Chill Russell Goes Back To Class To Get Low

Hop on the school bus and prepare to get edumacated. You’re about to enter a learning zone of alternative rock delinquency with Chill Russell’s latest video, “Low”. The band takes us back to class with an outlandish lesson in youthful rebellion and role-reversals complete with fuzzy psych chords, a skunky “green” tinge and a shit-ton of uninhibited dance moves.

Directed by Wes Matkin, “Low” is the latest release from Chill Russell’s self-titled, debut full-length and showcases the band’s experimentation on alternative rock through a kaleidoscope of fuzzy psychedelia, harmonized vocal distortion (hmmm?) and fun-loving, pop sensibilities all brought together with an amusing, self-deprecating sense of humor.

The band cuts loose with “Low” and reverses the student/teacher dynamic by helping an out-of-touch instructor get down with some Basic Rock Beats. The song serves as a reminder that time waits for no one. So don’t spend your days wasting away in the mundane. Just let go and get low…whoa…ohoh…sooo low.


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