report. Her second single, “Dead Flowers”, has been a Top 20 hit on the Texas Country radio charts and her latest single, “Love’s to Blame”, released on Friday, has already hit the New Music Nashville playlist on Spotify.

Patek was destined to be an incredible musician, it was choosing between Country and Rock that proved the difficult decision. The granddaughter of Polka legend, Joe Patek, young Jade grew up in a home not only filled with George Strait and Willie Nelson, but also KISS, REO Speedwagon and Bob Dylan. However, Patek attributes her greatest musical inspirations to Janis Joplin, Sheryl Crow and Bonnie Raitt…and of course her Grandfather.

She’s played all over the great state of Texas in venues large and small, rowdy and romantic. From half-filled bars with even less filled tip jars to giant festivals with thousands tuned-in. Several times she’s had to question if it’s all worth it. But, most importantly she’s realized that, yes, ‘she’s’ absolutely worth it, every bit of it, and she’ll never again have to question “what if”. Ten years is damn-long time to make an official debut. But, lucky for us, this Flybird is just launching on what promises to be a long and illustrious journey.

Jade Marie Patek will host two Flybird CD Release Parties. The first will be on Nov. 30th at Brewster Street Ice House in Corpus Christi and the second will be back home in Shiner at TKO’s Bar and Grill on Dec. 1st. You can keep up with all the latest Jade Marie Patek news and info at her website and follow her on Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.


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