Anatomi Prepares For July Residency at Swan Dive

There’s certainly no shortage of exceptional electronic acts in Austin right now. On any given night you could stumble into Swan Dive and get blown away by a strapping vocalist lathering hypnotic lyrics over blazing synths and engulfing productions. The Red River venue has helped many fresh, local artists get their footing in The Live Music Capital and during the month of July will host one of Austin’s most promising electronic duos.

If you’re not yet familiar with Anatomi, it’s time to get yourself acquainted. The pair, consisting of producer, Noah Wittman and vocalist, Michelle Pape, will host their first headlining residency each Thursday this month at Swan Dive. Wittman is the mind behind Anatomi’s design creating a diverse pallet of downbeat electronics and chillwave grooves for Pape’s evocative vocals and emotive songwriting. Their sound is a lush blend of soothing electro-pop and transcendental indie rock with dark, subtle shades of emo. The duo released their self-titled debut in November and already have a few videos loaded up. We had a chance to speak with Anatomi prior to their Swan Dive residency. Check out what the had to say below.


Can you tell us a little about your individual music background and what brought the two of you together?

Noah: I’ve been playing music since high school and have played in various bands through the years as a guitarist and drummer. This is my first electronic project.
Michelle: Anatomi is my first band, and my musical background is primarily as a passionate music lover, with a little middle school choir and karaoke mixed in.

What drew you towards the electronic/chillwaves sounds?

Noah: I got interested in electronic music around 2012 when bands like Chvrches and Purity Ring showed up.
Michelle: I have always had a love for electronic/synth music. I’m a huge 80’s fan and gravitate towards those sounds often. Chvrches & Purity Ring at the time were also really big influences towards this style of music we’ve made.

You’ve both been around Austin for a while now, is there any particular act locally that has influenced you?

Oh My Love, SINE, Blushing, Curse Mackey, Genuine Leather, DOSSEY, Mamahawk, and Big Coat are all great local bands/artists.

Your debut album was released at the end of ’17, are you currently working on anything major for the second half of ’18?

We will be releasing two music videos this year and are heading back to the studio soon to start working on new songs.

Progressing beyond the debut album, where do you see your music and band evolving the most?

We have been playing live for about a year now and our live show gets better and better with each gig.

What have you enjoyed most about working together?

Noah: We bring different backgrounds and perspectives to the music and it makes us better songwriters. There is a synergy that we have when we write together.
Michelle: For me it’s always about the writing. I enjoy working on new material more than anything and it’s something I think we’ve done really well together.

Anything special planned for your residency at Swan Dive?

Yes! We will be debuting our first music video. We did three full videos in January and we want to release them strategically. We are definitely going to release two and would like to release the first towards the end of the residency.

For additional information and show dates visit

Catch Anatomi at Swan Dive every Thursday during the month of July.



Photos by: Mark Bowers @markbowersphoto



The Evolution of Sam Houston

Sam Houston has grown – from almost a year since Track Rambler stumbled across his music, he’s gone from strength to strength and shows very little signs of letting up.

A bluesy soul singer that spins a classic R&B beat into his tracks, he’s opening up his world to a whole new prospect. A new band.

“The reason I started this band,” he said when we caught up before the band’s debut on June 15th, “is because I felt that the live show needed to stand out more. It needed to have even more of an identity.

“I wanted to bring something bigger to the shows. Something more consistent, something that could attract a whole different audience & also appeal to the audience I already had.”

Now part of a five-man band – six, if you count tech director Matt Ramos – Sam’s typical sound is amplified by them, complemented and encouraged.

“My fans can expect some change coming.

I’ve been into rock & roll for a while now, but it’s hard to write that sort of music without other instrumentalists around you. So I have the opportunity now to put my foot deeper in that direction.

“For the people who do know me it’s because of a very distinct vibey, calm relaxing sound. That is who I am, so that isn’t going anywhere. We are just going to make it hit you harder sometimes.”

An evolution of Sam’s music, the band’s first headlining gig is July 15th at the Mohawk – this is where we’ll see the band for who they are and experience their world before they set their sights on traveling together to play their music.

It’ll be a journey, and we’re along for the ride over here at Track Rambler HQ – how about you?

Peeling Back The Layers of KIVA With Femina-X

Nearly a decade in the making, Femina-X’s KIVA comes to fruition at the most relevant moment. As heart-rending images of frightened immigrant children torn from their families at the US border fill our conscience, I can’t help but consider “Save Me, Coyote”, a poetic song from the Latin alternative band’s forthcoming album. The emotionally charged piece was written in 2015 in response to the huge influx of child immigrants fleeing poverty and violence. Femina-X often opens their live sets with “Save Me, Coyote” and the single is one of several thought-provoking explorations to be included on KIVA, a conceptual, Latin-folk journey filled with tremendous joy, heartache and optimistic perseverance. The evocative sophomore album will be released on July 6th and is the band’s medicinal response to the increasingly uneasy climate of our national and global society. We were fortunate enough to speak with Femina-X’s passionate frontwoman, Daniela Riojas, and peel back the layers of KIVA. See what the compelling vocalist had to say below.

Femina-X laid it all on the line with your debut, Multiverse. How does KIVA compare or does it not try to and instead go towards a completely new direction?

There are definitely both similarities and differences between Multiverse and KIVA, but despite the difference in sound and instrumentation, the two albums still resonate from the same source. Multiverse was a collection of far-reaching explorations; it was not intended to be a cohesive body of work. Instead, it was trying to stretch genre and convention as far as possible while maintaining somewhat of a pop structure. Each song meant to be its own universe. With KIVA, there is an intention of cohesion. KIVA is our medicine album and our response to the increasingly uneasy climate of our national and global society. We also brought some very old songs back into the fray, including the first song that me and Alex Scheel (guitarist) made together 7 years ago called “Happy Roof Dirt” and a song I started writing 9 years ago called “Tiny Girl” that I finished this past year after my mom past away. “Cura A Mi Madre” is a song I wrote for my mother when she was admitted to the hospital last May, not knowing she’d never leave and it’d be my last ode she’d hear. KIVA is a very emotional album, filled with tremendous joy, with grief, and with a willingness to live through it all hoping for something to give back to the world.

What was different about recording and producing KIVA compared to Multiverse?

Recording the majority of Multiverse actually took much less time. We spent a week at Sonic Ranch and Brainville in El Paso to record all the instruments and half of the vocals. What took the longest was getting a computer and set up that we could mix the album on and also learning ProTools completely from scratch. We worked with several engineers, trying to find the right person to mix Multiverse with, but we eventually realized that we needed to do it ourselves and then set out to learn the program and get the necessary equipment to open up our project files. Needless to say, that process can take some time!! By the time Multiverse was released last year, we already had a new album to record, but we knew we had to release Multiverse first and give it its time to live in the world. After a tour and filming a new music video, in October of 2017 we stepped into a new studio with an engineer and began recording KIVA. From the get-go, we wanted to capture a live band sound with full drums, strings, voice layers, guitar and bass with less emphasis on electronics. (there’s really only one song with definite electronic sounds ‘Las Caderas’)

Will KIVA possess that other-worldy aesthetic that Femina-X has seemed to master so well?

Yes, KIVA will still maintain its other-wordly vibe. I think that will likely be an inherent part of our music, no matter the different ways we choose to explore it. It isn’t something we set out to do, it is something that forms intuitively, which is why I say the ‘source’ remains the same from Multiverse to KIVA. Ceremony, nature, optimism, fantasy, science, and a need to carve out a slice of oasis are all a part of who we are as people. So naturally that all flows into the music.

Will the new album hit hard on Femina-X’s Latin roots?

Yes definitely! I think KIVA will more concretely define Femina-X as a Latin alternative band that is exploring its roots. And the “alternative” aspect of it will find its voice more prominently alongside the “Latin.” The fusion is happening on many levels. There is jazz, Native, African, tropical, folk, desert, and otherworldly coinciding in different ways.

We still get defined or labeled as electronic/rock even though we haven’t played with electronics in a very long time. Though, our live set up will include translating vocal harmonies and string parts to key parts, lending all the songs to an ethereal quality.

Will KIVA touch on some of the social commentary that’s so relevant right now?

I wrote “Las Caderas” on an upturn from grieving…wanting to step back into the joy of life after feeling the great loss of my mother. Though, the lyrics are a bit critical of our divided lives and perceptions of each other created by social media. It’s also a critique of the kind of hostility and bullying that happens online, including ordeals that I’ve personally went through. Social media, for all the good that it’s done, has also created a newer kind of pain. Public shaming and unbridled spillage of anger, hate, and vitriol are something that we’re absorbing and having to internalize, deal with, and move through nowadays. I hope we can get to a point of communicating better and using these tools with more compassion and sense.

What do you hope listeners will take away after hearing KIVA?

I hope that they walk away experiencing a cascade of sounds, colors, images, emotions, and thought-provoking ideas. And that they all in some way make them feel more connected, not alone, and reflected. I hope they will feel a stir in their soul and a feeling of being alive.


KIVA will be released on July 6th with an official release party that evening at Sam’s Burger Joint in San Antonio. For additional information visit


Sheilava: What a Difference a Year Makes

It’s been one helluva year for the Lava Cats…and thankfully, they’re just getting warmed up. Since forming in March of 2017, Sheilava has been bustin’ ass developing into one of the busiest and brightest indie-pop outfits around Austin. In just a little over a year the band has released their DIY, debut full-length along with a Christmas-themed EP. They’ve worked on six music videos, created a flashy car commercial and heard their tunes in three different indie films. Earlier this month, they completed their second ‘song in a day challenge’ by creating a surprise indie-western single that premiered at the Southwest Theatre Screening as part of ATX 48 Hour Film Project. The feverish production experience behind Sheilava’s “Lady Outlaw” single helped introduce the weird and wired, indie swing-pop band to several folks who were instrumental in creating Sheilava’s latest and most challenging project, “Cups4Kings”. The band will premier their brand new video on June 19 at Love Goat in conjunction with a birthday bash for their flute-tootin’ frontlady, Sheila V.A.

We were fortunate enough to speak with Sheilava founding members, Sheila V.A. and Jason Garcia last week. Read what the duo had to say about the band’s growth during the first year and what to expect from the upcoming “Cups4Kings” Premier/Birthday Party.

What are the two of you most proud of from the past year?

Sheila: It’s hard to pick one thing. The past year has been a whirlwind and we’ve done more in this timeframe as a band than I’ve ever done creatively and collectively as an artist throughout my entire career, and that in and of itself makes me beam with pride. We all have day jobs and do things outside of this project, yet we are still going places and making our name. I would say I’m most proud that we were able to accomplish so many “firsts” in our first year as a band…. We released our first LP, made a Christmas EP, booked our first festival, had our music featured in three indie films, made our own car commercial, worked on six music videos, had our band featured in three indie blogs, and we performed live on-air for two different acoustic showcases. I am so proud of the commitment from my bandmates and it’s just not enough to say that we’re thankful for every opportunity we’ve been given.

Jason: There’s a lot of things I’m proud of, but I’m probably most proud of our ability to work quickly and still make great music. Some of our songs take a while to perfect and that’s fine. But when we can work fast as well, it makes us more versatile.

What was your favorite Sheilava experience from the first year?

Jason: When we played Pecan Street Festival last year. Sheila got all these decorations and props and we turned it into an experience. People were coming from the other tents to stop and listen and it was really a triumphant moment for us.

Sheila: One of my absolute favorite experiences was seeing so many people come together for our 1-year anniversary show on March 1st. It was eye-opening to see just how much support we had, right there in front of our eyes. I have a love-hate relationship with social media because we wouldn’t be where we are without it, but it doesn’t fulfill you in the same way to see so many fans online as it does to see them in person. The 1 year marker for us was a celebration of everything we’ve worked towards thus far, as well as a stepping stone as to what might be possible in our next year.

What is the most important thing you’ve learned so far?

Sheila: I’m still learning every day to let go of certain things. Sometimes I get so wrapped up in an idea that I want to be perfect, whether it be something as complex as hosting a live show or something as simple as wanting a specific chord progression to accompany a melody. When I create something and hear it and feel it a certain way, I will often get so wrapped up in my mind that I forget it takes a team to make it happen and their creativity is just as necessary to make it whole.

Jason: The most important thing I’ve learned is to maintain a partnership. You’re not going to have it your way all the time, and you don’t want that. Learning when to stand up for what you want and when to back down, I think has been really important.


Where have you seen the band grow the most since its inception?

Jason: We’ve really grown as performers and with our live performance. Now we’ve got a synchronized light show thanks to the hardworking talent of our drummer Mike Krieger. We played a house showcase recently and it looked like a stage show.

Sheila: More than anything, our sound has grown and changed so much– from our home-studio recording sessions to the style of my vocals and the dynamic contrasts of our writing, and most especially in the added details to our live shows. We’re more confident than ever in trying to deliver both a wiry and electric energy to our audience, and I feel that we’ve really uncovered our sound. I’m proud that it separates us from other indie/pop artists.

Looking back, if you could have done anything differently, what would it have been?

Sheila: At first, part of me wants to say that if I could have done anything differently it would have been to focus solely on this project. Throughout last summer I also performed with a Latin-Jazz ensemble and was also one-half of another acoustic duo. Our drummer played in six other bands at one point and Jason was involved in other music projects as well. But I also realize we wouldn’t be who we are without those other experiences. Every person we work with and everyone we meet as a result of that becomes another opportunity to learn and grow. It affects us individually and therefore influences our sound as an ensemble.

Jason: I would have fought less! We got into a lot of arguments over things that weren’t important, but those were the growing pains of getting to know someone quickly. We’ve settled into more of a rhythm now, and we understand each other a lot better.

Are the band’s goals for year two bigger and bolder?

Sheila: I am thrilled I can say this with utmost confidence. YES! As with all of our goals last year, we have a list of things we want to try and accomplish. One thing I’m dying to check off my bucket list is a tour. There was talk at one point of doing a tour throughout Texas and then we even had someone from Austin Film Society approach us about possibly touring in Japan. Our first goal is to finish our second album “V” which will be our first published work of songs performed live by the full band. It will be a testament to how far our sound has come since Jason and I made our first LP “Nonsense” last year in a bedroom studio with separately recorded tracks. Another huge goal we have alongside the growth of our sound and fanbase is to catch the eye of the Austin 360 Studio Sessions and KUTX. They’ve featured some of the best local music I’ve ever heard and it would be an honor to have that opportunity.

Jason: We’ve shown that we can do a lot of things without much money or time, so definitely I think we can think bigger. We’re expanding our reach and talent pool, so anything’s possible.

Sheilava is premiering “Cups4Kings” on Tuesday. What can you tell us about the video and upcoming Trailer Release Party?

Sheila: “Cups4Kings” is based off a true story of past college days– parties, friendships, love, lust, and ALL of the drama that follows. The name for the song was sparked by the popular game King’s Cup (aka Waterfall, which is also referenced in the song), and inspired by the idea that when people get liquid courage they feel they can do anything, but it doesn’t always lead to the best scenarios. This is the edgiest of our songs and is both witty and catty. We worked on this song more than any other in an effort to create an extreme contrast in sound and style with elements of indie rock, pop, and sultry jazz vocals. Also, I originally wanted to play a show on my birthday because I couldn’t think of a better way to spend it than by doing what I love. Throughout our music video shoot we received unbelievable support and kindness from the cast and crew and I absolutely had to thank them for all of their time and creativity by having Sheilava perform live for everyone. I also wanted to give them a sneak peek of everything they worked towards since they only got to see cuts and takes of a live show here and there during our time filming, so in between sets we are going to show the trailer.

Jason: “Cups4Kings” has been our most challenging song to date. When Sheila sent me the first outline of the song it took me weeks to figure out how the rest should go. Previously I’d have come up with something in a day or so, but this song had so many different moods and feels that I knew it was going to take a while to get right. The recording also took some time to perfect, but I think we came up with something pretty cool-sounding. We got a fantastic crew of people to come together to shoot the equally complex video, so I’m excited to see the trailer myself. I think it’s going to be a great example of what Sheilava is and will be going forward this year.


For additional Sheilava info and updates, give them a follow here and be sure to catch them June 19th at Sheila’s Birthday Bash/”Cups4Kings” Premiere here.


Photos courtesy of Capture House Photography



DEZORAH Kick-Start This Month At The Swan Dive

A brand new EP and one hell of a gig later, DEZORAH has left Austin spinning around in a post-progressive storm. Kickstarting this month by dropping in at The Swan Dive on June 1st, the Texan band is plugging their five-track album Creando Azul. A self-released EP, out from late May, it brandishes their signature distorted guitars and aggressive drum beats.

Check out the photo set below:


Photography: Demetrius Judkins

Lola Tried Tour Diary: Doing Detroit Right

Our traveling rock tribe Lola Tried found their Tour Manager in Detroit along with quiet possibly the last two remaining fans of Limp Bizkit decked-out in iconic, Significant Other 90’s attire. Now the band is on to hot dogs and hell raising at The Happy Dog in Cleveland with Soft Copy and The Movies.

Pregame before the show in Detroit.


Back to the ‘tour bus’ for more shi-van-igans.


5/30 Cleveland, OH @ The Happy Dog
5/31 Pittsburgh, PA @ The Mister Roboto Project
6/1 Philadelphia, PA @ The Bath House
6/2 Brooklyn, NY @ Little Skips!
6/3 New York, NY @ 158 Ludlow St.
6/4 Washington, DC @ DC9 Nightclub
6/6 Cincinnati, OH @ The Listing Loon
6/7 Nashville, TN @ The East Room
6/9 Baton Rouge, LA @ Spanish Moon
6/10 Houston, TX @ Cactus Music In-Store Performance
6/11 San Antonio, TX @ Limelight


Lola Tried Tour Diary: Headed to Motor City

We’re tagging along (sort of) with our favorite punk-pop rockers Lola Tried as they hit the road in support of their debut album. The band’s first few stops have been right along the I35 corridor heading north. Now they’re off to the Motor City for tonight’s show with Splitters, Cheapshow and Bathroom of The Future. Check out what Lauren and the gang are up to and if you’re in Detroit tonight be sure to stop by PJ’s Lager House. You’ll be glad you did.


Crazy times at the crash pad.



Getting Ready for KC.



Lola Tried Tour Dates:

5/28 Springfield, IL @ Black Sheep Café
5/29 Detroit, MI @ PJ’s Lager House
5/30 Cleveland, OH @ The Happy Dog
5/31 Pittsburgh, PA @ The Mister Roboto Project
6/1 Philadelphia, PA @ The Bath House
6/2 Brooklyn, NY @ Little Skips!
6/3 New York, NY @ 158 Ludlow St.
6/4 Washington, DC @ DC9 Nightclub
6/6 Cincinnati, OH @ The Listing Loon
6/7 Nashville, TN @ The East Room
6/9 Baton Rouge, LA @ Spanish Moon
6/10 Houston, TX @ Cactus Music In-Store Performance
6/11 San Antonio, TX @Limelight


Trish Connelly: The Best in Austin’s Booking Biz

In a city where the entertainment industry is anchored by live music, there’s hardly a subset of the community that works as tirelessly and strategically as booking agents and show promoters. Austin is home to approximately 250 live music venues with musicians playing everywhere from grocery stores to state of the art theaters. But, running the show entirely on their own is a luxury most musicians can’t afford.

Someone has to help organize events, coordinate logistics and advance shows in order to keep our live music scene thriving. And it’s near impossible to find a booking agent in ‘The Live Music Capital’ that can handle these duties with the class and gusto as Trish Connelly at Cheer Up Charlies.

As one of Austin’s top-notch music venues, the ‘ambiguous everybody space’ of Cheer Up Charlies (CUC) hosts everything from shoegaze and psych-rock to R&B and dream-pop on its two-stage real estate. And through her booking service, The Nothing Song, do-it-all Connelly plays a vital role in keeping CUC at the apex of Austin’s live music venues.


Booking dates, sourcing bands, promoting shows, all of that is her. That gig you can’t wait to catch at CUC next week – guarantee you probably heard about it because of Connelly. Her job duties seem never ending but she graciously tackles each one with world class courtesy and professionalism. Her motivation for staying on top of such a daunting job description boils down to wanting people to feel like CUC is a welcoming, safe and open space to enjoy a drink, catch great local and touring bands alike and always at a reasonable price or no cost. There’s no doubt Connelly sets the bar for live music booking in Austin.

So, it came as no surprise to see her presented with the 2017-18 Austin Music Awards’ “Live Music Booker of the Year” trophy. But, how did Connelly go from a full-time job tutoring middle-school children to becoming Austin’s #1 live music booker? We were lucky enough to catch the Cheer Up Charlies’ Superwoman and hear all about her journey.

– How did you first get involved in live music booking and how did that lead you to CUC and creating The Nothing Song?

I moved to Austin about six years ago and started going out to live shows and catching local acts essentially from day one. I was tutoring at a middle school full-time but wanted to get involved with music in some capacity, and the booking and promoting fields really struck a chord with me. I had more interest in organizing and putting together shows rather than joining a band, so I started talking with some musicians and friends about how I could get involved. I put on some small shows here and there and did a short run at Spider House Ballroom as an intern before Maggie Lea and Tamara Hoover at Cheer Up Charlies decided to open up a promotion position and asked if I would like to join their team. The spring of 2015 was when I had my first show under The Nothing Song, mainly as a means of having a recognizable name/brand to associate my shows with. My logo (a black cassette tape reel) stemmed from wanting to incorporate a tangible and DIY symbol to the events I put on.

– Do you remember the very first show you booked?

The very first show I booked was at an art gallery & comics shop, Guzu Gallery next to Austin Books and Comics. It was a free show that took place during SXSW 2014 with four acts — The Ex-Optimists, When the Word was Sound, ArcDream and The Governors. The very first show I put on at Cheer Up Charlies was later that summer with Machete Western, Phantom Fox, Ichi Ni San Shi and Bobby Halvorson.

– With everything you are tasked with, how do you stay so organized and responsive?

It can be a struggle for sure! I use an app (Wunderlist) on my computer to help me keep track of tasks for each show, no matter how small. Working from home and setting my own schedule means quite a bit of self-discipline and keeping focused on the tasks at hand. I like having a balance of a routine — both with tasks that I work on every day like getting back to emails, promoting material online, updating my social media pages and the Cheer Ups’ calendar, but also keeping an element of creativity along with it. Brainstorming potential lineups, working in elements of a theme, a benefit show or a variety of artists and the like help keep the creative juices flowing and keeps things from feeling stagnant. It’s a world away from my tutoring job where I had a set schedule and once I was done with my work day then I was done, but I’ll find myself working on a Friday night or Sunday morning since there’s always something extra to be done or an idea that may come to me at whatever hour it decides to strike.


– What did it mean to you to be awarded Austin’s ‘Live Music Booker of the Year’?

I don’t know if I felt more overwhelmed and honored to be awarded Austin’s Music Booker of the Year or to be nominated in the first place! I think anyone in the music business understands this field takes a lot of work and commitment — whether you’re a touring musician, booker, promoter, venue owner or otherwise. It feels really special to be recognized for the shows I put on, and really most of all to be recognized for doing something I love immensely. I see it as a sign that I’m hopefully doing something right, and it’s a huge honor and motivation to keep striving to always do better.

– I’m sure most have been great, but if you had to choose your top three experiences at CUC?

So many nights have stood out for a variety of reasons but my annual Luscious Heaven shows (as of three years ago) highlighting dream-pop and shoegaze bands have been a blast and have included headliners from outside of Texas to play the shows (Dead Leaf Echo from New York, LSD and the Search for God from San Francisco). I’m a big David Lynch fan and putting together a Twin Peaks party right before the premiere of the anticipated new season last May and having vendors and bands like Ringo Deathstarr and ANDY play inspired original music and themes from the show was incredible to see. Collaborating on a variety of artistic mediums for events has also been a highlight and getting to see different artistic communities integrate with each other. Last December we had a local film series called We Are which highlights the lives of seven women of color screen their episodes along with Keeper and Mélat performing afterwards which made for a really special night.

– Do you have a bucket list band to book at CUC?

I’m constantly listening to and researching both local bands as well as burgeoning bands from out of town or out of state — it’s a really exciting feeling stumbling across a newfound local act whose music I get swept away in right off the bat and I’m always excited to book bands like that and hopefully giving them their first stage or a spot to play at for their first tour if they’re from out of town. So I don’t know if I have any bucket list bands persay, but booking The Octopus Project or A Giant Dog would be a first for me!

– Anything in the works you are extra excited to see at CUC this year?

This month I’m really excited to see Carry Illinois’ EP Release Party on the 25th and the Name Sayers’ Album Release Party on the 26th. I’ve yet to see Palberta live but they’ll be on tour from NYC and playing at Cheer Ups on May 30th. I’m collaborating with The Cosmic Clash for an all female-identifying drummer lineup on June 15th and I’m working on a bill for mid-July with a band called Fringe Class from Portland that sound incredible. I’ve got a couple more things in the works for later on in the fall which is still a little hush hush but I’m looking forward to having it all coming together and announcing later this summer!

– Any major goals for 2018?

My underlying goal for 2018 is to continue to reach out to new bands and a diversity of voices as well as continue to integrate different artistic mediums into events. I also made it a New Years goal to start a record label — the process has been gradual what with researching and honing in on a vision for it but you can keep your ears and eyes peeled for that later this year.

Sydney Wright To Reveal Herself With Release of Seiche, This May

Sydney Wright is gearing up to release the title track of her debut album ‘Seiche’, at the start of May. After a busy SXSW and a new-found sound, the small-town-born musician explores a lyrical layout a little different to her typical sound – revolutionary in this track, the live-looping instrumentalist releases a side of her that Austin hasn’t seen before.

“I’ve been listening to this ‘Gangster Rap Gym Motivation’ playlist on Spotify lately,” Sydney said, sparing a minute in her busy schedule to speak to us.“I like the percussive layout of the lyrics and I want that musical style to be fresh in my head while I’m making new music. 

“I wrote the single, ‘Seiche’, while I was going to UNT in Denton. 

“It was a time when I was working through a lot of changes nearing graduation, dealing with my first band breakup, and making a plan to support myself and fly solo in the music industry.”

A feeling prevalent in the coming months, as universities wind down and students tense up for graduation, the multi-talented singer is reaching out a hand of support that is not always on offer. A success story, it feels like, that pushes your worries away – her voice freeing your mind on the high notes, like a delicate bird flying far away with them.

“I struggled a lot with blaming myself for things out of insecurity or simply because someone else was assigning the blame to me. I’m still learning and changing, but I came out of that chapter of life with my very own beliefs, effective ways to express myself so that I’m heard, and a list of unfair and abusive behaviors and attitudes that I do not allow to thrive in my space.

“Seiche is about freeing yourself from expectations. It’s a story of transcendence.

“It’s inspired by finding solace in being okay with yourself and being unaffected by people who aren’t. ”

Stealing the show from Star Wars, the musician is set to shock Austin all over again with her sunny disposition yet heart-wrenchingly emotional voice with the release show on May 4th at Cheer Up Charlie’s but that’s not the end of it. A calendar full of plans for this year, this musician is going to be one to watch now more than ever – 2018 will be the year of Sydney Wright.

So, get listening to gangsta rap until then and be sure to check out Sydney’s Facebook below so more details!

Author: Megan Matthews

Kady Rain Needs You!

A friend in need is a friend indeed, and Austin’s candy land queen is in need. Having just launched her GoFundMe, the pop singer, Kady Rain is looking to raise enough money to continue harvesting sunshine within her music – but she can’t do that alone.

That’s your cue.

Calling upon her fans that span across 50 countries, her aim is $15,000 – an eye-watering amount, that I’ve accepted is far out of my own bank account’s reach anytime soon, she’s thankful for each dollar that’s contributed: every little helps, right?

Every donation from $10 has some kind of ‘reward’ to show Kady’s gratitude, and the money will go towards a variety of music-y type things ranging from videos, to photo shoots to actually recording new music that she hopes to kick-start as soon as the end of April.

“I’ve always wanted to be a full-time musician and there have definitely been times when I thought, ‘oh, maybe it won’t happen for me’ but y’all get me through the day.

“Every time someone tells me they loved my EP, or this or that song is their favorite and they listen to it over and over, it really warms my heart.

“Before there’s any money, all you have is the dream and the people who believe in you. And that’s you.”

Find the link to her GoFundMe below, and keep your eyes peeled for Kady Rain this coming summer (and if you don’t know who Kady is, then check out the video below for reason as to why you should help!)

Words: Megan Matthews