Alison Wonderland & Elohim Run Emo’s Photo Recap

Groundbreaking Australian producer, Alison Wonderland, brought her FMUOASL Tour through Austin Friday night and electrified Emo’s on a spiritual level. The month-long North American tour, supported by LA-based artist Elohim, launched on Sept. 14 and will conclude in the Pacific Northwest on Oct. 18.

Together, Wonderland and Elohim make for a powerhouse electronic combo. The Aussie producer who recently earned The Electronic Music Awards’ 2017 ‘New Artist of the Year,’ is renowned for her next-level production and intricate sets while Elohim has rapidly emerged as one of the most sought after electronic acts in the industry.

With a full-length debut slated for early 2018, Elohim is not only a top artist to watch in 2017 but a game-changer in forward-thinking electronic music, twisting the genre and its live execution in ways few others have dared. Her 2016 self-titled EP, with hit singles “Xanax”, “Sensations” and “She Talks Too Much” catapulted her into the forefront of emerging electronic acts pushing the genre towards uncharted territory.

The enigmatic Elohim is elusively seductive both audibly and visually. She remains an enchanting mystery, a guarded introvert who self-admittedly struggles with anxiety often shielding herself behind a mask of carefully manicured hair. Yet, she’s also a stunning artist whose perplexing aura and internal duality bursts through her pop-forward brand of “experiential electronic” with an open and confident sophistication. Like the artist, each of her introspective melodies takes on a distinct identity, never resembling the last or falling into common electronic tropes and habits.

Wonderland, on the other-hand is bold, boisterous and infectiously outgoing who prefers being the life of the party. The Aussie producer dazzled the jam-packed Emo’s with a whole new live set of intoxicating electronics and audiovisual aesthetics blasting her original blend of pop, techno, trap, future beats and hypnotic, backing visuals.

The Sydney-based producer will wrap-up the FMUOASL Tour just in time to return home for her most spine-tingling, immersive project yet, WonderlandScarehouseProject. In support of her forthcoming sophomore album, Wonderland will run a four-date, mini-festival/tour in remote farmhouse locations across Australia and New Zealand beginning in late November and into mid-December.

According to the project website, “Running amok through never-before-used haunted farmlands, WonderlandScarehouseProject promises to be a blood chilling experience like nothing you have ever witnessed. Splattered across horror movie fields, WonderlandScarehouseProject will feature a massive collection of international and local artists, hand-picked by the Queen of Scream herself.

With elaborate experimentation, both, Wonderland and Elohim have elevated the electronic genre onto a whole new level. Each artist possesses unique qualities that sets them not only apart but also above so many other producers. Together, they are a must-see.

Alison Wonderland

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Photos By: Corey Mendez @coreys_photos