Rosie Flores To Release ‘Drive, Drive, Drive’

Rosie Flores is by no means an unknown name to Texans – she’s been making music in the state for decades and built a reputation for herself as a country artist with the know-how. I mean, she has a day named after herself – as declared by the City of Austin in 2006 – for God’s sake. She’s steady, she exudes a quality and her fans have come to expect her signature sound.

But you won’t expect this.

“Drive, Drive, Drive” is the first single to be released from her latest album ‘SIMPLE CASE OF THE BLUES’ – to be released in 2019 – and it is one hell of a detour from the Rosie Flores we know.

But, personally, I’m along for the ride.

The single follows her country roots but offers a more bluesy sound with a deeper set of sultry, soulful vocals that ooze that signature quality but wrapped in an emotion that Rosie Flores concocted – she’ll have a damn emotion named after her, soon enough.

The single will hit the ground on August 31st, alongside a celebratory release party on Rosie Flores day itself. You can find out more here!


Hell Hath No Fury Like Javae Scorned – The BreakUp Chronicles

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned – we all know that, and you better believe that fine line between love and hate is pretty freakin’ thin when love ends.

So, welcome to The BreakUp Chronicles. An 11 track compilation of the heart wrenching emotional turmoil every one of us has tormented ourselves with, by falling in love. A universal weakness that all of us can relate to, singer-songwriter-turn-rapper, Javae is the mastermind behind it – her unique, almost gritty vocals set her apart from contemporary music in the most captivating way.

“I am raw, vulnerable and eccentric. My music reflects every up and down, every big moment I’ve encountered and every loss,” She said, of the experience that is this album.

“I speak my truth and I write from my heart.”

This is particularly evident in ‘Burn Slow’, a painfully honest expedition to the depths of Javae’s mind; she captures the feeling, the black hole in the pit of your stomach, that sends a bubbling rage through your body, near-electrocuting every nerve in your body. That moment where you hate them – you wish them the worst.

But, impressively, the track also envelops the feeling that comes much later on – far, far past the breakup. It captures that moment of bliss – the one where you don’t care anymore. They don’t matter anymore. An emotional dichotomy portrayed through one song, just depending on where you are in your breakup chronicle, how you feel.

“My goals are to be heard in the mind and soul of everyone and anyone that needs me.

“I save lives with my music, I give hope that things will be better, I challenge people to believe in tomorrow being better.”

Check out the track below, and keep an eye out for Javae – her voice isn’t one to be stifled.

Words: Megan Matthews

Otis Wilkins’ Vocals Will Take Centerstage With The Latest EP Debut

Ending the month, and 2018’s summer, with a bang – Otis Wilkins’ debut EP is due to drop on the 24th.
Strangest Place is the epicenter that August is revolving around and Taylor Wilkins (surprise, his real name isn’t actually Otis – who knew?) is the Austin-based singer-songwriter behind it all.
Born from the traveling that Wilkins endeavored on in the fall of 2017, each track breathes life into a story – full of emotion and Wilkins’ unique tones. Comprised of 5 songs, each evokes a slightly different emotion than the last, with my favorite being “Am I Growing Old?”. Mostly because, damn, am I?
Well, that and the fact that his soothingly lurid vocals from that song, in particular, have stuck with me on my walks to work, my distracted stroll around the grocery store and invade conversations with my friends. In short, I can’t stop thinking about them.
As the album moves on, though, through to “Karma Is A Big Killer”, the earth may as well move for the dramatic difference. A self-proclaimed madman (just look at his Facebook), his talent and somewhat underplayed vocal range will haunt you. Taylor Wilkins’ vocals are the backbone of this album, with a selection of skillfully played instruments to complement.
Mostly self-produced, this EP is more than a collection of stories; it’s Wilkins’ project, his baby and a journey for him. Be sure to check it out on August 24th – but until then, check out his rock band – Otis The Destroyer (seein’ a trend here?).
The release show will take place at Stubbs on August 24th – you can find more information here!

Omar Apollo Spreads Love Around Barracuda – 08/04 – Photo Recap

A soul singer that has good intention and a hell of a heart behind his vocals, Omar Apollo hit Barracuda last weekend, supported by Rusk, No Vacation, and Rosehardt. A first-generation Mexican, who grew up with an acoustic guitar, Apollo’s music is a snapshot of his story.

A voice like burnt velvet – beautiful, with a smoked sense of alarm – Omar Apollo set a fire in the crowd, filling Barracuda with love that bled like smoke and chorus-sung vocals.

Check out the photo recap below, if you missed it – or, even, if you didn’t.

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Photographer: Melodi Ramirez

Meet Aela x – Austin’s Synthpop Masterpiece: Single Premier!

Aela x is new to the synth-pop scene, but she knows how to command a recording studio – an accomplishment made clear by her debut single, Only Kiss,  released today (check it out below!).

Artfully soft vocals versus a strikingly addictive sound, this single is the humidity before the storm. She’s coming, and she will be a force to be reckoned with; this is just the beginning.

An electronic doppelganger of Austin native Michaela Newman: Aela x emerged from Michaela’s past musical endeavors. Her part in the now dismantled duo Jake and Jean, as well as dabbling within the solo space, fuelled the creation of the half hologram, half monochrome synthpop masterpiece that now stands before us.

A track that exemplifies her expertise, her soothing vocals almost act as a one-way melodic conversation; yearning, and beautifully depicting the sheer unjust system that love works within. This is a track that, I promise, will be relatable – Aela x is reflective. Join the party, and prepare to feel Aela x‘s craving for her love collide with your own thirst and you will feel supported. You’re one in the same, in this feat.

Be Part of History with The First Waterloo Music Festival This September

Is your 2018 dull? Is it dragging on, drained, and begging to be over? Mine too, you’re not alone. I’ve been searching for a fix, and I’d almost given up too. But, I think I found it – I’m 99% sure though that Waterloo Festival is about to turn it around.

A three day jam-fest will open its doors for the first time this September (7-9), invigorating the second half of your year with bands like The String Cheese Incident, Joe Russo’s Almost Dead and Railroad Eart. I mean, really, with acts like that – can it be bad?

So, get hyped, witness history happen by being at the first of what will be many.

The event’s going to be held at Carson Creek Ranch – just ten minutes from downtown Austin, but with all the beauty of the scenic views from the banks of the Colorado River. What more do you want while you listen to live music?

You can find out more here

Jonathon Zemek Reimagines The Music Industry With His Latest Multimedia Creation — Single Premiere

D’you ever hear an album, and it kind of feels like a story? It leaves a film-tape image in your mind, burnt there to reappear every time you hear it – just for you. That’s the beauty of a well-written album, it takes talent. Now, imagine you take that emotion and you innovate it, you twist it and you turn it and you form a whole new meaning of a song, of an album – the story takes a front seat role.

That’s what Jonathon Zemek has done with his, frankly, revolutionary approach to music and the album to come alongside it – ‘Hillcrest’, to be released on September 21st. A multimedia project, he envelops all levels of artistry with a track, a video, and a comic to boot.

unnamed (1)
Hillcrest’s Album and Comic Cover – Art by Chris Rogers

The first to be released of the album is ‘Everything Will Change’. Best explained as a guitar-heavy track with a classic rock feel, it features the vocals of Guy Forsyth, a name recognizable across our city of Austin: his bluesy, rock ‘n’ roll vocals made sure of that.

On top of this almost-nostalgically classic yet fresh track, and the story it tells – no spoilers, you’ll have to listen to it yourself below – the video itself is unique. Cinematically creepy, it deepens the story that the song depicts – masterfully combining the two.

Check out the video and the track below – September can’t come fast enough, in my opinion.

What d’you think?

Wild Moccasins Take You For A Trip Out Of This World With Latest Release ‘Look Together’

Houston-based band, Wild Moccasins, may leave you wondering where the hell you are and why every color is a brighter shade than you’ve seen before. I can’t answer the latter of those questions, but what I can tell you is that you’re not in Houston anymore.

A transcendent band with an equally as mythical new release, the foursome revealed their third album ‘Look Together’ at the end of June. The innocence of new wave combined with the dreamy vocals of Zahira Gutierrez leaves you dizzy, but excited.

A 12-track album, it kicks off with a ‘boyish wave’ hello. Extra-terrestrial beginnings, it sets the tone for the entirety of the album – preparing the listener for the journey that they’ll take. Sweet tea infused with chalk, there’s something not quite normal about this album – distinctive, and beautifully memorable.

A personal favorite of mine is ‘Seven to One’, cutting the deck in half at the 6th track. An intriguing invitation with an almost breathy vocal that gains power quickly, rolling down a slope and picking up pace with startling velocity before walking the line between the soft dream once again. All in all a song that sits a world apart from anything I’ve heard before, it also sits on my shoulder playing in my ear constantly since I first heard it.

Currently making their way across the US, I highly recommend that you get out to one of their shows – maybe two, I don’t doubt that the experience will be worth it. After all, I’m already lost within the trance that is Wild Moccasins, and I’m not all that sure I want to be found.

Photographer: Max Fields

The Evolution of Sam Houston

Sam Houston has grown – from almost a year since Track Rambler stumbled across his music, he’s gone from strength to strength and shows very little signs of letting up.

A bluesy soul singer that spins a classic R&B beat into his tracks, he’s opening up his world to a whole new prospect. A new band.

“The reason I started this band,” he said when we caught up before the band’s debut on June 15th, “is because I felt that the live show needed to stand out more. It needed to have even more of an identity.

“I wanted to bring something bigger to the shows. Something more consistent, something that could attract a whole different audience & also appeal to the audience I already had.”

Now part of a five-man band – six, if you count tech director Matt Ramos – Sam’s typical sound is amplified by them, complemented and encouraged.

“My fans can expect some change coming.

I’ve been into rock & roll for a while now, but it’s hard to write that sort of music without other instrumentalists around you. So I have the opportunity now to put my foot deeper in that direction.

“For the people who do know me it’s because of a very distinct vibey, calm relaxing sound. That is who I am, so that isn’t going anywhere. We are just going to make it hit you harder sometimes.”

An evolution of Sam’s music, the band’s first headlining gig is July 15th at the Mohawk – this is where we’ll see the band for who they are and experience their world before they set their sights on traveling together to play their music.

It’ll be a journey, and we’re along for the ride over here at Track Rambler HQ – how about you?

The Banisters Are Here To Offer Your Summer A New Sound, With Their Latest Release

If this summer, you want to find something new, something unique and something absolutely mind-blowing then I have the track for you.

Blues, psychedelia and a little bit of punk found themselves in the melting pot when they met the five boys that make up The Banisters. Formed right here in Austin, they have released an EP each year since their conception in 2016 – and 2018 will be no different.

Until that release though, expected in the fall of this year, they’ve graced up with the track ‘Mississippi Queen’ – to keep us going through the summer months, I assume. An almost grungy tune, it juxtaposes the absolute avalanche of summer pop songs that we come to expect this time of year – setting the boys apart.

A relatively slow burner, the track bleeds anticipation with the deep, dark humming of the guitar easing us in for the bluesy vocals that hit. Not something to eat an ice cream to, this song is not seasonal – it’s here to stay, and it’s here to steer you towards their first full-length album once released.

In the meantime, though, check out their Spotify – they’re a force to be reckoned with.