Sedona Skies Leads The Band Merch Sustainability Revolution in Austin

This shouldn’t be the first time that you’re hearing of Sedona Skies, the Austin-based indie rock band. A band that made their start as a humble acoustic duo, under the name of January & June, has blossomed and become unstoppable.
Now a five-piece band, they have a lot of ambitions – some which go beyond their music.
“Recently, I’ve been trying to make a conscious effort to reduce waste and doing things like only shopping secondhand,” said Adara Ostdiek, lead singer of Sedona Skies.
This effort was universal across the band, and when it came time to produce merch for their latest EP – self-titled and released early September – they knew they wanted to offer a more sustainable option.
“It felt strange for me to purchase brand new shirts and 100’s of CDs that I knew only a handful of people would hold onto and play.
“So we came up with ways that would limit our carbon footprint as a band by upcycling and using recycled products for our Sedona Skies merchandise line.”
Using thrifted t-shirts, they found transfers that they could use to design the shirts – recycling the shirts and keeping costs low.
“We were astonished by how many of the shirts sitting on thrift store racks were in perfectly good condition and just needed a design and some creativity.
Because each shirt is one of a kind and unique we wanted to make whoever purchases it a part of the process. At certain shows, we bring our heat press with us and you get to pick out the shirt you want and watch us press the design on right then and there.”
Personalized and sustainable, Sedona Skies are helping lead the band merch revolution – a revolution we didn’t know we needed, but is welcomed. Grab yourself a secondhand shirt at one of their gigs, and be proud to be part of the fight for sustainability.



St. Vincent, the Patron Saint of Stubbs – Photo Recap of 10/05

Slicked back hair and sharp red lips cut through the bustle of a crowded night at Stubbs last Friday (10/05) – everybody took notice when St. Vincent took to the stage.

A multi-instrumentalist singer, she left little time before releasing her energy into the crowd. Screaming into her microphone and throwing her hand into the air, pick in hand. A passion filled set led to a, frankly, sweaty crowd and an intense night – check out the photo recap below!



Photography: Anie Walsh

The Growlers at Mohawk Photo Recap – 10/01

The Growlers, a Californian rock band, kick-started October off right for us here at Track Rambler. Filling Mohawk with their psychedelic sounds, they bled sheer energy. A night of high intensity, it wasn’t one to be missed – but don’t worry. Check out the photo recap below and pretend that you were there – we won’t tell.

IMG-1261IMG-1225Processed with VSCO with a1 presetIMG-1259IMG-1304IMG-1233IMG-1258IMG-1257

Photography: Melodi Ramirez

Sweet Sixteen and Burning Bridges – Erthlings Are Making Their Mark

What were you doing when you were sixteen?

I was hanging out in a ‘revamped’, but still kind of damp, garage with my friends, usually reading mindless magazines and talking about boys –  basically, a whole lot of nothing.

That’s not the case for Erthlings. A 1960’s-inspired foursome that ooze sophistication far beyond their years, the girls met in school. Beginning their music-making journey at the tender age of 8, these ladies formed their friendship on music and consolidated it with passion. The concoction is evident in their debut track “Bridges”, see below.

While not a new band local to us out here in Austin, the girls are faces we can expect to see soon and a band that has unwittingly excited this Track Rambler writer – the age of empowerment is coming. Age is but a number, baby.

Check out their video, and let us know about any new bands you guys come across in your adventures across Austin!

Author: Megan Matthews

Charlie Faye & The Fayettes Launch Their Time Machine – Photo Recap

Calling out the inner-sixties vibes that, at the very least, our photographer over at Track Rambler felt, Charlie Faye & The Fayettes took the crowd back in time at the beginning of this month. Premiering their new single ‘I Don’t Need No Baby’, they all but turned Antone’s into a time machine.

Check out the photo recap below – but make sure you don’t miss the next one.


Canon AE-1 Program-0098Canon AE-1 Program-0090Canon AE-1 Program-0104Canon AE-1 Program-0096Canon AE-1 Program-0105Canon AE-1 Program-0101Canon AE-1 Program-0092

Photography: Demetrius Judkins

David Messier Is A Time Bomb – And So Are You

Would you want to know how long you had left to live? If handed a clock with an alarm set, would you hold it in your hands as it audibly ticked, counting down to the inevitable bad ending – or would you ignore the fact that there is an end and live in the sun while you can?

Existential crisis aside, this is the question that, Austin’s friendly neighborhood rock star, David Messier‘s latest track poses.

“Life is a time bomb.” He says, “We all walk around with little clocks counting backwards above our heads that no one can see.”

Enter the single ‘Time Bomb’, from Messier’s forthcoming sophomore album of the same name, see where we’re going here?

Beginning with a gentle melody, Messier’s vocals attract all attention – like silk destressed by gravel, it’s striking. Until, that is, the ‘ticking’ starts. The song comes to life, aggressive yet still offering that silky flair. Using a concoction of instrumentals – it is David Messier after all – he distorts the familiar sound of a clock, artfully playing with the paranoia of carrying that time bomb. Each tick leading to the end of the song causes another muscle to tense up, while his vocals play the part of seeing your partner smile, the smell of coffee on a Sunday morning (cliche for a reason) and a new sheet of paper in a well-used notebook to ease you down – he mimics life.

This is a track that will follow you as you make your way through the 86,400 seconds in each day – almost daring you to live. Or, at the very least, the clock is counting down to November 2nd when the rest of this album is released – but either way, go have fun and stop waiting for your alarm to ring.

Fall Won’t Stop The Bleached Roses From Blooming

If you’ve read a few of the articles over here at Track Rambler, you’ll know all about Bleached Roses and their awe-inspiring, girl-boss lead singer (who I’m, okay, maybe a little bit jealous of). But if not, let me quickly recap – an indie rock band from good ol’ Austin, my girl crush – and generally badass, attitude god – Lexi Cardenas channels her 21 years of classical violin training with the band’s passion to produce raw, experience-focused music.

Now, you’re all caught up, I’ve got some news. Grab a seat, take a breath. Ready?

They’re unveiling a brand spanking new EP, right here, right now.

Blooms is to hit the airwaves – officially – tomorrow, September 16th. So really, you should consider yourself lucky; getting to listen to it today. Just go ahead and scroll down – maybe join them for their release party at Cheer up Charlies, more info {here}.

But first, let’s talk a little about it.

This EP is the signature on the declaration that Bleached Roses are here for the long run. Why, you ask? They take big steps, they highlight the beauty of classical instruments too often neglected while stirring up passion-filled lyrics that shake your core. This foursome is dynamic, and they will continue to evolve.

I can only recommend that you try to keep up.


Politically-Motivated To Just Let Go

With this year flying by faster than my Spotify can handle, all kinds of new sounds are creeping in on my walks to work – and the latest is Austin-based-band Superfónicos.

They are the fork in the road between Colombia, Africa and the US (must be one hell of a road, I know), and they ooze originality.

Their debut E.P. Sueltawhich is due to drop on October 5th, is more than a hand-picked fusion of the band’s emotions played to a perfectly-tuned track; it is a political statement. A title that means “let go”, they build a bridge in place of governmental walls (ahem, here’s looking at you, Mr. Whitehouse) and help all across.

The bassist of the band, Nico Sanchez has articulated this DIY-project, he says this E.P targets “xenophobia, racism, misogyny, homophobia, classism, all of which are driven and propagated by people’s fear.

“We are at a turning point politically, where the few in power are trying to maintain their grip on these outdated mindsets, but the overwhelming majority are no longer buying into the divisiveness of the previous generations and are ready for a change. Only by letting go of our fear can we break down these walls.”

Join the statement and check their amalgamation of afrobeat, funk, cumbia on October 14th at Austin City Limits. Find out more {here}.



Emily Shirley Brings Color Back To Catastrophe

Emily Shirley has always been far from ordinary – whether it’s using her music to bolster feminism in the Austin here, or just her vocals you’re talking about; she’s special.

Emily is an artist capturing some of life’s most brutal circumstances and giving them the vivid color that she knows so well, as a graphic designer. Her day job bleeding creativity into her second life as a musician.

I’m happy to say that this time it’s no different.

Courage Up is her latest EP and, I’d go as far to say, some of the brightest hues I’ve seen so far from the Austin-based singer. Set to be released on Sept 7th with a party to boot, the revolutionist that is Emily Shirley will be at One2One bar with Miranda Dodson and duo, Jana Pochop and Katie Lessley opening.

Find out more information here, and show your support this Friday!

Gritznic – A Backyard Jam Set To Take Texas By Storm

September is right around the corner; school’s starting back, soon enough the leaves will start to fall and, hell, who knows – maybe it’ll even get a little cold. But before we bundle up into our winter jackets, let’s take the family out on one final hoo-rah in our t-shirts and shorts, eh? It’s what’s on all of our minds – but how do you avoid the pitfalls of boring all-age events around this time of year?

RC Williams, of The Gritz, has solved that dilemma for us. Enter in Gritznic festival, taking place in The Longhorn Park on September 15th. 

A culmination of outdoor games like tetherball, food trucks and all kinds of the local vendors, this is set to be one hell of a weekend. Kicking off at 4pm, it gives you plenty of time to sample the foods, set up your lawn chair (if your heart so desires) and enjoy the DJ tracks that fill the 2 hours until 6pm. The bands begin as the sun begins its descent and you lose your fourth volleyball game. With a set list to feature the likes of The Texas Gentleman, Teedra Moses, Chantae Canns and Eric Roberson – to name just a few, The Gritz are in great company, only improved by your family.

This all-ages event is one to close out the summer with – whether you bring along a family or not. You can find out more details {here}.