Anatomi Prepares For July Residency at Swan Dive

There’s certainly no shortage of exceptional electronic acts in Austin right now. On any given night you could stumble into Swan Dive and get blown away by a strapping vocalist lathering hypnotic lyrics over blazing synths and engulfing productions. The Red River venue has helped many fresh, local artists get their footing in The Live Music Capital and during the month of July will host one of Austin’s most promising electronic duos.

If you’re not yet familiar with Anatomi, it’s time to get yourself acquainted. The pair, consisting of producer, Noah Wittman and vocalist, Michelle Pape, will host their first headlining residency each Thursday this month at Swan Dive. Wittman is the mind behind Anatomi’s design creating a diverse pallet of downbeat electronics and chillwave grooves for Pape’s evocative vocals and emotive songwriting. Their sound is a lush blend of soothing electro-pop and transcendental indie rock with dark, subtle shades of emo. The duo released their self-titled debut in November and already have a few videos loaded up. We had a chance to speak with Anatomi prior to their Swan Dive residency. Check out what the had to say below.


Can you tell us a little about your individual music background and what brought the two of you together?

Noah: I’ve been playing music since high school and have played in various bands through the years as a guitarist and drummer. This is my first electronic project.
Michelle: Anatomi is my first band, and my musical background is primarily as a passionate music lover, with a little middle school choir and karaoke mixed in.

What drew you towards the electronic/chillwaves sounds?

Noah: I got interested in electronic music around 2012 when bands like Chvrches and Purity Ring showed up.
Michelle: I have always had a love for electronic/synth music. I’m a huge 80’s fan and gravitate towards those sounds often. Chvrches & Purity Ring at the time were also really big influences towards this style of music we’ve made.

You’ve both been around Austin for a while now, is there any particular act locally that has influenced you?

Oh My Love, SINE, Blushing, Curse Mackey, Genuine Leather, DOSSEY, Mamahawk, and Big Coat are all great local bands/artists.

Your debut album was released at the end of ’17, are you currently working on anything major for the second half of ’18?

We will be releasing two music videos this year and are heading back to the studio soon to start working on new songs.

Progressing beyond the debut album, where do you see your music and band evolving the most?

We have been playing live for about a year now and our live show gets better and better with each gig.

What have you enjoyed most about working together?

Noah: We bring different backgrounds and perspectives to the music and it makes us better songwriters. There is a synergy that we have when we write together.
Michelle: For me it’s always about the writing. I enjoy working on new material more than anything and it’s something I think we’ve done really well together.

Anything special planned for your residency at Swan Dive?

Yes! We will be debuting our first music video. We did three full videos in January and we want to release them strategically. We are definitely going to release two and would like to release the first towards the end of the residency.

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Catch Anatomi at Swan Dive every Thursday during the month of July.



Photos by: Mark Bowers @markbowersphoto