Chill Russell Goes Back To Class To Get Low

Hop on the school bus and prepare to get edumacated. You’re about to enter a learning zone of alternative rock delinquency with Chill Russell’s latest video, “Low”. The band takes us back to class with an outlandish lesson in youthful rebellion and role-reversals complete with fuzzy psych chords, a skunky “green” tinge and a shit-ton of uninhibited dance moves.

Directed by Wes Matkin, “Low” is the latest release from Chill Russell’s self-titled, debut full-length and showcases the band’s experimentation on alternative rock through a kaleidoscope of fuzzy psychedelia, harmonized vocal distortion (hmmm?) and fun-loving, pop sensibilities all brought together with an amusing, self-deprecating sense of humor.

The band cuts loose with “Low” and reverses the student/teacher dynamic by helping an out-of-touch instructor get down with some Basic Rock Beats. The song serves as a reminder that time waits for no one. So don’t spend your days wasting away in the mundane. Just let go and get low…whoa…ohoh…sooo low.


Katrina Cain Prevails With Slow Tragedy

Katrina Cain‘s musical journey is not unique. Like so many artists, she’s loaded with talent and determination. But, everyday is a battle. Self-doubt is unfortunately a burden most musicians know all too well. And it’s certainly an issue that even Cain, the world’s most happiest girl, must endure on her personal road to success and stardom. But, she’s a fighter and won’t be defined by the misfortunes and setbacks encountered along the way.

Millions of viewers were introduced to Cain last month when Blake Shelton and Jennifer Hudson simultaneously spun their chairs to find the Denton gem belting a jaw-dropping rendition of Fleetwood Mac’s “Rhiannon” on Season 15 of The Voice. Cain was unfortunately eliminated in the third round of the competition. But, she promises that’s not the last we’ll hear from her.

On Friday, Cain released her latest video, “Slow Tragedy”, as sheer proof that she’s determined to remain focused and keep pushing forward. Of the single, she penned the personal testament below.

This song, I wrote it after returning home from falling flat on my face in front of a live audience, in front of musicians I deeply respect, and eventually in front of an audience of 10 million. And after getting stranded at the airport for 10 hours on 2 days without sleep (it’s a looooong story) I was pretty ready to give it all up. After all, I’m 29 living paycheck to paycheck. What’s the point?

But this song isn’t about giving up, it’s about trying again. I thought about all the bills I couldn’t pay, and all of the opportunities that were given to someone else. I thought about all the times my mom calls to ask me about a show, and I can’t bear to tell her that not a single person came. I always lie and tell her it was magical. I thought about all the times I’ve begged someone to review a song, all the times I would have given anything for a share or being added to a playlist. It’s a hard road and it’s lonely to feel like you’re just not good enough.

But I am not unique, this is all of us. And after talking to friends and reading the stories you sent me, I know that now more than ever. This song is not about me and a tv show. This song is about you and it’s about all the times you did NOT GIVE UP when someone told you you weren’t good enough, when you failed a class, when you ended a relationship, when you moved away. You started over and it was hard but it was POSSIBLE.

The last thing I remember from my performances on NBC’s The Voice was Adam Levine coming over to me and saying “promise me you’ll keep doing this, promise me you won’t give up.” So I’m going to keep going and I’m going to try just one more time….and one more time after that.

– Katrina Cain


Collin Russell Mullins Premiers All in Your Head Video

Spend enough time around Black Joe Lewis you’re bound to learn a thing or two. In Collin Russell Mullins’ case, it was discovering firsthand the power that a well-crafted song could have over an enthusiastic audience. After grinding it out for several years in the Austin music scene, Mullins earned the opportunity to tour with Lewis filling in for his regular guitarist. It was here where he learned the importance of creating music with a visceral purpose to be felt more than heard.

With that mindset, Mullins reintroduces himself today with the lyric video premiere of his brand new single “All In Your Head”. He’s graduated from riding shotgun for Lewis to Mission Commander of his own musical journey as he pilots a sci-fi, space adventure through the cosmos. But don’t be fooled by the low-budget, back lot production quality of the Cold War era video. “All In Your Head” is an intricately crafted track that soars into a mystical realm of indie-rock fantasy through celestial guitar chords, a catchy hook and Mullin’s omniscient narration.

I lost myself to the underground 
Searching for answers that can’t be found
Beneath the surface with all your dreams
You wanna know, well come follow me

It may just be all in your head, but Mullins’ latest video is certainly out-of-this world.

Give Collin Russell Mullins a follow and keep up with all of his new releases on Spotify.

Feature Image: Kate Blaising Photos

Giulia Millanta Calls Out to The Familiar Spirits of Loss With Latest Video

The subject of loss is one that Italian singer-songwriter Giulia Millanta has eloquently articulated in various fashions through her music. Whether it be the loss of a loved-one, innocence or sanity, the theme is prevalent throughout the entirety of her sixth album, Conversation With a Ghost. Her latest video from the album, “Coney Island“, finds the singer in mourning and calling out to those familiar spirits of loss. However, the stripped-down, multi-layered song leaves the subject open to different interpretations.

“The song is about losing someone…or something,” states Millanta. “It’s about reminiscing and mourning. It’s the end of a summer, or the end of a relationship, or saying goodbye to someone.”

Dusty tones of melancholy and blurry shadows linger over the reflective singer. Tranquil bossa nova notes fill the sparse background and lament her sorrow as Millanta stares into the distance searching for what she’s lost.

“Coney Island” explores the concept of loss in a broad and empathetic manner. Is it a place, a person, a memory or a feeling? Whatever it may be, loss is something we all have to endure and Millanta sympathetically stirs those yearning emotions with “Coney Island”.

You can witness Giulia Millanta conversing with all her ghosts this Saturday at One-2-One Bar. For more info click here.



Shy Beast My Stride Release Party

Austin’s enchanting electro-pop ensemble Shy Beast followed the release of their latest single “My Stride” with the official release party Saturday night at Mohawk. Shy Beast has been a favorite around ‘The Live Music Capital’ for a few years now and it appears they’ve finally hit their stride and are breaking into a much larger market. The band saw their popularity sky-rocket after dropping their self-titled EP in November which featured hit single “Back With Me”. Most recently, Shy Beast was marked as a 2018 Black Fret grant nominee giving the band more visibility and additional advisory and financial backing.

The “My Stride” video is simple, yet stunning with Shy Beast’s leading lady Mariclaire (MC) Glaeser shining front-and-center accented by bright, neon-lit diamonds.  “‘My Stride’ is a reference to the heavy feelings that come with all the different choices you are presented in life,” said frontwoman MC Glaeser. “It represents the moment of freedom you experience by simply picking a direction, or a way of being, and running with it.” The single showcases Glaeser’s commanding vocal range along with some of the most intricate guitar melodies yet from the powerful pop quintet. Check out the video below along with a few shots from the “My Stride” release party.



“My Stride” Official Release Party at Mohawk

Shy Beast-03847Shy Beast-04025Shy Beast-04056Shy Beast-04152

Photos by: Demetrius Judkins @wolfspiritofthesun



Femina-X Bare Their “Black Tongue”

San Antonio’s tribe-rock Femina-X has teamed up with award-winning director Diego Lozano to release the official music video for “Black Tongue,” a breakout single from Femina-X’s debut 2017 album, Multiverse.

Written by lead singer Daniela Riojas, “Black Tongue” diaries the pitfalls of a failing relationship that is riddled with betrayal. With an Aztec theme that is grandiose in execution, the futuristic video incorporates the story of goddess Tlazoteotl, the “Filth Eater” who purifies souls of sinners, and Coatlicue, the “Serpent Goddess.”

This visual became the center point for developing the character (me) in a situation where her toxic relationship becomes the antithesis of Tlazoteotl; where instead of being purified, her partner injects toxicity and filth into her and they become inevitably entangled in suffering,” Riojas said.

Tension is drawn from the darkness of the cinema and the ethereal noisescape, creating an unnerving discomfort with a soothing release.

I wanted people to see and accept imagery they often repress and run from, so they could transcend some of their fears and judgments,” Lozano said.

Altogether, the video’s production quality is outstanding and goes hand-in-hand with the bewitching track. Femina-X becomes an experience with such a vital visual component becoming a part of the “Black Tongue” story.

Femina-X will be touring in July and August in select cities with a live set that will intoxicate and hypnotize.


Written by: Sawyer Click



Silas Nello Reminisces With ‘The Jester’

Last Friday, Dallas folk-rock singer-songwriter, Silas Nello, went rummaging through the dusty boxes in his attic and found his wistful vacation video for “The Jester.” Directed by Kansas Bowling in Los Angeles, the warm and nostalgic video creates a sense of yearning through reminiscent memories of a past life with someone special. The vintage vignettes fuzzily flicker across the super 8 film with carefree optimism as Nello and Parker Love Bowling frolic along the sunny West Coast landscape. Nello’s poetic southern songwriting sinks into the comforting acoustic backdrop of the “The Jester” as shimmering harmonics highlight the chorus. The contemporary video fits Nello’s southern rock persona by combining elegant retro with conceptual neoteric.


You can catch Silas Nello on Saturday, Nov. 18th at the historic Longhorn Ballroom for the 15th annual Cedars Open Studios and official after party with Hand Drawn Records label-mate Henry the Archer.

For more information visit

The Texas KGB Premier ‘Welcome Home’

Original Americana with a shot of blues, The Texas K.G.B. (Kelly Green Band) have debuted their newest single “Welcome Home” right here on Track Rambler. The tale describes the magic of revisiting childhood memories while looking towards the future with great optimism. The quartet will be releasing their upcoming album Welcome Home on Nov. 18.

The Austin-based Americana band’s mainlined weapons include enchanting harmonies, blues guitar solos and a powerful chemistry. Brother/sister duo Kelly Green (guitar/vocals) and Kody Lee (percussion) grew up together mountainside in a home of music.

“The song “Welcome Home” was inspired by land in the North Georgia Mountains where my brother and I grew up playing music and getting lost in the wilderness. The video, filmed by GGHK, features the beautiful landscapes of our childhood home,” states Kelly Green.

The video cruises down a curved, mountain road as Green’s Johnny Cash-style guitar chord sets the folk-rock tone. Beginning clips shows a unified front as a troupe of musicians blow bubbles and skip rocks in a forest. Green’s angelic voice rolls in like a cool breeze with legends of an extraordinary land. The poised band cuts in a groove, weaving blooming instrumentals around the unyielding layers of vocal chords.

From the vibrant green hillside erupts “Oh, oh / Welcome home” with all four members warmly entrenched in the vocal bed of roses. Cozily placed on a tree, Green’s Arabic-influenced blues riff rouses to a syncopated transition of power as another verse begins. Members of the band are featured disappearing through the forest, likely commenting on memories made rather than lost in the verdant environment.

Cultivation of the magnetized call-to-action “Welcome home” phrase is the highlight of the track. Staccato and floating, Green establishes the foundation. Guitarist/vocalist Jace Cadle’s boastful voice grabs the soundscape, supplementing the rise in tension. With further complementation, bassist/vocalist Violet Lea tops the mountain of sound.

Lee’s drumming landslides the tempo into an upbeat and more contemporary rock sound that catapults the finale. A banging reminiscence of melodies marks an ending that leaves the mouse lingering over the replay button. All four members appear as one in the memory-laden forest as the final overtones fade away.


The Texas KGB’s Welcome Home will be released on Saturday, Nov. 18 with an official album release party the same night at Mohawk. For additional information visit


Written by: Sawyer Click

Steady Legend Premier Their “Soundcheck Sessions”

Austin’s soul-funk troupe Steady Legend have released live sessions of their tracks “Don’t Want You”, “Can’t Shake You”, and “I Love the Way You Love (Cover).” The eight-piece’s fiery and modern twist of Motown sounds sparks instant nostalgia. Whether it be the delicate horns, bombastic singing or the bluesy guitar, there’s something here to catch the ear of audience members.

Tempos vary with each track, ranging from the pure grit in “Don’t Want You” to the seduction in “Can’t Shake You.” The ground covered in each session is tastefully done as the instrumental arrangement of the group creates an atmosphere ready for direction.

The big-band horns in “Don’t Want You” power vocalist Analysa Gonzales’ sultry voice to sky-high altitudes. The rhythm section creates a powerful foundation with a steady repetition of the same riff driving much of the song. Guitarist and bandleader Michael Mancuso throws down a phasing solo during the bridge. The energy of the track is exemplified in the group’s stage presence, which varies from Gonzales’ outpour of coarseness to the laid-back vibes of the bassist and keyboardist.

Alternatively, the piano and saxophone of “Can’t Shake You” create a Motown-ballad. Smooth background vocals induce involuntary toe tapping and head bobbing. “I can’t shake you from my mind,” Gonzales confesses. Background vocalists supporting the confession deepen the effect of irrefutable attraction. A wildly-poetic saxophone solo grips the soundscape soon thereafter, allowing a look into the eye of the storm before Steady Legend come hailing down with a full-force ending.

A dangerously smooth guitar lick opens “I Love the Way You Love,” soon giving way to a caring band of horns and Gonzales’ omniscient voice. The band alternates between blues and rock as silky horns, soaring bass lines and a screaming solo dominate the screen for the three-and-a-half-minute session. Members can be found mouthing along, dancing and smiling from ear-to-ear throughout the whole track.

The chemistry of the group erupts in each session, giving life to every note. The stage presence of the group is powerful and developed, adding immensely to each session. The infectious tunes create nostalgia at just the click of a button Steady Legend is announcing to the world that soul and funk music is forever with the “Soundcheck Sessions.”

For additional band info and upcoming show dates visit


Written by: Sawyer Click

Tortuga Shades Video Premier for ‘Sycamore Tree’

What began in late 2015 as a simple, acoustic blues project has blossomed into a genuine indie-rock contender in the Live Music Capital. Local three-piece, Tortuga Shades is a relative newcomer in the Austin music scene. However, with their latest single, ‘Sycamore Tree’, the eclectic trio proves to be a promising addition to the city’s thriving indie culture.

Shot by Coyote Beard Productions at The Homestead at Potato Road, ‘Sycamore Tree’ comes to us from Tortuga Shades’ forthcoming debut EP, Migrations, out Nov 3rd. Lead Tortuga and rhythm guitarist, Nadia Lopez, anchors the video with a steady acoustic heartbeat, transfixing vocals, and a happy-go-lucky charm.

The dreamy intro delicately tip-toes through the chirping wilderness with gentle acoustic strokes from Lopez and auspicious plucks of electricity from lead guitarist Gian Diliberto. The warmth of a distant, translucent memory resurfaces through the conscious as everything comes into focus at the ‘Sycamore Tree’. Simmering emotions begin to boil and goosebumps instantly spike at the 30 second mark where each instrument falls into place around Lopez’ blissful vocals. The track instantly opens up and the hazy morning dew of the intro evaporates into a radiant, energy-bearing sunshine.

“Sycamore Tree” is a song about the transition from childhood to adulthood and how we feel that shift of life within us” states Lopez. “In my mind, the tree represents my first home and all the morals and values I learned there. No matter where I end up in life, I’ll stand by the positive morals and values I gained as a child.”

‘Sycamore Tree’ spans an array of genres fusing organic, singer-songwriter acoustic with sharp electric riffs and a barrage of jazzy rock percussion from drummer Wylie Sanchez all bursting in harmony at the crescendo. This sunny alt-rock video is a perfect fit for any Summer playlist.


“Sycamore Tree” is available now on Spotify and Apple Music.

Tortuga Shades Official EP Release Party will be Nov. 3 at Dozen Street Bar located at 1808 E. 12th St. Austin, TX 78702.