Austin Comes Together for Gary Clark Jr at ACL Live

The Live Music Capital’s most prominent native son, Gary Clark Jr., returned home this week for a sold-out, three-night residency at ACL Live. The mini Austin tour featured performances and collab sets with several of Austin’s best and brightest including The Peterson Brothers, Blackillac, Eric Tessmer, Eve & The Exiles and blues legend Jimmie Vaughan. The Grammy Award-winning, south Austin native recently completed recording his next studio album which will be released on  Warner Bros. Records in early 2019. You can view a sneak peak of the upcoming album here. In the meantime, enjoy a few shots from The Chosen One’s set Wednesday night at ACL Live.

Gary Clark Jr. 


Photos by: Matthew Carlin @yo_mtv_matt

Chill Russell Goes Back To Class To Get Low

Hop on the school bus and prepare to get edumacated. You’re about to enter a learning zone of alternative rock delinquency with Chill Russell’s latest video, “Low”. The band takes us back to class with an outlandish lesson in youthful rebellion and role-reversals complete with fuzzy psych chords, a skunky “green” tinge and a shit-ton of uninhibited dance moves.

Directed by Wes Matkin, “Low” is the latest release from Chill Russell’s self-titled, debut full-length and showcases the band’s experimentation on alternative rock through a kaleidoscope of fuzzy psychedelia, harmonized vocal distortion (hmmm?) and fun-loving, pop sensibilities all brought together with an amusing, self-deprecating sense of humor.

The band cuts loose with “Low” and reverses the student/teacher dynamic by helping an out-of-touch instructor get down with some Basic Rock Beats. The song serves as a reminder that time waits for no one. So don’t spend your days wasting away in the mundane. Just let go and get low…whoa…ohoh…sooo low.


Jade Marie Patek is Ready to Soar With Flybird

Jade Marie Patek is through wondering “What if?” Ten years of navigating the Texas Country music scene has taught the singer-songwriter there will always be a reason to quit. Heartache, loss and self-doubt have all been factors that have previously held her back. But, after a decade’s-worth of reasons to give up, Patek has finally gained the courage to spread her wings and lift her feet off the ground.

On Nov. 30th, Patek will release her long-time-coming debut project, Flybird. The chronological seven-song EP represents the past decade of the singer’s life and is about her journey to self-discovery. It’s about losing love, finding love and most of all – self-love.

For the past 10 years, I have been searching for answers to it all,” admits Patek. “I’ve found what is most important to me, and that’s loving myself and believing in my dreams of playing music.

The songs of Flybird are specifically arranged to tell Patek’s story, from past to present, as she’s grown over the last ten years. She’s made mistakes, experienced heartaches and even lost her way. But, through it all she never stopped writing, singing and performing her music and eventually rediscovered herself along the way.


Flybird is more than just my first music release,” she claims. “It’s a release from self-guilt, self-judgement and self-sabotage. It’s freedom. Free to believe in one’s self, and free to determine one’s own happiness.”

At 28, the Shiner product has come a long way from the “Dead Flowers” at Flybird’s beginning. She’s found a welcoming home in Austin and met a real “Good One” to share her life with. She’s a radiant young lady with an inviting southern charm who’s just as comfortable reeling in a trophy off the Gulf Coast as rocking a dancehall with her “Marble Rye Bread” Country tunes.

Her soulful blend of Country, Blues and Americana is distinctly Texan. She’s a vintage throwback to Lone Star legends of the past with a modern and youthful twist that garners appeal across the spectrums of age and genre.

It’s no wonder that Patek was nominated for 2018’s New Female Vocalist of the Year after her debut single, “Drive”, hit The Texas Regional Radio Report. Her second single, “Dead Flowers”, has been a Top 20 hit on the Texas Country radio charts and her latest single, “Love’s to Blame”, released on Friday, has already hit the New Music Nashville playlist on Spotify.

Patek was destined to be an incredible musician, it was choosing between Country and Rock that proved the difficult decision. The granddaughter of Polka legend, Joe Patek, young Jade grew up in a home not only filled with George Strait and Willie Nelson, but also KISS, REO Speedwagon and Bob Dylan. However, Patek attributes her greatest musical inspirations to Janis Joplin, Sheryl Crow and Bonnie Raitt…and of course her Grandfather.

She’s played all over the great state of Texas in venues large and small, rowdy and romantic. From half-filled bars with even less filled tip jars to giant festivals with thousands tuned-in. Several times she’s had to question if it’s all worth it. But, most importantly she’s realized that, yes, ‘she’s’ absolutely worth it, every bit of it, and she’ll never again have to question “what if”. Ten years is damn-long time to make an official debut. But, lucky for us, this Flybird is just launching on what promises to be a long and illustrious journey.

Jade Marie Patek will host two Flybird CD Release Parties. The first will be on Nov. 30th at Brewster Street Ice House in Corpus Christi and the second will be back home in Shiner at TKO’s Bar and Grill on Dec. 1st. You can keep up with all the latest Jade Marie Patek news and info at her website and follow her on Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.


Katrina Cain Prevails With Slow Tragedy

Katrina Cain‘s musical journey is not unique. Like so many artists, she’s loaded with talent and determination. But, everyday is a battle. Self-doubt is unfortunately a burden most musicians know all too well. And it’s certainly an issue that even Cain, the world’s most happiest girl, must endure on her personal road to success and stardom. But, she’s a fighter and won’t be defined by the misfortunes and setbacks encountered along the way.

Millions of viewers were introduced to Cain last month when Blake Shelton and Jennifer Hudson simultaneously spun their chairs to find the Denton gem belting a jaw-dropping rendition of Fleetwood Mac’s “Rhiannon” on Season 15 of The Voice. Cain was unfortunately eliminated in the third round of the competition. But, she promises that’s not the last we’ll hear from her.

On Friday, Cain released her latest video, “Slow Tragedy”, as sheer proof that she’s determined to remain focused and keep pushing forward. Of the single, she penned the personal testament below.

This song, I wrote it after returning home from falling flat on my face in front of a live audience, in front of musicians I deeply respect, and eventually in front of an audience of 10 million. And after getting stranded at the airport for 10 hours on 2 days without sleep (it’s a looooong story) I was pretty ready to give it all up. After all, I’m 29 living paycheck to paycheck. What’s the point?

But this song isn’t about giving up, it’s about trying again. I thought about all the bills I couldn’t pay, and all of the opportunities that were given to someone else. I thought about all the times my mom calls to ask me about a show, and I can’t bear to tell her that not a single person came. I always lie and tell her it was magical. I thought about all the times I’ve begged someone to review a song, all the times I would have given anything for a share or being added to a playlist. It’s a hard road and it’s lonely to feel like you’re just not good enough.

But I am not unique, this is all of us. And after talking to friends and reading the stories you sent me, I know that now more than ever. This song is not about me and a tv show. This song is about you and it’s about all the times you did NOT GIVE UP when someone told you you weren’t good enough, when you failed a class, when you ended a relationship, when you moved away. You started over and it was hard but it was POSSIBLE.

The last thing I remember from my performances on NBC’s The Voice was Adam Levine coming over to me and saying “promise me you’ll keep doing this, promise me you won’t give up.” So I’m going to keep going and I’m going to try just one more time….and one more time after that.

– Katrina Cain


Collin Russell Mullins Premiers All in Your Head Video

Spend enough time around Black Joe Lewis you’re bound to learn a thing or two. In Collin Russell Mullins’ case, it was discovering firsthand the power that a well-crafted song could have over an enthusiastic audience. After grinding it out for several years in the Austin music scene, Mullins earned the opportunity to tour with Lewis filling in for his regular guitarist. It was here where he learned the importance of creating music with a visceral purpose to be felt more than heard.

With that mindset, Mullins reintroduces himself today with the lyric video premiere of his brand new single “All In Your Head”. He’s graduated from riding shotgun for Lewis to Mission Commander of his own musical journey as he pilots a sci-fi, space adventure through the cosmos. But don’t be fooled by the low-budget, back lot production quality of the Cold War era video. “All In Your Head” is an intricately crafted track that soars into a mystical realm of indie-rock fantasy through celestial guitar chords, a catchy hook and Mullin’s omniscient narration.

I lost myself to the underground 
Searching for answers that can’t be found
Beneath the surface with all your dreams
You wanna know, well come follow me

It may just be all in your head, but Mullins’ latest video is certainly out-of-this world.

Give Collin Russell Mullins a follow and keep up with all of his new releases on Spotify.

Feature Image: Kate Blaising Photos

Giulia Millanta Speaks With All of Her Ghosts at One2One

Italian born, folk-rock, singer-songwriter, Giulia Millanta visited One-2-One Bar Saturday evening with evocative stories of loss and inspiration. The poly-lingual singer and accomplished guitarist who’s capable of captivating an audience through four languages has honed a style that transcends cultural boundaries and speaks strongly yet gently of universal life through her autobiographical musings.

Last June, Millanta released her highly acclaimed sixth album, “Conversation with a Ghost”. The bold and introspective album is Mallanta’s first since losing her close friend, George Reiff, and explores the concept of loss through a variety of perspectives. Millanta not only sings of losing someone close to her, but, also elaborates several other forms of loss through the album’s 12 tracks.

It evolved, of course, and the entire record is not necessarily about losing people to death” admits Millanta. “This record explores the concept of loss in a broader way. There’s loss of innocence, loss of patience or loss of sanity. So there’s not just loss in the sense of death.

An entire album devoted to the many forms of loss may seem heavy and emotive. However, Conversation is gracefully gentle in its delivery of the weighty subject matter and breathes through poignant and reflective moments of cathartic expression. Through Millanta’s sincere and poetic portrayals of loss we’ve all gained something special in Conversation with a Ghost.

The Florence-born Millanta is headed to Italy for the remainder of November. However, fans in Austin can hold over with the gallery below from her Saturday show at One-2-One Bar.


Photos by: Matthew Carlin @yo_mtv_matt

Liz Cooper & The Stampede Roll Through Emo’s With a Psychedelic Storm

Nashville-based Liz Cooper & The Stampede twist timeless folk-rock into a swirling, psychedelic foray of unconventionalism with their debut album, Windows and Flowers. Recorded at Welcome to 1979 in Nashville with co-production from TJ Elias, Window Flowers is the culmination of a yearlong dedication in which Cooper pushed herself to spend every single day creating in at least one medium and saying “yes” to everything she was asked to do.

Of the recording, Cooper reflects, “Our first time working with an outside producer and our first time in a proper recording studio was when we recorded Window Flowers. TJ Elias’ mad scientist ideas, an abundance of hot dogs, and lack of sunlight pushed us outside of our comfort zones to work more cohesively as a unit than we ever had before.” Joined in the studio by bassist Grant Prettyman and special guests Leah Blevins, Will Brown, Steve Dawson, Emily Kohavi, Michael and Ben Ford and Gianni Gibso, the new album follows Cooper’s earlier self-released EPs—Monsters (2014) and Live at the Silent Planet (2016). Alongside Cooper, “The Stampede” consists of Prettyman and drummer Ryan Usher.

Already known in Nashville for their electric live shows, Liz Cooper & The Stampede experienced their first breakthrough in 2016 with the release of their Audiotree Live session, which has attracted over 220,000 views on YouTube, and over 1,000,000 streams on Spotify. Additionally, the band placed as one of NPR Music’s runners-up during their 2016 Tiny Desk Contest.

In celebration of the release, the band has joined Phosphorescent on tour this fall. These shows follow the band’s busiest touring year to-date, which featured performances with Houndmouth, Lord Huron, Deer Tick, Rayland Baxter, Ron Gallo and Blitzen Trapper. See the band’s website for full tour details.

Liz Cooper and The Stampede at Emo’s


Photos by: Anie Walsh @aniewalshphotography

David Messier’s Time Bomb Goes Off at One-2-One

The multi-talented, Austin based artist David Messier celebrated the release of his sophomore album, Time Bomb, Saturday night by performing the album in its entirety at One-2-One Bar in south Austin. A Trustee of the Recording Academy, Messier, is an esteemed music industry leader, accomplished producer, entrepreneur, singer and songwriter. Austin Chronicle has hailed Messier as an “expanse of talent and ideas” and KUTX said, “Messier is a hurricane force of music.” With all of his successful moments, he likes to live by the ethos that life is always happening in front of you, and doesn’t often look back. So, when it came time to write the album, he uncharacteristically and quite unexpectedly, captured his most reflective moments. Time Bomb is one of Messier’s most honest introspective creations to date and provides sharp and witty commentary through his upbeat, good-natured bravado.

“I don’t have much of a rearview mirror. I didn’t realize it at the time, but this is the most self-reflective record I’ve made.” — David Messier

He will be supporting his new record with performances around central Texas in listening rooms near you. Be sure to follow him here, and watch for his upcoming performances here.


Photos by: J. Alan Love @jalanlovephotography

Giulia Millanta Calls Out to The Familiar Spirits of Loss With Latest Video

The subject of loss is one that Italian singer-songwriter Giulia Millanta has eloquently articulated in various fashions through her music. Whether it be the loss of a loved-one, innocence or sanity, the theme is prevalent throughout the entirety of her sixth album, Conversation With a Ghost. Her latest video from the album, “Coney Island“, finds the singer in mourning and calling out to those familiar spirits of loss. However, the stripped-down, multi-layered song leaves the subject open to different interpretations.

“The song is about losing someone…or something,” states Millanta. “It’s about reminiscing and mourning. It’s the end of a summer, or the end of a relationship, or saying goodbye to someone.”

Dusty tones of melancholy and blurry shadows linger over the reflective singer. Tranquil bossa nova notes fill the sparse background and lament her sorrow as Millanta stares into the distance searching for what she’s lost.

“Coney Island” explores the concept of loss in a broad and empathetic manner. Is it a place, a person, a memory or a feeling? Whatever it may be, loss is something we all have to endure and Millanta sympathetically stirs those yearning emotions with “Coney Island”.

You can witness Giulia Millanta conversing with all her ghosts this Saturday at One-2-One Bar. For more info click here.



Larry g(EE) Went ‘Round and ‘Round to Create His Latest EP

Larry gEE has truly come into his own with his latest EP. The acclaimed singer-songwriter has navigating the Dallas music scene for nearly a decade as part of Odis, The Texas Gentleman and eventually a solo artist. He’s earned two Dallas Observer Music Awards while also conquering personal and professional challenges that all threatened to derail his career. He’s grown beyond those setbacks and has used the challenges as fuel to propel himself, personally and professionally, forward and Larry’s resilience is evident in the strength of his latest project.

Fans may know Larry best for his fun-loving, party-ready soul-funk anthems. However, his new EP, Love Things, is a far departure from anything he’s done previously–and that’s exactly what Larry intended.

This is the kind of music I want to make,” he says. Larry’s artistic and personal journey led him to this new sound: vulnerable, soul-baring electro-pop with rich shades of R&B.

The cathartic lines of Love Things were crafted to remedy the wounds of past relationships and provide perspective over the joys and heartaches he’s endured throughout his career.

With this new EP, I wanted to be transparent and talk about some things I wanted to get off my chest,” he admits.

Ironically, Larry found closure with the album’s first single, “Central Valley”. The introspective, electro R&B ballad featuring Sam Lao was penned as Larry’s self-care therapy following his divorce from his wife. The tender tone feels slightly somber, but the singer’s message is one of inspiration. Anyone who’s dealt with a devastating breakup and came out the other side a better person can easily relate.

All my life I’ve been so crazy / Never something I could hide
Living my life without you lately / Never been so satisfied

Larry picks up the pace and drops the bass with the album’s second single “RNR”, a funky, upbeat dance joint with LEV that you can’t help but swing with. The duo effortlessly bridge nostalgia with new-age by weaving modern, electro dance pop and classic 90’s R&B to detail the ups and downs of a previous relationship that was doomed from the jump. And through it all, Larry finds the world still going ‘round and ‘round.

His new sound is a melting of pop, soul and R&B that touches on love, his battle with depression and topics that he has yet to cover in previous songs. “These songs are a new direction; a way for me to just be me.” It’s Larry gEE like we’ve never seen him before–and he’s just getting started.

Larry will be celebrating the release of Love Things on Nov. 9 at Scout at The Statler with special musical guests Ronnie Heart, and DJ Blake Ward. Click here to RSVP

Photos by: Karlo X. Ramos