Slot Overview of Reel Keeper Power Reels

Red Tiger’s Power Reels idea continues with a fantasy-themed installment entitled Reel Keeper Power Reels, which you may enjoy regardless of whether you believe it’s the greatest thing since sliced bread or should have been shelved a long time ago. This one revolves around dragons, or at least one dragon who is probably the game’s reel guardian. Whatever the case may be, Reel Keeper Power Reels is a dragon-themed adventure with full-reel Dragon Wilds that may move and free spins in which those same Dragon Wilds can lock to the board.

Players with courage may take on the dragon challenges in Reel Keeper Power Reels, which feature fire, lava, and rocks. Red Tiger has developed a plethora of Power Reels slots, with themes ranging from mining to reptiles to diamonds, among others. Although dragons are novel to the Power Reels system, the aesthetics of Phoenix Fire Power Reels are quite similar. Magic, flaming monsters, and the like. Red Tiger has loaded Keeper Power Reels with substantially larger winning potential than these games have had to match so far, making it significantly heavier than any other slot in the Power Reels collection.

Massive numbers of reels, rows, and ways are a defining feature of Power Reels slots. Okay, maybe not that much, since the 8-reel, 6-row gameplay area of Reel Keeper Power Reels features 40 paylines. All winning payline combinations must stretch across many successive reels, beginning at the board’s far left. There are no ante bets, side bets, or bonus buys available, and the RTP is a low 95.73%, making this a very risky game to play. A player may choose to stake anything from 10 pence to £/€6 each paid game round before hitting the play button on their selected device.

There are nine different regular payouts for symbols in Reel Keeper Power Reels. The first of these is a 10-A sign that seems like it was from the Middle Ages; the others are a claw or tooth object; a chalice; a crown; and a golden dragon’s head. A winning line of eight of a type pays off between 10 and 50 times the initial wager if all eight cards are royals, or between 5 and 9 times the wager if all eight cards are premiums. Wild dragons can appear on all eight reels and replace regular pay symbols. When the 8 OAK wild contributes to a winning combination, the payout matches that of the highest paying symbol.

Slot Functions with Reel Keeper Powered Reels

Dragon Wilds aren’t just random 1×1 blocks; they may do significant damage. Instead, the Reel Keeper may swoop in at any regular spin to place a 1×6 complete reel Dragon wild on the reel to the right. Furthermore, the Reel Keeper may soar over the reels to shift any existing Dragon wilds on the grid to the left by one position.

On the same spin, the Reel Keeper can shift all visible Dragon wilds and place a new one. Any visible Dragon wilds are shifted before the new one is introduced in this situation. When a Dragon wild in the basic game reaches the far leftmost reel, it disappears at the beginning of the next spin. When two or more Dragon wilds line up left to right, they vanish after the next spin.

No Risk Turns

If you get three or more of the free spin scatter symbols on any reel, you’ll win 10 free games. Free spins will continue with any visible Dragon wilds from the previous round. The Reel Keeper is no longer limited to just placing Dragon wilds on the third and rightmost reels. When a Dragon wild reaches the leftmost reel or another locked Dragon wild, it becomes immobile and remains in place until the end of the free spins bonus round. Dragon wilds that have not made it to the leftmost reel or a locked reel are brought back to the basic game if the free spins feature is cancelled.

Case for Reel Keeper’s Power Reels in the Slots

Red Tiger has regularly released new Power Reels slots, but until now, none of them have attracted such massive audiences. They have traditionally been dated, asymmetrical in paylines and reels, or otherwise lacking in winning potential. This isn’t always the case, but after looking through things several times, that seems to be the general consensus. Reel Keeper Power Reels aims to even the odds by becoming a far larger game than anything that came before it.

As an example, the maximum payout in Reel Keeper Power Reels is 16,060.8x the wager, which is significantly greater than in similar games like Five Star Power Reels (10Kx) and Max Win Gaming’s Leprechaun (1,000x). From then, the rest of Reel Keeper Power Reels is a straightforward mission to place as many Dragon wilds on the board as possible in the first game, then to shift them as far to the left as possible in the hopes of generating a couple of respectable hits. Even more pressure is applied during free spins, since Dragon wilds can be trapped until the end of the bonus. All that stockpiling, relocating, and locking up is tantalizing and might lead to rapid progress if fortune is as red hot as dragon fire.

From Beowulf’s dragon to Smaug from The Hobbit by J. R. R. Tolkien, dragons have a long history of protecting treasure troves in literature and mythology. Dragons are generally associated with wealth, and in the realm of Reel Keeper Power Reels, huge payouts are possible when the game’s Dragon wilds are stomping the reels.

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