Greensky Bluegrass at Stubb’s BBQ Photo Recap – 16/11/2018

The band Greensky Bluegrass, the innovative country-bluegrass band from Kalamazoo, ventured through to Stubb’s BBQ on November 16th. The band brought their unique sound to Austin ahead of their seventh studio album All For Money, out on January 18th.

A high-energy show, the group have fine-tuned their live efforts over the years – growing from small-stage roots to huge crowds and stages to boot with gigs like Austin City Limits.

Miss the show? Check out the photo recap below by Track Rambler’s own Anie Walsh!


Photographer: Anie Walsh

Mozart’s a Feminist – Meet The Pop Prodigy Making Waves

Mozart is known to be many things: prolific, revolutionary, ahead of his time, categorically talented – how about not alone? A teen has taken over the name, loaning the prowess but offering a femininity that’s entirely her own.

Mozart Dee has walked the world, and she’s hit her eighteenth birthday empowered by her journey. Releasing a stripped down, intimate rendition of her girl power anthem ‘Push You Harder’, the young but experienced girl unveils her rich, soulful vocals and underscores a reminder of her sheer level of skill – not that anybody had any doubts about it anyway.

So, who exactly is the face behind this second coming of Mozart?

In our words – a pop prodigy. In hers:

“Ideally, the first American trilingual pop star and singer/songwriter, so I can be a bridge and cultural ambassador through my creativity and music.

“Music has always been an integral part of my life. I knew very early that this was my path and I started writing songs when I was four. I started violin before two,  piano at three and I was obsessed with opera and Shakespeare as a toddler.

“I wasn’t even 2 years old when I did my first violin concert,  I danced in The Nutcracker Ballet at 3 and I was five when I did a violin concert in the Sahara desert in Morocco for Berber kids who had never seen a violin.


“By ten years old, when I was living in Asia and doing solos in a large choir at my local Chinese school and seriously writing pop songs almost every day. I knew without a doubt, that this was what I wanted to do with my future.”

Now growing up, and growing in reputation, she’s been compared to the likes of Lorde, Rihanna, Halsey, and Billie Eilish – she’s keeping good company.

“When I’m writing, I like to make art that makes me feel powerful, that makes me feel like a queen, and that’s what I really hope other people hear in my music.

“I want to evoke a sense of freedom and self-empowerment so that people walk away completely confident in their own self, and their own power.”

Now coming to the end of the year after a 10-day European tour and working with Grammy-winning producer Mikal Blue, on her debut EP, Mozart is reflective of the people she’s met and the steps they’ve helped her up.

“I am passionate about doing important work and I have been blessed to work with others that have the same goal,” she says. “So far, I’ve gotten to work with people who want to heal this patriarchal industry and world and value what I contribute as a young female artist.

“I have great hope for the future and learn from those who have started this before I came along. It is a very difficult business, but grinding hard every day and believing in yourself is the key.”

The globe-trotter is making waves across the oceans she’s been in, and is redefining what it means to be Mozart. A collison of her modernism with her classic vocals, she offers a virtuosic perspective of the time we live in.

“It’s exciting to see this new political power women are claiming and how many women are now running for office, and winning, and using their power more boldly than ever before.

“Don’t ever put limits on yourself. You can always be the first. Be bold.”

Photography: Soul Travelers Blog 

Words: Megan Matthews

The Party Is Never Over With Billie Eilish – Photo Recap

Los Angeles artist, Billie Eilish, is the latest sensation, a name that’s spreading like wildfire, you’re bound to have heard of her – and if not, well that’s kind of embarrassing so quickly, keep reading.

The sixteen-year-old singer-songwriter is revolutionizing teenage life as well as the music industry. Already on Forbes 2019 list of 30 under 30 in the music category, Eilish is the second youngest name ever featured on the coveted list, her focus is pop – her vocals lending themselves to soft tracks, easy to listen to and heart-stoppingly relatable.

Releasing her latest single ‘When The Party’s Over’ in mid-October, it’s clear that Eilish’s sound is maturing along with her – growing into something more intimate, more personal. Still, her ever-sweet vocals, soft yet crystal clear, this track feels deeper – intimate, like a conversation on the brim of tears.

Granting us insight into her emotions, breaking down her privacy and sharing her heart with our city – Billie rocked everybody’s hearts at Emo’s on Wednesday (11/14). Kickstarting the night was Eilish’s older brother, Finneas O’Connell, who later joined her on stage for her break out hit “Ocean Eyes”, a song Finneas originally authored for his own band. A sweet girl with enough ambition to take over the world, it’s looking like Eilish certainly will. And we can’t wait to see her in a crown.

Check out the photo recap below!

DSC-7037DSC-6921 (1)DSC-6976DSC-6870DSC-7036IMG-3858Processed with VSCO with kp1 presetDSC-7018DSC-6979DSC-7117IMG-3859IMG-3860

Photographer: Melodi Ramirez

Danny Golden Brought Austin Home With Old Love – Photo Recap

Danny Golden is a nomad that’s found a home. A traveler approaching his destination, a roamer that stopped roaming.

Somehow, someway, his maps led Danny to Austin and we have welcomed him as one of our own – he is home.

The Pennsylvanian brings a new spin to a folksy old tale, his voice idyllic yet soothingly approachable with a drawl that lingers and sends a cascade of shivers down your spine. This description is true for the crowd at Spider House last Saturday when Danny released his sophomore album, Old Love – his vocals are probably still reverberating, an echo of his journey whispering in their ears.

A man new to Austin, he’s familiar – he’s your childhood friend from your hometown, the kid you used to play with in your street ’til your mom told you to come inside. He’s the one you were always kinda jealous of but took comfort in knowing, and he hasn’t changed.

A soul weary from his travels, but wise from the road, his music reflects his experiences and takes you along for the ride at his shows – youthful excitement with well-honed skills, his sound is nostalgia – the hazy memories of that sweet kid you once knew.

Why would anyone give that up? Austin is certainly not, anytime soon.


Photographer: Anie Walsh

Don’t Leave Darja Alone With Her Latest Track

A rich voice, deep in velvet but dripping in femininity, Darja is making her mark on the music scene with her latest release.

Alone was released late October, on the 25th, and draws an image of fast, dirty romance. Closed shutters, and stolen kisses in shadowed corners. It’s gritty to keep you warm in the winter, but definitely the kind of thing your mom told you to stay away from.

I won’t tell if you don’t.

Hot off of the heels of Fallen just a few months earlier, the single envelopes Darja’s female prowess and splashes her name across Austin, and more.

Born in Belgrade, Serbia, Darja came to the US for college and studied jazz piano performance, and Lord, did she learn to perform. She’s now drawing forward a colossal fan base and they’re rising up.  Holding eye contact across the bar and hands under the table, they’re waiting with bated breath to see what comes next.

Check out Alone below.

The Day Dawes Took Over Stubbs – Photo Recap

American folk rock band, Dawes, took over Stubb’s early this month – balls of energy and fiery passion filled the stage.

From Los Angeles, Dawes are fast becoming experts in this field. They’ve been in this game for coming on nine years, and have the experience to hype up a room – experience they used in Austin.

Having recently released their sixth album, Passwords, this past June, the foursome will be on tour through ’til February. Details here.


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Photographer: Anie Walsh

The Wait Is Over – The Banisters Are Back With Another Single

The Banisters are back, and my God they were worth the wait.

Spirit charging, electricity sparking, and energy igniting. The Austin-built band bring life to a cavorting wildfire during their playful new single Desert House.

Impatient heat drives this ultra-catchy track, accompanied by a nostalgic beachside twang that catapults you to teen reminiscences of summers gone by. Memories good or bad, Desert House’s peppy rascality refuses to end without leaving you smirking.

Under the surface, the track breathes sore urgency and desperation, yet the distorted guitar strums and boisterous Americana vocals stifle it with mischief.

With punk, blues, and psych-rock influences to thank for their sound, the potent blend conceives a sing-a-long track with too many air guitar solo opportunities to resist. It’s a song that’s best served live, alongside good beer and even better company.

Like Mississippi Queen, Desert House is just another delicious slice of what’s yet to come on their very first full-length album released later this month, with Gasoline Boots and The Matters lending a hand for its release party at Mohawk on November 29th.

Desert House is available to listen to on Soundcloud and Spotify now.


Who Are Linen Closet – The Band To Watch Out For

Linen Closet, a band born and raised in Austin, are making waves. They’re over the ‘norm’ and are offering an alternative – reaching brave new worlds in the Austin music scene. Theatrical, gut-wrenching – almost operatic, yet modern and relatable. Deep and meaningful, but warm, and catchy – these guys are more than coloring outside the lines, they’re on another page.
The band began as a project in the bedroom of vocalist Adam Hilton, but quickly grew – chopping and changing from a 3-piece to a 14-piece orchestra until they reached their optimal sound and began working on a record.
“Along the way, I recruited the help of every talented friend I had come in contact with from playing in bands and working in theatre, and eventually found great live players and arrangements,” said Hilton.
“We’re an assortment of folks from disparate parts of my musical life that I have forced on each other to make music together.
“We love each other, we support each other, we disappoint each other, we get excited for each other, and we like chasing down very strange musical rabbit holes together.”
A unique sound, theirs is one that can only be found through a combination of different personalities and lives clashed together. Their debut album – ‘Linen Closet’ – is only proof of this, a reflection of the differing tastes of this band. Every musical influence offers a new point of view, a new territory that this LP attempts to engage – colonizing the wilderness. But still, the lyrical structure is not lost – the songs trace the emotional mountains that Adam climbed and complement the unrestrained passion borrowed from each influencer.
“It’s not a very conceptual album, but I either wrote or shaped the lyrics of these songs in my 20s when I was in pretty rough emotional shape. I was struggling with anxiety, depression, codependency, and lots of existential dread, and that’s all over the lyrics,” he said.
“Every song on the record touches on feelings of inadquacy, shame or desperation, and illustrates some of the awkward, painful, often failed attempts to cope or grow beyod that as seen from different perspectives. Every character in these songs is in close proximity to this very confusing, very fraught emotional content.”
This EP goes beyond offering an insight into the band, beyond even paying tribute to their influencers – it embodies a lesson that Adam learned the hard way.
“It’s okay to put self-care above ambition. I’m incredibly humbled by the amazing humans I see putting out music at a relentless pace while also managing to be happy and healthy. That was not the path I was on when we started making this record, but I’m glad it is now and I hope to start keeping pace. As much as art provides a forum to express anxiety, sadness, depression, and angst, artists living and embodying those things is totally counterproductive.
You can’t make amazing work without a good relationship with yourself.”


Adam Hilton – vocals, misc instruments, melody
Henna Chou – cello, guitar, synth, misc instruments, tenacity
John Vinyard – guitar, pretty textures, thoughtfulness
Aaron Castillo – drums, percussion, joy
Matthew Grusha – bass, humor
Andrew Stevens – drums, percussion, grump
Dustin Withers – sax, dance

In The Whale at The Parish – Photo Recap 10/17

The Colorado duo, In The Whale, took to The Parish last Wednesday (10/17), and the two left no doubt as to their energy levels. It was a rollercoaster of excitement and emotion.

A rock band comprised of two friends – Eric Riley and Nate Valdez – they make up for the band’s small stature with sheer enthusiasm and noise and had recently released their latest single ‘Dopamine’.

Join the ride with the photo recap below.



Photographer: Mark Bower

Nnamdi Ogbonnaya at Hotel Vegas – Photo Recap 10/16

Nnamdi Ogbonnaya has paved his way into the minds of his fans as a multi-instrumentalist composer, producer and ultimately a performer. A skill set that was forged in Chicago, Nnamdi is ubiquitous in the music scene across multiple genre disiplines.

Spending the night at Hotel Vegas on 10/16, with Sen MorimotoNnamdi took to the stage and unleashed his well-practiced, sophisticated sound – jazzy, but harsh; soft, but fast. A relaxed night that still had hearts beating faster, below is a snapshot of the show.


Photographer: J. Alan Love