Troye Sivan and Kim Petras Bring The Bloom Tour to the Moody Theater

Budding L.G.B.T.Q. icons, Troye Sivan and Kim Petras, turned the Moody Theater into a giant dance party Sunday evening with The Bloom Tour. We sent out our newest photographer, Melodi Ramirez, out to capture the proud and powerful pop stars turning Austin out. Scope a few of the show highlights below.

Troye Sivan

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Kim Petras

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Photos by: Melodi Ramirez @melodi.jpg


That Girl Dre’s New Single is Just What the Doctor Ordered

Okay, Dre! So, what’s up? How much longer are you going to keep us waiting on that debut EP? Over the past year, That Girl Dre has been busy in the studio hashing out ideas for an EP we’re just dying to hear.

Thankfully, the groovy indie-pop quartet, led by Dre Mazzenga, has prescribed us brief snippets of relief with a new single every few months. Although, each single may soothe our immediate cravings, the anticipation, ultimately, continues to build.

Last Saturday, That Girl Dre took us to the “Doctor” at Stay Gold for their latest cranked up, bluesy antidote. And the prescription this time around is all about female self-empowerment in a male-dominated world.

‘“Doctor” was created from the feeling that being born feminine is somehow seen as a handicap. Like “she’s good…for a girl”…quips that cut so deep it can take years to recover,” admits Dre.

Reaching out to others for strength, to imaginary doctors, was part of my personal process for so long. At the end of the day, the strength is within each of us to heal our own wounds and shine as bright as we dream.

We already knew Dre’s got phenomenal pipes. But, where previous singles have showcased the dazzling vocalist, front-and-center, “Doctor” shines an otoscope on the chemistry of the entire band. The tune steadily stomps along with lively percussion and lavish keys that carry the smooth pop melody towards a bursting chorus of groovy guitar riffs and Dre’s dynamic vocals. This girl sure can sing the Hell out of her emotions and with each new single the band gets closer and closer to capturing the energy of their live performance. “Doctor” offers a damn-fine representation of the prowess and enthusiasm this band brings to the stage and certainly has us even more anxious for the whole bottle of jams hopefully coming soon.

That Girl Dre rocked it Saturday night with the official “Doctor” release party at Stay Gold with special guest Buenos Diaz.

I’m grateful to express that emotion with my band at one of our favorite venues in Austin. Our talented buddy “Buenos Diaz” slayed that night. Thanks sincerely for the support, I hope people find inspiration and strength in our song.” 

That Girl Dre

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Buenos Diaz

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Photos by: Melodi Ramirez @melodi.jpg

Rosie Flores Closes C-Boys Residency With ‘Drive Drive Drive’

Legendary blues-rocker, Rosie Flores, celebrated the finale of her C-Boys Heart and Soul residency last Friday with the release of her brand new single, “Drive Drive Drive“. The rockabilly singer-songwriter has performed every Friday this Summer at C-Boys and last week’s final show just so happened to coincide with the City of Austin’s “Rosie Flores Day” making the single release party extra special. The single is from Flores’ forthcoming album, SIMPLE CASE OF THE BLUES, due out in early 2019 and finds the artist revitalizing the sound she began with nearly five decades ago.

“‘Drive Drive Drive’ was inspired by every woman’s passion to take the wheel and go exactly where she wants to go, while its sexual innuendos take us places everyone wants to go,” said Rosie Flores.

Where Flores goes is straight back to her early roots to reinvent her sound on this offering of bluesy guitar riffs and sultry, soulful vocals. Recorded in Nashville, “Drive Drive Drive” features Flores on electric lead guitar and vocals, trading guitar solos with renowned guitarist Kenny Vaughn (Marty Stuart, Lucinda Williams). Co-produced by Charlie Sexton (Bob Dylan, The Arc Angels) who also lends his hand on rhythm guitar; the recording also features Dave Roe (Johnny Cash) on electric and upright bass, Jimmy Lester on drums, T Jarrod Bonta on piano and Mike Flanigin (Jimmie Vaughan) on organ.

Flores has been a highly acclaimed and respected artist for decades. She has been profiled in Guitar World, Premiere Guitar and Guitar Player magazines, and was cited by Venuszine as one of the “Top 75 Greatest Female Guitarists of All Time.” In 2007, she won a Peabody Award for her narration of the rockabilly documentary, “Whole Lotta Shakin’.” In addition, she has worked with, and helped to propel back into the spotlight, such pioneer female rockabilly artists as Wanda Jackson and Janis Martin. In 2012, Flores produced The Blanco Sessions, which would prove to be Janis Martin’s last recording.

Check out “Drive Drive Drive” below along with a few shots from Rosie Flores Day at C-Boys Heart and Soul.


Rosie Flores at C-Boys Heart and Soul


Photos By: Anie Walsh

Seysei Premieres Flirty Debut Single “Call Me ‘Baby'”

The honeymoon period is typically the most exciting and anticipatory time in a new relationship. We proceed with caution as we seek out those special moments that can send our hearts racing and push our desires into overdrive. During that brief span of time any little idiosyncrasy can make us blush, flutter and tingle. For Indian pop princess Seysei, it’s that first time she hears her name replaced with ‘Baby.’

The Dallas-based singer is currently enjoying her own honeymoon period ever since she made her debut at HypeFest and turned the crowd into a love-struck, gooey pile of mush. Today, Seysei gets our pulses pounding once again with another flirtatious treat in the premiere of her debut single, “Call Me ‘Baby‘”.

This feel good track is all about the effect that a single word can have on a duo’s love connection.

“I really wanted an upbeat love song that reflected my mood on how I feel at the beginning of a relationship,” she says. “That first time he calls me “baby” makes my heart skip a beat.”

Seysei teamed-up with El Paso producer Andoren to create an enticing single that fuses a sexy blend of playful pop with downbeat EDM. The spirited, synth-driven structure is layered cozily beneath Seysei’s enticing R&B vocals with a low-key, hip-hop twist from Matt Swagnew. “Call Me ‘Baby'” is the type of track you could imagine Aaliyah producing if she created her steamy love songs in 2018.

Dallas has got itself a seductive new star in Seysei. And she can call us ‘Baby’ anytime.  Flirt with your girl here and show boo some love by giving her a like and follow.

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Photo Cred: Timothy Hoang

Surprise! Surprise! Kady Rain Was One of The Bad Kids

Of course Kady Rain has a rebellious streak. Everything about the dashing diva screams liberation. From her glowing neon hair and scantily clad extravagance to the tongue-bathed, single digit salute of her Spotify profile, Kady doesn’t merely walk on the wild side. She is the wild side.

Austin’s most dazzling pop sweetheart may seem like a bag of Skittles now. But, you know damn-well Kady Rain was a Sour Patch Kid growing up…and she’ll tell you all about it with her brand new single, ‘Bad Kids’.

Written by ringleader Kady, her partner in crime Ben Bazzrea, and fellow pop starlet Ariel Abshire, ”’Bad Kids’ is an anthem for ne’er do wells everywhere. It’s a song dedicated to every teenager who skipped school, stole their parent’s liquor and cigarettes, and made out with strangers at parties,” claims Kady.

This is for all the misfits who don’t give a fuck about what other people think; the rebels who go out and do whatever the hell they want! 

‘Bad Kids’ is like a guilty pleasure. You just can’t help yourself to enjoy it so much. The bouncing xylophone carries Kady’s tempting vocals through a groovy pop labyrinth of goodiness.  It’s an infectiously catchy dance track that will peer pressure you into singing along with the chorus. But, be careful and try not to give in too much to Kady. She’s the girl your parents warned you about and will have you breaking all the rules before you know it.

‘Bad Kids’ is Kady’s third single of the Summer and comes on the heals of hits ‘It Wasn’t The Roses’ and ‘Lonely One’. We imagine something huge may be coming from the lovely Soda Pop Queen very soon.


IMG_3467 (1)

Photo Cred: Sophia Lawson @sophiahelenelawson

Dossey’s Plastic Diamonds are Everyone’s Best Friend

Dossey’s ‘Plastic Diamonds’ is such a fascinating enigma. The latest single from Austin’s new-wave, indie-pop artist illustrates her take on how things that were once so good can start to feel fake and counterfeit after a while.

As a traditional songwriter with American Folk roots, Dossey’s elegant interpretation of 80’s-based, synth-pop possesses a genuine sincerity that truly stands apart from contemporary pop. She can drain you of adrenaline and level you with emotion within the same verse. No matter the structure, there’s always a sense of heartfelt vulnerability within her songwriting and she never feels less than authentic. And that’s why it’s so intriguing to hear her describe the superficiality of life’s ‘Plastic Diamonds’ in her new single. It’s a soul-bearing track that resonates deep…but at the same time, gets the hips swinging and heart racing.

Making music and sharing it with the world in a matter of 3 minutes can make me feel very exposed,” admits Dossey. “Sometimes, I personally just need someone or something to remind me of my worth and tether me to reality.”

There are a few things that continue throughout the song consistently – the chord structure is on a loop, and the baseline kind of meanders up and down in the same pattern – to sort of allude to that idea of a reality tether.”

Dossey is developing into one of the brightest stars in Austin’s budding pop scene. ‘Plastic Diamonds’ is the second single from the indie artist this Summer and follows last month’s Jane Fonda-esque, leotard stretching ‘Hearbeats’ video. Dossey released ‘Plastic Diamonds’ Friday night at Empire Control Room with a mighty pop bill consisting of SIGNY, Wonderbitch and Palm Daze. Check out some of the show highlights below.

Dossey, SIGNY, Wonderbith and Palm Daze




Photos by: Melodi Ramirez @melodirae

Wild Moccasins Close Out Look Together Tour at Cheer Up Charlies

Cheer Up Charlies blossomed Saturday night with a radiant explosion of colorful pastel pop and euphoric dream-wave ambiance as the “ambiguous everybody space” played host to the Wild Moccasins’ tour finale. The indie-pop quartet kicked off their month-long national tour in Houston on July 7th at White Oaks Music Hall with the release of their latest album, Look Together. The 12-track LP is the band’s first album in four years and comes after the dissolution of a decade-long romantic relationship between bandmembers Zahira Gutierrez and Cody Swann. Themes of love, loss and vulnerability are elaborated through a vibrant blend of nostalgic, 80’s synth-pop and dreamy, new-wave disco grooves that captivate the conscience, awaken the senses and ignite the dancefloor. CUC provided a splendid evening of intoxicating pop Saturday with Austin’s blissed-out, shoegaze quartet of spouses, Blushing, and psych-tinged pop-rockers SMiiLe warming the crowds’ appetite prior to the Moccasins’ headlining set. Check out a few highlights from the evening below captured by Mark Bowers.

Wild Moccasins





Photos by: Mark Bowers @markbowersphoto

Corbella is Brewing a Storm With Their Debut Single

Rocky rain clouds have rolled in and the drought is finally coming to an end. The 10-day forecast predicts a powerful thunderstorm heading straight for Austin’s Red River District. Emboldened by a ferocious attitude and a refined sound, Corbella returns stronger than ever and ready to take the Austin music scene by “Storm” with their debut single on August 10th.

This particular rock n’ roll storm system has a familiar aura. That’s because Corbella previously tore through Austin’s music scene under the moniker Nomad City. But, in late 2017 the band subsided and began rebuilding towards a new direction.

We had a lot of influences telling us to try something different,” states powerhouse frontwoman Britny Lobas. “We reached a point where it was time to make a change.”

The time away has resulted in a liberated new attitude. A few tweaks here, an addition there, and a more collaborative approach overall towards creating led to the emergence of Corbella. The band retained that heavy rock base and whirlwind ferocity their fans craved. However, Corbella has modernized their sound and taken a fully revitalized form with more pop and hip-hop influences.

We’ve added more synth sounds and the product overall is much groovier,” states bassist Russell Simonson. “We’re just having fun with it now and the end-result definitely reflects our new attitude. Each one of us is interjecting more and bringing our own ideas and influences to the table and it’s really exciting feeding off one-another to create the highest quality product

The world will get to experience the new and improved Corbella on August 10th when the band drops their emotive debut single, “Storm”. “It’s an angry song…but really groovy and very attention grabbing,” clamors Lobas.

I was in a completely different place emotionally when we started writing the song. I was literally in the midst of a storm and felt hopeless. By the time we finished the song, I had completely overcome what I was going through personally. This song helped me get through what I was going through. There’s definitely some anger in “Storm.” But, there’s also a great deal of vulnerability and it’s ultimately empowering.”

Prepare to reinforce the levees and break out the life rafts. Corbella will unleash “Storm” at Swan Dive on August 10th with special guests Obsolete Machines and The Matters. For more information on Corbella and the single release party visit


Feature photo by: Demetrius Judkins @wolfspiritofthesun

Elevaded Crush Empire for Another Round

I’m not entirely sure what exactly Electronic-Industrial-Pop-Rock is supposed to sound like. But, damned if Elevaded didn’t smash it Friday night at Empire Control Room with the freakiest, most dazzling dance party of Hot Summer Nights. Sandwiched in between Austin heavy-hitters, Megafauna, BLXPLTN and Blastfamous USA, the industrial-pop trio wrecked Friday’s release party for the band’s latest single, ‘Another Round’. The power-pop, Balboa-ballad is the second single from Elevaded and throws some nasty punches with whirling electronics, pounding bass and roaring vocals. It’s a raging, pop-rock anthem with an empowering, ‘take no shit’ attitude and steel determination that serves as a knockout introduction for this promising trio.

You can catch Elevaded next on August 15th at Mohawk and help the band celebrate the launch of their first tour with special guests SIGNY and Black Basements. In the meantime, check out Elevaded’s latest single ‘Another Round’ and some of the luminescent highlights from the single release party.



Photos by: Mark Bowers @markbowersphoto

On the Run With the Highway Sisters

Kindred spirits, Amelia Presley and KK Bodiford, share an unconventional sisterly bond. Their unique personalities couldn’t be any further apart, yet, they’re connected in nearly every manner. When a previous band venture didn’t quite pan out, the Highway Sisters relied on each other…and where they ended up is possibly the happiest place they could’ve imagined.

Now armed with their brand new EP, Smoke & Mirrors, the Highway Sisters are on the run setting the country ablaze and not looking back. Soulful harmonies roaring with passion, heartfelt songwriting and relatable self-awareness are just a few of the wonderful qualities found in Smoke & Mirrors. The five-track album rolls from deep and spiritual at times to inspiring and comical at others, all the while remaining genuinely authentic to its Texas Country roots. However, even through their emotive songwriting, these two ladies still can’t quite explain exactly how they’re so connected to one another. But, thank God the Highway Sisters found each other and can celebrate life’s beauty so eloquently through their music.

We had a chance to speak with the Texas Country outlaws during their Smoke & Mirrors tour. Read what the Highway Sisters had to say about their time on the run below.


The story behind the Highway Sisters is “deep, comical and inspiring.” Can you elaborate on how the two of you came together and became known as the modern day Thelma and Louise?

We have a connection both musically and spiritually that is beyond anything that either of us have experienced. We were brought together for a different band and instantly bonded as if we had known each other forever. There was a point when we both knew we wanted to move onto a duo, just the two of us. We experienced a lot of negativity in the former band, and decided to make lemonade out of the lemons we were dealt. Thank goodness we did, because our journey has taken such a positive turn. The name “Highway Sisters” was purposely created based on the fact that we truly are just like sisters. We believe people call us the “Modern day Thelma & Louise” because of our two completely different personalities, yet connected in every way. We love to write and perform together, laugh like crazy, finish each others’ sentences, and truly lift one another up….despite our silly sisterly banter on and off stage!

What has been the most important thing you have each learned from one another since joining forces?

No matter where you’re from, what your passions are, who you are or what you want out of life, as long as you live with the ultimate goal of lifting others up and inspiring, you will all succeed together!

Smoke and Mirrors presents a beautiful contrast of heartfelt songwriting detailed with sparkling melodies. Was it difficult finding a balance between the deep songwriting and the overall upbeat tone of the album?

We are so proud of our first EP together, because it was truly our heart and soul without overthinking any part of it. It is easy to get lost in the mechanics of writing or recording, but we let our experiences and heart do all of the work. Our producer, Eric McKinney of Wonderland Studios in Austin, Texas, made the experience better than we could ever imagine. He truly gave us the organic canvas to enhance our authenticity through the music we created in the studio together!

Writing the lead single “Papa” from a father/son perspective provides an interesting twist. Can you elaborate on the inspiration behind the song and it’s perspective?

KK was the songwriter on “Papa.” She was inspired by another individual’s story of their Papa/Son relationship and special journey together. We were both equally connected to the song because of our own relationships with our hard-working papas, and felt it was the perfect song to complete our EP.

Congratulations, KK. Will “Mama” possibly be a single on the next project?

(KK): Thank you so much!! My husband, Chris, and I found out that we will be having a son in December! It’s funny that every time Amelia and I perform “Papa” on stage, I always feel him kick right before the finale line. It also makes me choked up a bit thinking about Chris and the future bond with his first boy. I’m getting choked up right now as I’m answering your question, lol! As far as “Mama” being a future song…It wouldn’t surprise me. The most important thing to Amelia and I are our families. She has 2 children as well, and being a mama is what inspires us the most! People used to say that you can’t be a singer/songwriter/artist if you have children and aren’t super young. In our own lives, we couldn’t imagine the opposite. Our children and experiences over the years are the core foundation of our lyrics and melodies!

What have you enjoyed most about being on the road and have there been any interesting stories you’d care to share from the current Smoke and Mirrors tour?

We have enjoyed just about every moment on the road together. The best is that we get to have a sidekick no matter where we go! There are so many interesting stories from our “Smoke & Mirrors” tour, that we don’t even know where to start! One of the most amazing moments was playing the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville. It was such an honor to perform on the stage that so many legends have performed. Something hilarious that recently happened was in Pennsylvania. The President of the festival took us hunting at his ranch. Both of us were successful in our ram hunt. But because KK is pregnant, she has to potty often. She decides to ask the guide to walk ahead so she could squat in the woods. Right about then, the President drives down on his 4-wheeler. It may have been horrible timing, but we couldn’t stop laughing! That really is what we love the most about this tour, and just being together, is how much fun we have. You’ll have to check out our “Highway Sisters” YouTube channel, and there are so many documented stories that truly represent what we’re about….And we’re pretty sure you will be laughing with us! 🙂

Be sure to catch the Highway Sisters tonight at Saxon Pub and for additional info and tour dates visit