Triplets Electrify With Futuristic Soul

Since debuting as an electronic pop duo last September, Triplets has played to packed houses at Austin venues like Cheer Up Charlie’s, Empire Control Room, and the Mohawk. They’ve been featured in KUTX, gotten 51K plays on their biggest song on SoundCloud, and opened for electronic artists such as POMO. Combining future soul sounds with EDM, pop and trap music, and giving energetic, dance-oriented live shows, Triplets are poised to be Austin’s next breakout electronic act. Can we call them the American answer to AlunaGeorge? Catch an electrifying live set from this dance duo to find out.

We spoke with Triplets members Wangene Hall and Bradley Will to learn more about Austin’s hottest new duo.

Can you explain a little about your artistic background and what brought you each to Austin?

Bradley: Making music has been my passion since I was 13 years old. Though I have many interests, music is the only path I’ve ever considered pursuing. I’ve been playing in bands ever since. It hasn’t always been easy, but it’s very rewarding. I arrived in Austin when my former band Holiday Mountain decided to relocate from Boston. Since the end of my time with the band I’ve become focused on writing and producing for other artists; something which allows me to scratch more of my musical itches in a way that being in a band often cannot. I’m very motivated by the possibilities of the recording medium and the worlds we’re able to create.

Wangene: Similarly, I’ve been singing and writing songs since a very young age. I’ve always been obsessed with music and melody, lyrics and narrative. Prior to Austin, I was living and working in NYC. Since Austin is the live music capital of the world, I wanted to come and see the scene for myself. The really vibrant, supportive creative community made me want to stay.

How did Triplets originate?

Wangene: We met at a haüs party where we discussed music and the universe. Pretty standard stuff. We kept seeing each other around town and when we finally got to hear each other’s music, it clicked. We kept making things from there.

Bradley: The spark for Triplets formed when Wangene and I met at the dinner party of some mutual friends. We exchanged music and kept in touch from there forward. One day she sent back three of my instrumentals with some really exciting vocal parts on top of them. I thought “Wow. There’s something really interesting here.” We’ve been writing and performing ever since.

Triplets experiments within so many genres, how would you describe your sound to someone seeing you live for the first time?

Bradley: Get ready for some future shit. We’re trying on all of the new techniques and seeing where we can take them. One thing’s for sure; we’re interested in making new stuff you’ve never heard before. If we can write a great song that also sounds like nothing you’ve ever experienced before, then I’m satisfied.

Funnily, I always wonder how well our stuff will age. Someday we may look back on these tracks and look at them the way we look back at 1950’s concepts of what the future was gonna look like, where everyone has flying cars, jetpacks and silver unitards. That’s a risk that comes with the territory, I suppose.

Some of my biggest inspirations are the single songs or albums that jump-started an entire musical tradition, like James Brown’s ‘Cold Sweat’ or Miles Davis’ ‘On the Corner’. I feel like Kanye’s ‘Yeezus’ is going to turn out to be one of those turning-point records. He staked out a lot of new ground on that record by going super far left field and making radical choices. It’s a really fascinating mutation of what we think of when it comes to hip hop. For a lot of young people coming up, that record is going to be a guiding light that they’re going to follow and develop upon in the years to come.

Wangene: Future soul vibes plus the occasional hella hype dance break. Come to a show and see if you’re picking up what we’re putting down.

Your live shows involve a lot of movement and energy. What should fans expect to see at a Triplets show?

Wangene: I’m interested in sounds that take the listener on a journey. I’ve studied theater and have a dance background, so I incorporate all of that into live performance. When you come to a Triplets show, I want you to come into a space with us and believe in your own magic. I want you to feel powerful, to feel seen, to feel brave. I want you to fall in love with your own sense of possibility. Most importantly, I want you to dance your fucking ass off.

How has the reception you’ve received in Austin been so far?

Wangene: Austin has been great. People are responding to what we’re doing. They’re coming out and getting excited about our shows.

Bradley: Well, I’m not currently being fed grapes by muscly oiled-up servants while laying on a chaise lounge and being manually fanned, so I consider our career to be a total failure up to this point.

Are you currently working on a follow up to “Bitter Brain” and “Check Please”?

Bradley: Mmhm. We’re sitting on lots of unreleased material. It’s funny. Most of our work is behind the scenes songwriting and production work, that may never be released under the Triplets moniker. It will all end up coming out under someone else’s name. That said, our next release should be out in a month, so gird yourselves for that.

Wangene: Yeah, we are! Stay tuned. It’s gonna be exciting. Major vibes.

Check out Triplets’ latest track ‘Check Please‘ below.


Tomar and the FCs Rock King Bee for Eastside Kings Fest

Tomar and the FCs put on quite a show Sunday evening at King Bee for the Eastside Kings Festival. Austin’s favorite soul band was joined on stage by special guests Lauren Cervantes and Angela Miller of the Soul Supporters singing vocal harmonies and Cameron Page on drums. Tomar opened the evening with a little background narrative about the first time he performed at King Bee when he was 14. Now, at a vibrant 49 years-young, he can still rock that same stage with just as much energy and far more swagger than ever before. Experiencing Tomar and the FCs live is nothing short of electrifying as they dish a lively blend of authentic soul filled to the brim with intimate intensity and pizzazz. Tomar is not only a sensational vocalist, but also a spectacular dancer who spoiled the crowd with his energetic moves and swanky showmanship. This is one groovy soul band you don’t want to miss.

Catch Tomar and the FCs live at River Revival Festival Sept. 29 – Oct. 1

Tickets can be purchased here.

Photos by: Ines Matias @ines_studiomatias



Check out Tomar and the FCs latest video ‘Shine Your Light‘ below:


Eric Tessmer’s Birthday at Mohawk Recap

After spending the past few months touring the country in support of his latest self-titled EP, Eric Tessmer returned to Austin Saturday night to celebrate his birthday at Mohawk. The Texas heat didn’t keep a few hundred of Tessmer’s closest friends from enduring a face melting display of guitar swinging acrobatics from the 2017 Black Fret nominee.

Soulful, alternative rockers, The Selfless Lovers, were the first to wish Tessmer a happy birthday as the local three-piece rocked their debut set on Mohawk’s ‘big boy’ stage. Vibrant frontman, pianist and lead vocalist, Nik Parr, kicked-off the evening’s celebration with an easy going, key-driven melody that walloped into a funky 9-minute freestyle jam session. Parr showed off his multi-instrumentalist range by swapping back-and-forth from keys to saxophone throughout the performance while guitarist Daniel Kerner and drummer Daniel Warner painted the soundscape with blends of funk (‘Slave to The Dollar’) and upbeat alternative rock (‘Glad To Be Here’) along with pleasant hints of soul and R&B.

Next up was 2016 Black Fret alums and my new favorite band, Swimming With Bears. This nu-soul, alternative rock foursome has been around the Austin scene since 2012 and have even opened for greats likes Weezer and Panic! At The Disco. Oddly enough, Saturday was my first time catching Swimming With Bears live and damned if I wasn’t blown away. Lead vocalist and bassist, Joe Perry’s resonating, tenor pitched vocals were an intoxicating surprise as he belted through EP heavyweights ‘Shiver and Crawl’ and ‘Without a Plan’. Swimming With Bears is a truly cohesive band that gels on all levels as lead guitarist Alec Conte and rhythm guitarist Jon Kerr swing in and out to provide vocal support behind Perry’s soothing howls. Their stage chemistry is smooth and harmonious and it’s evident these guys have spent countless hours together creating music with a purpose.

Shortly after 11:15 a central Texas cyclone ripped through the Mohawk as the man of the hour, Eric Tessmer, hit the stage unleashing a whirlwind of electric psychedelic licks from his brand new pearly Stratocaster. Draped in his customary blue jeans and a greaser Mickey Mouse three quarter sleeve straight out of Two-Bit Mathews’ closet, the rocking bluesman is one cool mother fucker up on stage. Think James Dean meets classic Marlon Brando with a little Billy Gibbons grit. An abstract thought, sure, but it makes for one badass blues-rock guitarist that can seduce a crowd for hours with a wicked fast repertoire. Tessmer was three songs and nearly fifteen minutes deep before he decided to check in with the crowd. All’s well from the packed venue as the crowd pulled their jaws from the floor to roar back towards the stage. A powerful three-minute solo on the tail end of ‘Buttons & Thread’ echoed into bluesy ‘See You Tonight’ before Tessmer completely cut loose with ‘Ms. Fortune Teller’.

It’s during his live performances where Tessmer can really dig into the depth of his uncanny musicianship by squeezing every infectious ounce of enjoyment from each track through intense, blistering solos. In Tessmer’s words, “The band has to kick the shit out of the studio record when they play it live.” No doubt about it, Tessmer did just that and more Saturday at Mohawk and it made for one spectacular birthday performance.

Images below by Corey Mendez

Swimming With Bears


Eric Tessmer



Photo Credit: Corey Mendez

Jake Lloyd Drops Syrupy Sweet ‘Str8nge Frute’ Single

Soulful, sensual and slinky, Jake Lloyd’s immersive voice and steamy sounds make a song shaped for the sundown.

The R&B inspired ‘Str8nge Frute‘ awakens those evening time vibes through its deep, delayed tempo, bringing relaxation to the forefront. In contrast however, the songs abrupt halts, slaps, and consistent bursts of ‘Wild Thoughts’ style electric guitar riffs lingering hushed in the background, deliver an intense sense of sexiness. It’s the perfect song for your bedroom playlist.

Although the instrumental plays strong alone, Lloyd’s syrupy vocals are what really brings the track to life. Storytelling about a romantic interest and their sexual encounters, confidence oozes from both the cocksure lyrics and his impressively slick pitch transitions.

Lloyd’s ‘Str8nge Frute’ is the first record to be released from his upcoming album, Jake Lloyd LP. After previously performing in numerous bands as the frontman, Lloyd knew he was on the verge of something huge. Despite counting R&B, Soul, and Hip-Hop as some of his influences, Jake Lloyd insists he doesn’t conform to a musical box. With this in mind, and his remarkable first single, Lloyd’s debut LP is set to be unique and completely unmissable.


Written by: Beth Judge

Lexi & The Bleached Roses Reinventing the Texas Music Scene with Sweet Desire

Who said violins were exclusively for classical music? Certainly not Lexi Cardenas. Lexi and The Bleached Roses have been reinventing the central Texas music scene by proving that classical instruments can do it better.

The Austin-based band started challenging the norms of indie rock music after Lexi, lead vocalist and violinist, decided that forming a band was the perfect idea. Initially starting to record their debut album, Sweet Desire, as a solo artist, Lexi soon realized that creating an entire album by herself was extremely hard work. She enlisted the help of Cello player, Mario Salas, and by the end of the album recording had an entire band to help her out. Lexi admits she’s learned a lot of important lessons during the recording process, saying “I’ve learned I cant do everything myself, and that’s okay”.

After being classically trained in music for 21 years, Frontwoman Lexi sure has a lot to give. Starting her training aged seven, she progressed to play in her first band, The Texas Fiddlers, during high school. This stage during her music career was clearly a defining moment, as she describes, “that’s where I first learned about amplifying my violin and a completely different kind of audience.” After continuing to learn more about pushing the boundaries of music at college, the band is where she really let her creativity shine, saying “This group is a culmination of all the styles I’ve learned.”

The band’s debut album, Sweet Desire, takes a real twist from the classical instrument stereotype. With the music ‘driven more by layers and instrumentation’ the group truly broaden the horizons of indie rock, country, and Americana vibes. The band’s inspirations are plentiful, counting Arcade Fire as one of their top influences. Mo from the band describes, “Bands like that make me want to work harder to be a better musician.”

The album’s title is based around the featuring track, ‘Sweet Desire’. It’s a completely honest track, based around Lexi’s “road to self discovery”. A song about accepting yourself and embracing self confidence, the country twang is pure, her vocals are authentic and the hint of indie gives it that courageous vibe. The song is truly representative of Lexi coming into her own, as she states “This song describes a pivotal point of my life where I decided to stand up and just be myself.” Other tracks on the album include ‘Not Your Girl‘, a stripped back, tough, girl power song. It begins with just Lexi’s strong vocals and her violin, before the songs depth bulks up as it progresses.

Beside the album’s success and popularity, Mo offers his advice to aspiring musicians, encouraging “Don’t let anyone get in your way or tell you, you can’t do something or that your dreams and goals are unrealistic. I’m a true believer that hard work pays off”.

With their debut album released and under their belts, the band is already looking well into the future and beginning plans on album number two. Mo says “I’ve really been diving into songwriting right now anticipating our next album” Mo anticipates it’ll be even better as they look to ‘challenge themselves as a band’. After reflecting on her past experiences, Lexi predicts a fruitful future for the band, as she says “I’ve played in so many projects over the years, but this one I feel has the greatest potential.” As well as a new album, the band promises a stage tour too. Mo assures us, “it’s going to be a lot of fun”.


Written by: Beth Judge


Photo by: Andrew Bennett

Alesia Lani Brings the Soul

Alesia Lani has straight-up been killing it lately. The sultry songstress made an amazing First Impression in 2015 with a Top 10 album and consecutive Austin Hip Hop Awards for “Best R&B Artist”. She’s strutted her soulful sensuality all over the festival circuit at SXSW, Pecan Street and most recently Solstice. Her captivating performance at 35 Denton was considered one of the event’s major highlights and excitement continues to build for Saturday’s Babes Fest show at Empire Control Room. Last month, Lani dropped ‘Intentions’, the riveting new single off her highly-anticipated sophomore project due out this fall and also appeared in longtime friend Tomar and the FCs’ recent video ‘Shine Your Light’. It seems we just can’t get enough of this vivacious vocalist.


We caught up with Alesia Lani to hear more about Babes Fest, her new single and some of her personal influences. Check out the interview below.

You’ll be performing two nights in a row at Empire with Babes Fest on Saturday and then opening for the Ohio Players on the 30th. How does that honor feel?

Gosh I feel so special!!! It’s so accomplishing really. Since Boss Babes started I just love the movement and all. So, it’s always a joy to be apart of that. But, opening for the legendary Ohio Players is just crazy!! When I told my mom (who’s musical choices molded me) she damn near cried!!

Your latest single “Intentions” has been received very well since its release. How was working with G-Jet and were you able to learn anything during the production process you may not have previously considered?

I love this song!! What’s so different and what I’ve learned while working on this song is the whole first verse and idea was from one of the producers!! That was the first time I actually collaborated with another writer & actually something I’ve always wanted to do!! I’ve always wrote my own songs but I like picking other people’s brains too!

How was that experience working with Tomar and the FCs?

It was so fun!! I’ve know the Williams since I was in elementary school so they are basically like family to me!!! It was so organic!

What are your thoughts on Austin’s evolving R&B/Soul scene and its future?

I love how much me and other R&B singers here in Austin are raising more awareness and existence. Like “hey, R&B is not dead y’all.” It might not be as trendy as rap and other genres but it’s definitely influential and I don’t want other artists and fans to forget that.

How do you feel you’ve grown since First Impression?

Wow! I fell like I’ve grown so much just as a person, a woman in all aspects…especially musically. My writing has evolved and my sound has broadened!

In honor of Babes Fest, who are some of the local ladies that have helped you during your young career?

My vocal coach Odessey Francis, she’s like my backbone. Her teaching methods are so flexible and she’s always teaching me something new. My best friend Alisha Ronez is now a co-manager of a popular rapper named Insomniac Lambs…she’s always believed in me and pushed me to go for what I know… also Nubia Emmon, Anastasia, Chakeeta B, Staci Russell.. man I can go on!! Lol

With your second album right around the corner what do you hope the near-future has in store?

What any artist would want!! Genuine success!! I’ve never toured on my own, that would be really dope!! And just reaching more of my goals like playing ACL and Blues on the Green & hitting more bigger and cooler festivals!!

Check out Alesia Lani’s hot new single ‘Intentions‘ below.

Catch Alesia Lani at Empire Control Room during Babes Fest on July 29 and opening for Ohio Players on July 30. Tickets can be purchased here and here

Alesia Lani-8366

Patricia Vonne Wins “Best Animation” At The Madrid International Film Festival

Patricia Vonne is back from Madrid with the Best Animation award for “Huerta de San Vicente,” a music video and homage to Spanish poet Federico García Lorca. The Texas native, musician, actress & two time SXSW best female vocalist winner adds another award to her growing accolades. The video, from the song featured on Vonne’s album Firebird and her Spanish compilation album Viva Bandolera, is no stranger to awards. It was the “Grand Prize” winner in the Latin category for the John Lennon Songwriting contest in 2009. Vonne celebrates the win with two upcoming July shows in San Antonio and Austin. Details below.

Vonne enthusiastically states about the win, “I feel deeply grateful and honored to be recognized with this prestigious award from my ancestral country of Spain for paying homage to the dynamic spirit of Federico García Lorca & all that he represents through his life & his works.” “Huerta de San Vicente” premiered at Cine Las Americas International Film Festival and will screen from August 1–6 in her hometown for the San Antonio Film Festival.

The stunning stop motion animation was inspired by her visit to Huerta de San Vicente in Granada, Spain where Lorca wrote many of his works. Considered one of the most influential Spanish poets of the 20th century, García Lorca died tragically during the Spanish Civil War, but his spirit lives on through his art, with energy and spirit as palpable as Vonne’s own works.

Vonne has just returned from a 37 date European Tour and is now in the studio recording her seventh studio album with producers Rick Del Castillo and Michael Ramos featuring co-writes with Alejandro Escovedo, Joe King Carrasco & Willie Nile, among others.

We spoke with Vonne after her return from Madrid. Read what the lovely and talented artist had to say about “Huerta de San Vicente” and her time in Spain below.

unnamed (2).jpg

Can you provide a little background into your award winning video?

I wrote “Huerta de San Vicente” about the Spanish poet Federico Garcia Lorca. My ancestry is from Spain and Mexico and I am a ninth generation Tejana. I have always felt the importance of preserving my Latin cultural heritage through my music which is why all my albums are bilingual.

I collaborated with fellow San Antonio musician/artist Michael Martin who drew Lorca. Since Lorca was an accomplished pianist, I wanted the piano solo to be real hands so I also hired artist Johnny Villarreal to rotoscope over the live movement. Using stop-motion photography, I shot and edited it which took a year to make from start to finish.

How was your recent trip to Spain and the Madrid International Film Festival?

The video just won ‘Best Animation’ at the Madrid International Film Festival. I was invited by his niece, Laura García Lorca, to attend an exhibition celebrating his life at the Residencia de Estudiantes (Student’s Residence) where he studied Law, Philosophy and Literature. He also met his influential friends Salvador Dali and Luis Buñuel at this progressive school. So, it all came together so beautifully. It was truly a gift from God. It felt like Lorca invited me for this special trip as payback for keeping his spirit alive.

What first attracted you to Lorca’s life and literature?

I first heard about him through my eldest sister. I am one of ten children and we’re all pretty much into the arts. So, my eldest sister was in a play that was called “Yerma.” I remember asking her about the play and why she was drawn to it and the first thing she said was ‘it was written by a Spanish poet and his name is…” When she said his name, it sounded like the most iconic name I could ever imagine. It just impressed me so much. “Federico Garcia Lorca.” It made me want to learn more about him especially because of our Spanish ancestry.

And what did you find as you researched Lorca?

I discovered he was not only a poet, but also a concert pianist, a playwright, a theater director and so much more. He was very much a maverick of his time who provided social commentary about what was going on. He helped keep the art of Flamenco alive which my sisters and I love dancing Flamenco. Ironically, he was persecuted at the end of his short life in 1936 by a firing squad at the beginning of the Spanish Civil War. It was a very sad ending to his life. But, at the same time, through my animation and song, I wanted the video to be celebratory.

What do you remember most about visiting his home/museum in Granada?

In his bedroom, there was a poetry book on his desk. The curator chose me to read it. The poem was “Despedida/Farewell” which is depicted in the video. In the poem Lorca expresses the fact that when he died to leave the balcony doors open so people could see the Alhambra palace and the Sierra Mountains which inspired him.

Can you explain some of the imagery used in the video?

I drew a little figure using black sand in the animation that represents his ghost. The poems filter out the window as the balcony doors open releasing his spirit. I infused excerpts from a couple of my favorite poems of his. The poems are in Spanish and then translated to English with red ink that signifies blood because he gave his blood and he gave his passion through his poetry and I try to bring that to life with the animation.
This video was such an amazing project to work on and I’m honored it is being recognized in celebration of his life for all that Lorca represents.

Huerta de San Vicente” will screen during the San Antonio Film Festival on August 3rd at 7:00pm at the Tobin Center.

Patricia Vonne Performing in Austin, TX!
Date: Saturday July 29, 2017
Venue: One-2-One Bar
Address: 1509 S Lamar Blvd, Austin, TX 78704
Time/Price/Ages: 8:30pm / $12 / 21+

For additional information visit:


Feral the Earthworm Releases His Latest Album, Vanarchy

Feral the Earthworm presents a valid case for why he may be the best in ATX with his latest album, Vanarchy. Through the rapper’s keen observations, sharp wit, and tightly bound vernacular expositions, the 11-track LP digs into social traditions that transcend racial, cultural, and economic boundaries, and speaks directly to the outcasts, drifters and feral creatures of the world.

Conceived within the mobile confines of the nomadic rapper’s four-wheeled ‘hippopotamus’ home, Vanarchy represents Feral’s third full-length rhythm and poetry project since 2013. “This was probably the most fun I’ve had while working on an album so far,” admits the insightful rapper. “There was never a time where I second guessed myself or felt pressured to make it a certain way. I just basically posted up at the park in my camper van, drank coffee, and wrote whatever I wanted to. Then I recorded it and that was that!

The album’s opener, ‘Imaginary Numbers’, derived possibly from Feral’s alienated and disaffected upbringing in Houston’s affluent suburb of The Woodlands, delves into the American education system and its disregard for its students’ inherent individuality. Feral declares that hip-hop has always been the focal point of his existence and ‘Do What I Love’ is a testament to that purpose as he explores society’s incarceration to consumerism and obsession with material excess through a lucid flow articulating “Western culture is obsessed with success / Everybody is so impressed with lavishness and excess / If we don’t have it we get depressed / tell ourselves we’re worth less.”

Pokemon Go Fuck Yourself’ hits on the superficial and mindless infatuations that keep us oblivious to the catastrophic political and social issues all around us. The ambitious ‘Kamikaze Tendencies’ illustrates Feral’s sheer will and determination with his confident if not slightly braggadocios delivery of “I worked hard for this, while y’all half-assed it / That’s why I got more rhymes than Congress bridge got bat shit.” The introspective ‘All I Have’ stands out as Vanarchy’s most inspired track as Feral recounts finding bliss in a sanctuary of sound during his turbulent childhood and mother’s chemical dependency. “When shit hits the fan, it’s music that gets me through.

The strength of Vanarchy lies within the raw honesty of Feral’s sharp and cunning lyrical forays. But it’s the moments of vulnerability and comedic self-deprecating awareness that truly ground the project and prevent the LP from becoming too heavy or pretentious. The angst and at times, acceptance, in Feral’s voice is evident as he breaks down his subject matter. But, the rapper demonstrates a polished comprehension for hip-hop and seems to have found something special within that camper van. So, here’s to hoping Feral continues doing what he loves and fuck the rest.
Twitter: @IEarthWorm

Author: Doug Leach

Ladyfang Takes a Bite Out of Mohawk

Last Monday, Ladyfang sank their teeth into Mohawk with a fantastically frenzied set showcasing their latest album, For Morgan. Considered a modern-day riot grrrl band, the edgy, Austin four-piece blends devilish indie-pop with post-punk, alternative rock creating a uniquely eclectic pop-rock concoction. Lead singer Cara Juan’s howling vocals display a mixture of Jean Smith’s firey passion and Florence Welch’s controlled eccentricity and could easily fit within the power rock genres of any decade from the turbulent sixties to the two-thousand teens. The band’s live performance possesses all the energetic playfulness and chaotic dance-inducing melodies you could ever hope for.

Catch Ladyfang live August 18 at Sidewinder.

Photos by Corey Mendez     



Photos by: Corey Mendez

Ray Prim Plays KGSR’s Unplugged at The Grove Recap

If you haven’t caught Ray Prim live then you’re truly missing something special. The Austin-based, singer-soulwriter and his backing seven-piece create live entertainment that is soulful, passionate and nothing short of comedic as the wisecracking Prim often imparts his questionable wisdom between tracks. Whether contemplating America’s Devine uncertainty on ‘Since ‘88’, throwing a one finger salute ‘To Whom it May Concern’, or simply swapping humorous banter between songs, Ray Prim & Band click on all cylinders as each section pulls its own weight to create blissful soul harmonies. This band is complete and an absolute must-see.

Recent Black Fret grant recipients, Prim and his band have been putting that money to good use developing their latest studio album set to release in September. You can also hear the band recreate that live enthusiasm on wax with their recently released Live at Strange Brew Lounge Side album available now.

Ray Prim & Band hit the sweltering stage at Shady Grove last Thursday for a jam-packed Unplugged at The Grove session. Photography Corey Mendez caught the band dishing a few soul jams and plenty of laughs.



Photos By: Corey Mendez