Charlie Faye & The Fayettes Launch Their Time Machine – Photo Recap

Calling out the inner-sixties vibes that, at the very least, our photographer over at Track Rambler felt, Charlie Faye & The Fayettes took the crowd back in time at the beginning of this month. Premiering their new single ‘I Don’t Need No Baby’, they all but turned Antone’s into a time machine.

Check out the photo recap below – but make sure you don’t miss the next one.


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Photography: Demetrius Judkins

Shakey Graves Day at Antones With Calliope Musicals

Back in 2012, The City of Austin declared February 9th “Shakey Graves Day” and every year since, Mr. Graves has used that date to try and give back with jos benefit concert. This year the 7th Annual Shakey Graves Day celebration took place at the iconic Antone’s with special guests and Austin’s 2017 Band of the Year, Calliope Musicals. The proceeds from the benefit concert went to the Health Alliance for Austin Musicians and The Southern Poverty Law Center.

In addition to the benefit, Shakey made his entire record catalog available via Bandcamp at a “pay what you want” price for 72 hours. This included all major releases as well as 14 previous SG Day releases. He also premiered two brand new tracks, “Counting Sheep” and “Kids These Days”, off his upcoming record via the Sleep EP. The full album Can’t Wake Up will be releases May 4, 2018. The album can currently be pre-ordered from Shakey’s Bandcamp page here.

Shakey Graves


Calliope Musicals


Photos by: Matthew Carlin @yo_mtv_matt

Matthew Logan Vasquez Photo Recap – 01/26/2018

A packed-out venue, and one hell of a show later – Matthew Logan Vasquez brought his all to Antone’s in Austin this past week. A family man that’s making his third annual mark on this city before moving on over to Norway, this was a celebration – sweat, smiles and delirious enjoyment filled the room.

Missed the show? No sweat, MLV has plans to return in the Spring – keep him on your radar {here}.


Words: Megan Matthews
Photography: Mark Bowers

Fastball End of Year Blowout at Antone’s Dec. 1

Austin’s platinum selling rock group Fastball returns to Antone’s on Dec. 1st for their final blowout show of the year with special guests Moving Panoramas. The last twelve months have been quite amazing for the two-time Grammy nominated and five-time Austin Music Award winning Fastball beginning with the release of their sixth album, Step Into Light. In support of the new album, the band hit the road on two cross-country tours, one of which saw Fastball opening for the multi-platinum Everclear. Fastball was also featured on Howard Stern’s Wrap Up Show, made a debut performance with AV Club Undercover and interviewed with MLB. The band’s smash hit, “Out of My Head” was re-interpreted by Machine Gun Kelly and Camila Cabello as the Top 5 Hit “Bad Things”. To wrap it all up, Fastball also premiered their latest Nigel Dick directed video for the fourth single from Step Into Light with “Best Friend”. The band released the video following a nearly-year long #FastballAtChets Twitter campaign in which the band played a concert at the home of Los Angeles comedian Chet Wild and raised $12,500 for Hurricane Harvey Relief. Several shots from the in-home performance are included in the “Best Friend” linked video.


Tickets for Fastball at Antone’s on Dec. 1st along with VIP Meet N Greet packages can be purchased on the band’s website here.


Feature Photo by: Sandra Dahdah


Exclusive Track Premier: That Girl Dre’s latest single ‘Follow’

“What’re you smiling at?” snarled an angry, man on a New York subway.
“What aren’t you smiling at?” Dre Mazzenga hit back, her happiness steady and, I’m pretty sure, constant.

A tenaciously cheerful girl, Mazzenga’s no stranger to the music scene having released her debut EP ‘Do Me Right’ in 2014. Three years and more than 60,000 streams later, the promise of a new single from That Girl Dre approaches with the mysteriously titled ‘Follow’.

Best described as footsteps across a forest floor of crisp, fallen leaves laid over a distorted piano ballad, reminiscent of a wedding, opens the track. Dramatic yet elegant, spicy vocals cut through the melody, stinging the air on the cool Autumn day I can’t help but imagine, altering the song. An emulsion of an almost eerie beginning slams into an amplified breathlessness; seduction and a level of desperation define the sound. For such a happy-go-lucky girl, Dre impressively portrays a mass of emotions in ‘Follow’.

“It’s the story of ‘I do love you but now is the wrong time’, states Mazzenga. “I feel like those words are the kiss of death for so many women, myself included. It just hurts so bad because you love someone so much and want it to be right now’. I tried to write the song from that place of chasing a love that’s just out of reach.” She explained when she spoke to me about this single; her voice coarse from fiercely rehearsing.

Mazzenga has poured her heart into ‘Follow’ to ensure you’ll feel comfort and not isolation in her lyrics. A metaphor for her personality, she’s a warm and affable person; it’s hard not to feel you’ve found a friend to confide in.
Once a resident of a sleepy cul-de-sac in the New York suburbs, Mazzenga found herself feeling the same as many young girls do; a yearning ache to get to the city. Once in Brooklyn, she met Tracy Sampedro – the future drummer of Dre’s namesake band and one of her biggest motivators. Always filling notepads with songs she’d written, she found herself in a common conundrum for many budding artists; musically talented but far too shy – Sampedro helped to change that, encouraging Dre to live ‘outside of her own brain’.

A car accident and a back injury later though, she found herself swapping her stand up piano for a keyboard she could play in bed, “as I was popping Advil and recovering from my injury!” she laughed, ever the easy-going, devil-may-care attitude.

Everything I had done before was suddenly so difficult, and it really made me re-examine my life, like why do I live in New York City, do I have to live here, do I have to do the work I’m doing, and the answer to most of these things was no, I don’t have to. So, I thought ‘screw it, I’m moving to Austin’.”

It’s very easy to get caught up in the day-to-day, and well I’m supposed to get up at 8, and I’m supposed to drink this coffee and I’m supposed to, supposed to, supposed to and before you know it your life has passed. I think it’s important that each of us finds who we are and then be willing to unleash it. Don’t be bashful about it, don’t apologize for it. I want to spread that everywhere.

Her sharp, mellifluous vocals and emotional lyrics are already enough to add ‘Follow’ to my playlist. But, it’s Dre’s benevolent personality that sealed the deal on this soon-to-be household name. Each aspect of That Girl Dre works harmoniously together, and they will continue to with the future singles on the horizon. Get excited, and stay that way.

Catch That Girl Dre live:
Friday, August 18th 2017 at Antone’s (Austin TX), 8pm
Portion of proceeds to benefit SIMS Foundation
Ticket link:

Dre Mazzenga – Vocals, Keyboard, Producer, Music, Lyrics
Jet Jaguar – Bass, Vocals, Producer, Music, Lyrics
Tracy Sampedro – Drums, Producer, Music, Lyrics
Dalton Jackson – Guitar

Follow – That Girl Dre

Author:  Megan Matthews

Hot 8 Brass Band Bring NOLA to ATX

Wednesday night at Antone’s began with the hometown reggae/funk/jazz fusion band, Steady Legend. The ‘None of the Above’ band boasts an eight man group with a three-piece brass section, a refreshingly deep voiced, Joplin-esque female lead  Analysa Gonzales, and an animated bassist best described as the offspring of Flea; who is clearly enjoying playing the music as much as the audience loves hearing it.

The headlining group, The Hot 8 Brass Band, took the stage to a crowded dance floor and buzzing energy throughout the venue. Within moments of the first trumpet blast this talented ensemble of percussion and brass had the entire floor grooving to the funky, New Orleans influenced sounds that instantaneously transported me back to the music filled parade streets of Mardi Gras. From ingenious covers of Snoop Dogg to original horn blasting originals The Hot 8 Brass band is an interactive musical experience for all ages and demographics. These multi-talented men tore the roof off Antone’s with their high energy music accompanied by their raspy vocals and created a rhythmic trance that turned the audience into a rolling wave of groovy zombies with a single goal in mind; to get down. These gentlemen have topped my list of favorite shows in my short time here in Austin.



Photos and review by: Demetrius Judkins

Hot 8 Brass Band Heading to Antone’s on June 7th

New Orleans’ GRAMMY nominated Hot 8 Brass Band is currently touring in celebration of their latest album, On The Spot, released March 31 on Tru Thoughts. The new record has its roots firmly in live performance, and in true Hot 8 style it pairs hard-hitting, heart-on-sleeve sentiment with party-fuelling beats, hooks and grooves. On The Spot refers to the saying, on the spot, the glorious, rare moment in a New Orleans parade when the band stops to take a break but keeps playing for the crowd. Vibing and keeping the energy up, when they’re completely in the moment they sync up and the magic happens – a new tune is created, on the spot. Buzzing with the live, spontaneous synchronicity which has fuelled their development from the streets of New Orleans to the forefront of the global scene over the last two decades, the new LP sees Hot 8 committing this spirit to record – and in the live arena the tunes are set to blow up.

“We are privileged to tour and to tell the stories of life in our city, to keep alive the memories of our band members who have passed, as well as all the musicians who have gone before”, says band leader and tuba player Bennie Pete. “We can’t wait to share this new music and party with our fans, who help us to keep pushing ourselves on”.

Mixing an old school street brass approach with funkier currents and hip hop vocals, Hot 8’s magnificent originals are juxtaposed with fresh versions of Snoop Dogg, Stevie Wonder, The Specials and Basement Jaxx. And of course their anthemic take on Marvin Gaye’s “Sexual Healing”, which recently re-launched with a new video that is nudging 1 million YouTube hits. This year’s On The Spot Tour is set to bring these essential cuts to an even wider audience, while cementing the next generation of Hot 8 classic tunes in the hearts and minds of fans.

You can catch Hot 8 Brass Band in Austin at Antone’s on 6/7 before they hit Houston’s Warehouse Live the following night and then on home to New Orleans’ House of Blues 6/10.

Check out the newest Hot 8 Brass Band Video “Can’t Nobody Get Down” from On The Spot!

Show Details:
Wednesday, June 7th, 2017
The Hot 8 Brass Band @ Antone’s Night Club
305 East 5th Street. Austin, TX 78701
Doors Open @ 7:00pm / Show Starts @ 8:00pm
Buy Tickets: $13.00 – $15.00 / 18 and over
Tickets can be purchased here
For more information visit 
TRUCD3396pp Roll-fold Outer CD_6PR1
Photo credit: Melissa Fargo

Emily King ‘You and I’ Tour at Antone’s Photo Review

NYC’s Grammy-nominated Emily King showcased her lush pop, soul and indie flavor at Austin’s iconic Antone’s Sunday evening as part of her current acoustic ‘You and I’ tour. King presented her collection of polished, stripped down songs in the manner they were originally crafted…just her and a guitar. Photographer J. Alan Love witnessed King bare her soul at the intimate performance. See a few highlights from the evening below.



Photos by: J. Alan Love