Colyer Debuts Ambient ‘Lost in Your Love’

Los Angeles-based songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer, Colyer recently debuted new single ‘Lost in Your Love’. The soulful indie-pop track lingers in a dreamy realm of subtle psychedelic creaks and lush jungle-esque echoes. Colyer provides an ambient sedative through his fuzzy vocals and heartfelt lyrics layered atop smooth warped string plucks and shimmery keys. Of the single Colyer states, “When I wrote “Lost In Your Love”, the lyrics just spilled out. It honesty struck me pretty effortlessly. It isn’t trying to be anything that it isn’t. I feel like it sits in this suspended space that I can no longer touch. This is a really special one for me and I hope it gives you that same something.



Hot 8 Brass Band Heading to Antone’s on June 7th

New Orleans’ GRAMMY nominated Hot 8 Brass Band is currently touring in celebration of their latest album, On The Spot, released March 31 on Tru Thoughts. The new record has its roots firmly in live performance, and in true Hot 8 style it pairs hard-hitting, heart-on-sleeve sentiment with party-fuelling beats, hooks and grooves. On The Spot refers to the saying, on the spot, the glorious, rare moment in a New Orleans parade when the band stops to take a break but keeps playing for the crowd. Vibing and keeping the energy up, when they’re completely in the moment they sync up and the magic happens – a new tune is created, on the spot. Buzzing with the live, spontaneous synchronicity which has fuelled their development from the streets of New Orleans to the forefront of the global scene over the last two decades, the new LP sees Hot 8 committing this spirit to record – and in the live arena the tunes are set to blow up.

“We are privileged to tour and to tell the stories of life in our city, to keep alive the memories of our band members who have passed, as well as all the musicians who have gone before”, says band leader and tuba player Bennie Pete. “We can’t wait to share this new music and party with our fans, who help us to keep pushing ourselves on”.

Mixing an old school street brass approach with funkier currents and hip hop vocals, Hot 8’s magnificent originals are juxtaposed with fresh versions of Snoop Dogg, Stevie Wonder, The Specials and Basement Jaxx. And of course their anthemic take on Marvin Gaye’s “Sexual Healing”, which recently re-launched with a new video that is nudging 1 million YouTube hits. This year’s On The Spot Tour is set to bring these essential cuts to an even wider audience, while cementing the next generation of Hot 8 classic tunes in the hearts and minds of fans.

You can catch Hot 8 Brass Band in Austin at Antone’s on 6/7 before they hit Houston’s Warehouse Live the following night and then on home to New Orleans’ House of Blues 6/10.

Check out the newest Hot 8 Brass Band Video “Can’t Nobody Get Down” from On The Spot!

Show Details:
Wednesday, June 7th, 2017
The Hot 8 Brass Band @ Antone’s Night Club
305 East 5th Street. Austin, TX 78701
Doors Open @ 7:00pm / Show Starts @ 8:00pm
Buy Tickets: $13.00 – $15.00 / 18 and over
Tickets can be purchased here
For more information visit 
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Photo credit: Melissa Fargo

The Silver Screen Majesty of Cigarettes After Sex

Brooklyn-based Cigarettes After Sex are known for their eerily romantic melodies, with androgynous, hummingbird tones overtop. Since the break-out success of debut their EP ‘I.’ saw hit single ‘Nothing’s Gonna Hurt You Baby’ reach over 46 million views on YouTube, standards have been set high for lead singer, Greg Gonzalez.

The band instills the importance of drama with the two new singles, ‘K.’ and “Apocalypse,’ off their upcoming self-titled LP. Tales of love with painstakingly drawn details, bittersweet and decadent, meet filthy promises and fleeting romance as you make your way through from opener ‘K.’ to finale ‘Young & Dumb’.

‘Each Time You Fall In Love’, the second track on the album and the third to be released, follows a similar pattern; dramatically romantic and cinematically beautiful. Slow to start, with a melodic pulling of the heart strings, the song does a beautiful job of captioning the heart-wrenching uncertainty of a romance dwindling. Written by Gonzales, it features long instrumentals between vocals that almost act as the distance between two hearts.

“This is like the novel or feature-length version of Cigarettes. I wanted it to feel like a complete work, where some of the imagery repeats, like it’s all in the same world.” Gonzalez explained.”Mostly about how I was never able to find myself completely satisfied with any romance or love affair that I had been through. It was as if I was always on the lookout for something more and it had gotten me into plenty of trouble over time.”

Releasing the debut LP, with Partisan Records, on June 9th, the El Paso-born singer wanted this album to be ‘gorgeously cinematic’. With The Smiths and Joy Division acting as inspiration, Gonzalez has steered away from his beginnings in 1980’s-vintage and found his way to darker influencers to express his emotion.

The band, featuring Randy Miller on bass, Jacob Tomsky on drums and Phillip Tubbs on Keyboard, opted for alternative methods of recording their music. Disobeying convention and instead following The Cowboy Junkies abstract adaptation of studio space, Cigarettes recorded the album in three days at the sweatshop rehearsal space in Bushwick.

They recorded this silver screen majesty in a low-maintenance setting, before finding themselves in the stairway of Manhattan’s Beekman Theatre after hours, taking an even more obscure approach to recording ‘Each Time You Fall In Love’.

Now, announcing a World Tour, the band will be presenting their debut LP this year in a collection of cities. See the band’s website for tour dates.


Written by: Megan Matthews

Tales of the Wicked West Energize the Builder and the Butchers’ ‘The Spark’

The Builders and the Butchers have returned with another captivating round of tales about the wicked west with their latest collection The Spark. Five years of touring have led to not only an incredible reputation for ecstatic live performances but also to the inevitable and careful creation of the eleven marvelous Americana folk tracks that fill the LP. The Portland-based quintet released the era-untethered LP via Badman Recordings Co. on May 19. The eclectic sound of the group combines traditional acoustic folk qualities with a distorted modern rock twist, although there are more than just those two tricks up their more than likely plaid sleeves.

All Turn to Fire Pt. 1” opens the album with a slow acoustic finger-picking guitar, which gives way to singer Ryan Sollee’s haunting voice. Soon thereafter the song turns inferno and we’re introduced to the full band in all their folk-punk glory, truly marking the introduction of The Spark. The sibling song, “All Turn to Fire Pt. 2,” is an Americana ballad filled with intricate lyrics that complete the tale of the two songs, as well as a lengthy soul-soothing  guitar solo. “Never Tell” is a track that shows off the folk capabilities of the group. A sharp banjo twang plays through the entirety of the song, adding a subtle effect that sets the track out from the rest of the album. “Let The Wind Carry Me Home” is the elegant closer of the album and a prime example of the band’s musical range. The organ-propelled, gospel-sounding track is one of those few tracks that gives goosebumps every time it comes on. It’s barebones, but that’s where its beauty and impact derives from. A beautiful mix of fast and slow songs encompass the album, offering a variety of sounds. The band puts a multitude of instruments to use, including a clarinet, organ, and mandolin, and made sure to dip their feet into every genre that they possibly could.

The Spark is an American album for the American people, telling stories that thousands go through on a daily basis. It defies genres and offers insight into crossovers that most wouldn’t have even thought possible. Call it whatever genre you would like to, but there is no denying that this group is truly something special. The band definitely lives up to their name; they build you up with the talent and grit presented through the album, but then quickly butcher you down with the raw emotion and tactically placed stabs in the music.

Written by: Sawyer Click

Jamestown Revival plays KGSR Blues on the Green

Magnolia rockers Jamestown Revival kicked-off the new season of KGSR’s Blues on the Green at Zilker Park Wednesday night. The rock duo helped Zilker Park celebrate its 100th birthday by showcasing their latest album, The Education of a Wandering Man, to a packed Austin crowd. Track Rambler photographer Demetrius Judkins made the stroll up Town Lake to catch the show.

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Blues on the Green returns June 14th with Grupo Fantasma


Photos by: Demetrius Judkins


Austin Mayor Declares June 8th ‘David Messier Day’

Austin Mayor Steve Adler will designate June 8th to be “David Messier Day” in a ceremony at City Hall. On June 9th, Messier’s birthday, The Townsend will welcome the multi-talented artist back to its stage to celebrate with a live performance. Tickets can be purchased for $10 in advance and $15 at the door. For more information please visit

David Messier is a multi-instrumental musician, songwriter, producer, owner of Austin-based recording studio Same Sky Productions and the President of the Texas Grammy Chapter. After an 8-year recording hiatus, the former Papermoon frontman released his debut solo album, Waiting For Eldridge, in 2016 to wide critical acclaim from KUTX, Austin Chronicle and Bluegrass Situation. Waiting For Eldridge is a culmination of years of playing guitar, drums, piano, songwriting and producing music. For Messier, the album represents the private radio station that constantly plays in his head.

Messier recently released two of three brand new videos from the album with “Everything Breaks My Heart,” “Franklin’s Keys” and “Keeping Up With Fashion” to follow on June 5th. “Everything Breaks My Heart” is a track that pushed Messier into new territory. He recalls, “This is the moment where I broke some new ground…I really heard something new.” The haunting tune swells and wallops with swinging carnival keys and Messier’s gritty distorted vocals turning at the chorus as he asks “Why in the world should I calm down? / I should have learned by now / Everything breaks my heart.

Sticking with the haunting theme, “Franklin’s Key’ is a joyously spooky party track featuring tip-toe marimba taps and quick horn blasts. “In ‘Franklin’s Key’ everything is speaking — not just the vocals. The saw, the bari sax, the percussion … it’s all ‘talking. When I close my eyes and listen to this track, I’m suddenly in a haunted house circa 1940 — the shutters cracking in the wind, the creaks of wooden floorboards — and when I pinch my eyes even tighter, I see cartoon skeletons playing percussion on rib bones, creepy cats with hollow eyes, and creatures of the night holding seance dance parties that make me want to join the fun and turn that party out,” Messier tells Bluegrass Situation.



Henry the Archer ‘Zero is a Number’ Release Party

North Texas artist-centric record label Hand Drawn Records is proud to announce the signing of alt-rock-indie-pop artist Henry the Archer this spring. In his fourth album “Zero is a Number” out on Friday, May 26, he tackles topics of love, loss, and life, melding the edgy side of post-punk with a refreshing groove-pop melody. The album release party at Fort Worth’s Magnolia Motor Lounge at 3005 Morton St. in Fort Worth features performances by riff-heavy rock band North by North, eclectic indie rock band Kites and Boomerangs and synth-pop shoegaze band VYLIT. Doors open at 7 p.m. and the show starts at 9:30 p.m. The show is open to ages 21 and over, and tickets cost $10 at the door.

“We’ve had our eyes on Henry the Archer for a while. [We were] very excited to team up as they were nearing completion on this new record. Richard’s voice is so unique and impressive, and Kevin and Charles are amazing musicians and bring a lot to the party,” said John Snodgrass, vice president of business development for Hand Drawn Records/Hand Drawn Pressing. “This band deserves to be heard and seen live.”

After spending some time in South Carolina and back home in New Jersey, singer-songwriter Richard Hennessy experienced a turning point in 2010 while battling depression. He wrote a book based on himself in a fictional Medieval Times setting that acted as a therapeutic biography — and “Henry the Archer” was born. He felt compelled to get back out there and follow his true music calling. Relocating to Fort Worth, he began performing solo acts starting with the Grotto.

Hennessy released his first acoustic album, “Space Suits for the Modern Astronaut,” in 2011, garnering attention from stations like MTV, VICE and The History Channel. His sophomore album “The Castle’s on Fire” continued the buzz in 2012, paving the way for his third album “When Something Means Nothing” in which drummer Kevin Geist (formerly of Bindle) and bassist Matt Hembree (Pablo & the Hemphill 7) in 2014 made their debut. After a short time in Colorado, Hennessy came back to Panther City and hunted for a bassist until the Charles Marchbanks (formerly of Chingalotus) caught his ear. Currently, audiences can listen to the track “Means Nothing” from Henry the Archer’s most recent release and “New Mexico,” a track from the band’s upcoming album on KXT.

“Henry the Archer’s songs are well-written and approachable, with nice hooks and great instrumentals,” said Steve Watkins of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. “Hennessy is as talented as he is dedicated.”

Out on Friday, May 26, the album incorporates shared influences into a cohesive mix of songs that reflect the artist’s musical background and influences, which include Modest Mouse, The Animals, Fugazi, Pixies and Interpol.

Band members Kevin Geist (drums/percussion) and Charles Marchbanks (bass guitar) complement the eclectic sounds on the album. “Zero is a Number” features eight passionate tracks written and produced by the band, mixed by Danielle Gomez of Good Gravy and mastered by Brian Lucey of Magic Garden in Los Angeles, California (known for his mastering on The Black Keys and Arctic Monkeys albums).

“This new album consumed me, to the extent that a little bit of reality crept into the lyrics. But I’d have to say that musically I really enjoyed putting this record together, and working with great people,” Hennessy said.

Henry the Archer’s “Zero is a Number” vinyl LP will release this summer by Hand Drawn Records. It will be available for purchase on Friday, May 26 via iTunes and the artist’s website, or for streaming on Spotify.

Henry the Archer’s “Zero is a Number” Release Party
When: Friday May 26, 2017, Doors 7:00pm, Show 9:30pm
Where: Magnolia Motor Lounge
The show is open to ages 21 and over, and tickets cost $10 at the door.


Photo by: Dustin Schneider

Paloma Hypnotizes with ‘Fish’

LA psych-jam band Paloma recently shared their new track ‘Fish’ off forthcoming EP, Luna, out soon. Paloma was born of the struggle to navigate the harrowing societal construct typical of suburban Los Angeles. The three-piece of Victor Martinez, Steven Doman, and Nick Mariotti emerged from the atmospheric style of LA’s psych scene to create a funky and intricate ‘escapist’s musical paradise.’ ‘Fish’ is a seductive and groovy trip warped by synthesized vocals and distorted psychedelic chords. Say bon voyage to your inhibitions as this warm and hypnotic tune journeys into a trancing sonic fairytale.


BONZIE & Her Alluring Zone On Nine

Nina Ferraro taught herself to play guitar at 9, and took on the moniker BONZIE by 17. Now 21, the Chicago-based songwriter has no plans to slow down. After recently emerging with two singles, ‘As The Surface Rose’ and ‘How Do You Find Yourself, Love?’, she’s back with her second album, Zone on Nine released May 19th.

Produced by Ferraro, in collaboration with Jonathan Wilson (Father John Misty, Conor Oberst) and Ali Chant (Perfume Genius, Youth Lagoon), she travelled as far as England to record pieces of Zone on Nine. A songwriter by nature, the young artist focuses on the humble honesty of music, with little attempt to make it about her. Hence, the stage name of BONZIE.

Known for her organic-sounding riffs mixed with otherworldly vocals that debuted in her first album, 2013’s Rift Into The Secret of Things, BONZIE features a similar collision of textures in Zone on Nine. A kaleidoscopic sound with hints of the orchestral transcendence and a synth-pop promise of a violin; the tune leaves you questioning what you’ve heard and where it could possibly have taken place.

‘Combback,’ the third song on the album, features a sad and eerie plucking of guitar merged with a whine of a violin that can only be described as early noughties Charmed – if you know, you know. Dark and mysterious beneath Ferraro’s antithetically soft, folk-esque tones lightening the piece; a celestial melody atop a rainy day. Once luring you into security, a sudden drum beat hits the backtrack of the pastoral song and brightens it dramatically, almost the sun beating down through the rain clouds. Closely following ‘Combback,’ the fourth song on the album, ‘Everybody Wants To’ questions the morality of the everyday man. A slight shadow to her vocals creates a harmonious upbeat tune that juxtaposes the thought-provoking lyrics, preventing comfort as you listen to her warn you. “It’s my way of trying to understand the world,” Ferraro says of her music, which has previously been featured by The New York Times.

Ferraro’s melodic voice is Disney-Princess-perfect, innocent and sweetly deceiving to the tones she chooses to use in her work. Dark lyrics and clandestine hints at the world’s drawbacks fill her songs, whether by lyric or by backtrack. She surpasses this world in a way that feels almost alien, but it’s so much more appealing than Earth; her warble could lure millions to Mars – or to her Zone on Nine.

Twitter: @BONZIE
Insta: @BONZIE


Written by: Megan Matthews